How to get pregnant without sex

How to get pregnant without sex

Let’s know about How to get pregnant without sex. Usually, a woman and a man have sex without the use of any condoms in order to conceive a child. However, there are times when this traditional method of conception may not work.

Medical problems associated with infertility can make it difficult to become pregnant through sexual intercourse, and there are other conditions that require a different approach to conception. A single woman or a couple in a same-sex relationship should not be denied the joys of having a child. A woman can become pregnant in a number of ways, even without having intercourse. 

Given that there are ample options other than the conventional method of conceiving naturally which is not working or which can be employed to make the dreams of parents-to-be come true. Medical science has made a lot of progress, in which it has become possible to conceive without having sex and give birth to a healthy child.

How to get pregnant without sex

How to get pregnant without sex
How to get pregnant without sex

ways to get pregnant without sex

The tips mentioned below can help you get pregnant the ‘different’ way.

1. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In some cases, the woman is healthy enough to carry a child, but fertilizing her egg is a problem. In this situation, IVF treatment plays an important role. IVF is available at many infertility clinics across the country and the process is fairly straightforward. The woman is given medication to boost her egg production, and then the eggs are taken out. It is then placed in conditions where it is fertilized with the sperm of the woman’s choice. Once the embryos have been successfully formed after fertilization, the embryos are inserted through an opening in the female uterus using a catheter. Some women feel slight pain and cramping in the abdomen during this time as the embryo tries to implant inside the uterus. This is a great way to get pregnant, but the process is quite expensive.

2. The ‘Turkey Buster’ Technique

Very few people would know about this technique, while those who know consider it a quick and easy method. This technique is mostly adopted by same-sex couples, compared to artificial insemination. And of course, you don’t use a real turkey baster for this technique!

Its steps are very simple. Sperm needs to be obtained from a known individual or from a sperm bank. An insemination syringe is then used to collect the sperm, which is then inserted inside the woman’s vagina, allowing the sperms to fertilize inside. The procedure is painless and there is no recovery time as it is not a medical procedure. It is recommended to elevate the pelvic area for a few minutes to prevent the sperm from spilling out.

Keep in mind that there are some very important things to know when attempting insemination at home. Before you go ahead with it, talk to your doctor to understand the safety precautions, do’s and don’ts, and ask how your chances of conceiving through this method increase.

  • Track your period and make sure that the dates you are doing the procedure are in your fertile time, that is, close to your ovulation date.
  • Do not attempt to inject sperm into the uterus or cervix, as this can be extremely dangerous. Sperm should only be inserted into the vagina.
  • Use a new, clean, disposable syringe without a needle to inject the sperm into the vagina. While there, collect the semen into a clean, dry container, then draw it into a syringe.
  • Take care that there is no air in the syringe, as air bubbles can cause embolism, which is very dangerous.
  • Remember that this insemination method does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Insemination inside the uterus 

This medical technique is very advanced, called IUI, which is a combination of Turkey Buster technique and IVF. It is usually chosen by couples where the male partner has low fertility levels or by single women who are healthy enough to have a child. During ovulation, the egg reaches the uterus, awaiting fertilization by a sperm. female donor in IUIOr arranges sperm from the bank. A medical professional then inserts the sperm closer to the egg using a catheter inside the uterus. This process is similar to a Pap smear test. Lying down with the pelvis tilted upwards helps to increase the chances of fertilisation. Most women only feel minor pain, and can resume their normal lives in no time. However, this entire cycle has to be repeated until the process is successful.

4. Splash Pregnancy 

Sometimes, men and women fail to have a successful sexual intercourse due to facing problems like erectile dysfunction or vaginismus. This either makes sex difficult or painful. However, there is still a way for couples to try to get pregnant. Many young men are advised to use protection because even slight contact with sperm in the vagina can make a woman pregnant. This is what a couple should do, ejaculating as close to the vagina as possible, so that you can take advantage of it. Some women can tolerate penetration to a certain depth. This is even better as the ejaculation takes place inside the vagina and the woman can lift her pelvis upwards to increase the chances of conception.

There is no guarantee of success with this method, but you can always choose to do so before choosing any other method.

5. Surrogate Baby

In some couples, one or both partners are infertile, or the woman does not have a strong enough uterus to carry a baby. But still couple want their own child. And this can be achieved through surrogacy . The man’s sperm and the woman’s egg are mixed in a lab to allow fertilization and embryo formation. This embryo is then placed in the womb of a surrogate woman of your choice, who will carry the child for the entire duration of the pregnancy and then hand it over to its biological parents after birth. Of course, surrogacy is an expensive option considering the fees and other expenses.

Now, it’s certainly debatable whether you would be ‘technically’ pregnant if you had a surrogate carry your child. But no doubt about it, this child will be all your own.

There are many ways to get pregnant without having sex, and each method has its own benefits as well as costs associated with it. In some cases, intercourse is not an option or a possibility, and this is where medical science comes to your rescue. However, if none of these methods work, you can also keep yourself open to adopting a child as it will definitely give you the joy of parenthood.