Prunes during pregnancy

Prunes during pregnancy

Let’s know about Prunes during pregnancy. Plum is a very nutritious fruit and it has many health benefits. Plums contain various vitamins and minerals and are also an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. There are more than a hundred varieties of plums around the world. Plum is one of the varieties of plum which is native to the Indian subcontinent. The taste of plum is sour-sweet and this fruit is liked by everyone. But can you enjoy this delicious fruit during pregnancy too? Let’s find out!

Nutritional Value of Plum

Prunes during pregnancy
Prunes during pregnancy

Compared to most other fruits, the nutritional value of fresh prunes is quite high. The nutritional value of about 100 grams of prunes is given in the chart below.

energy46 kcal
carbohydrates11.4 grams
protein0.7 grams
fat0.28 grams
fiber 1.4 grams
folate5 µg 
pantothenic acid135 µg 
niacin417 µg
Pyridoxine29 µg
riboflavin26 µg
potassium157 mg
thiamine28 µg
Vitamin ‘A’200 µg
vitamin C’9.5 mg
Vitamin E260 µg
Vitamin ‘K’6.4 µg
calcium6 mg
Iron170 µg
magnesium7 mg
Manganese52 µg
Zinc100 µg
phosphorus16 mg

Health Benefits of Eating Plums During Pregnancy

Eating plums can be very beneficial for a pregnant woman. You can include plums in your daily diet due to the following health benefits:

1. Helps in controlling weight

The carbohydrates in prunes are a form of fruit sugar and have a lesser effect than others. This fruit is one of the low calorie foods especially if you want to lose weight during pregnancy. However, eating prunes is not recommended during pregnancy as they are high in carbohydrates and sodium.

2. Helps in reducing the effects of anemia

Anemia, especially during pregnancy, is a common problem due to iron deficiency in the body and is found in most pregnant women. However, if it is not treated in time, it can lead to preterm birth or low birth weight of the baby. Therefore, during this time it is necessary to treat anemia first. To prevent this problem, it is recommended to consume iron-rich foods. You can eat prunes during pregnancy as this fruit is rich in iron which is essential for the formation of red blood cells. Include plums in your daily diet and stay away from problems like anemia!

3. Provides Energy

Vitamin ‘C’ helps in absorbing iron through the digestive system, thereby reducing the risk of anaemia. It is also an effective antioxidant, which means that it protects the body’s cells from oxidative damage. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of L-carnitine, an alternative amino acid, which is essential for breaking down fatty acids and producing energy.

4. Keeps away from heart disease

Since prunes are rich in antioxidants, eating them helps reduce inflammation and protect cells from free radical damage. Prunes are high in polyphenol antioxidants, which are beneficial for health and may help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In addition, prunes are low in fat and this fat is completely unsaturated, which does not increase heart related problems.

5. Helps in relieving constipation

Due to the abundance of fiber present in prunes, it is very beneficial for the digestive system. This fruit helps in easing bowel movements by stimulating the digestive system while exerting a laxative effect.

6. Prevents premature labor

Prunes are rich in magnesium which plays a role in relaxing the muscles of the cervix and may also reduce the risk of early contractions. 

7. Good for the brain

Research has shown that prunes contain effective antioxidants such as anthocyanins and polyphenols, which play an important role in protecting lipid levels in brain cells from oxidative degradation.

8. Aids in the development of bones

Plums are rich in Vitamin A which is known to improve bone growth. Apart from this, elements of potassium, vitamin ‘K’, calcium and phosphorus are also present in plums. All these nutrients are important for bone development.

9. Removes physical fatigue and mental stress

Physical stress and fatigue are common complaints during pregnancy. Plums contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help reduce these effects, as well as properties found in prunes that help support various processes and increase energy levels.

how much prunes should be eaten per day during pregnancy

The daily intake of plums depends on various factors such as sex, health condition, age, etc. However, the average intake of prunes for a healthy person is around 100 grams per day. Although prunes are delicious and nutritious, they should not be consumed in excess as they may cause some side effects. 

When should not be consumed plum

Although prunes are very nutritious, but consuming them in excess can cause many side effects. Here are some possible situations in which you should avoid consuming prunes during pregnancy.

1. If you want to gain weight in a healthy way

Since plums are low in calories, it can help you reduce your weight and control diabetes . However, calories are also important for metabolism and are needed more during pregnancy. Please make sure that you get 1800 kcal per day in the first trimester, 2200 kcal in the second trimester and 2400 kcal per day in the third trimester from a variety of healthy foods.

2. If you have kidney problems

People who do not have kidney problems can consume plums without any fear. However, if you are prone to kidney stones, you should avoid prunes. This is because it contains oxalates, which can combine with calcium to form kidney stones.

How to choose and store plums

While buying plums, choose red colored fresh and medium sized juicy plums. Please avoid eating shriveled, damaged, spoiled or unripe prunes. For long-term preservation, store the prunes in a plastic bag in your crisper drawer.

Tasty and healthy plum recipes for pregnant women

Here are some delicious and healthy recipes of plums that you can eat during pregnancy;

1. Roasted Plums

Here’s how you can make Roasted Plums.


  • Orange juice – 4 tbsp 
  • Sugar – 4 tbsp 
  • Nutmeg – 1 pinch 
  • Ground ginger – 1 tsp 
  • Cinnamon – ½ tsp 
  • Plums de-seeded – 2 cups 


  • Place the sliced ​​and pitted plums in a baking pan.
  • To garnish the plums, mix together cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and ginger.
  • Sprinkle orange juice over it and cover with aluminum foil. 
  • Finally roast it in the preheated oven.

2. Plum Sauce

If you do not like raw plums, then you can make another recipe of plums. Here’s how you can make plum chutney and enjoy its amazing taste for breakfast. 


  • Rice wine – 4 tbsp 
  • Water – 4 tbsp 
  • Garlic (chopped) – 1 tsp
  • Sugar – ½ cup 
  • Onion (chopped) – 4 tbsp 
  • Cinnamon – ½ tsp 
  • Plum – 1 cup 


  • mix all ingredients together 
  • Let this mixture cook in a saucepan till it becomes soft.
  • Mash the mixture to make a paste and then blend to a uniform consistency. 
  • You can use this sauce in place of jam in breakfast. 

Plum is a nutritious fruit and can be included in your pregnancy diet if you do not have kidney problems or any other health complications. However, it would always be better to consult a doctor before consuming it. Wishing you a healthy and safe pregnancy!