How to hide your pregnancy

How to hide your pregnancy – Avoid wearing fitting clothes

How can you hide the news of pregnancy in your first trimester ? Most women want to keep it a secret due to fear of miscarriage or complications at work. While you are in a dilemma between the excitement of announcing your pregnancy and keeping the secret about the baby in your womb, know some tips on how to hide the news of your pregnancy from friends and family.

How to hide your pregnancy?

How to hide your pregnancy
How to hide your pregnancy

You will be desperate to tell everyone about the good news of your pregnancy and will want to take all the advice that people will give you after knowing about it. But you are not ready for this yet. If you’re worried about how to hide pregnancy at work, just use these ten tips to hide your pregnancy symptoms – whether it’s fatigue, morning sickness , or even ​​That there is a visible glow on your face. You don’t want to let too much of your activities , clothing or mood swings become known. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you hide your baby bump until you’re ready to show off.

1. Recognize your baby bump 

How long can you hide your pregnancy is a question that will definitely bother you as your baby bump grows bigger by the day. You don’t need to worry about this during the first trimester when hormones cause your abdominal muscles to relax and swell. But this may make you feel as if you have gained some weight . So if your close ones question you about your body shape, just say that your weight has increased a bit because you are not exercising anymore. This matter will hardly be given any attention or thought.

2. Avoid wearing fitting clothes

During this time, stop wearing fitting clothes, which can expose your baby bump. Wear clothes that fit your body and cover it properly. Wear tunics that match your body shape and make you feel comfortable. Wearing loose-fitting clothes can help you hide your pregnancy for a long time and confuse people who are very curious to know! Switch up your wardrobe with clothes one or two sizes larger than your regular size so that you can wear them throughout your pregnancy.

3. Wear accessories 

Accessories can help people focus on your style statement rather than your body shape. Accessories serve as styling tools that draw attention away from the main point of focus. Big earrings, hoops, big chains, chokers with stones or gems can divert attention from the appearance of the stomach. Buy large bags that can fit all your pregnancy essentials and also hide the bump. People would rather be jealous of your bag than focus on your stomach. The stomach can be easily hidden with a big bag.

4. Use scarves and stoles 

A great way to hide your condition is to use scarves and stoles. This gives you that perfect lean and tall look that you probably always crave for. For glamour, go for a long stole and scarf and don’t wrap it too much. The Indian scarf is an ideal add-on. You can also choose dark slimming colors like black or blue. Not only this, you can also try a stole with beautiful work or floral design to hear compliments.

5. Detox diet

In such a situation, you are no longer taking tea and coffee breaks at work and people are doubting you on this matter. As you know that there are many types of healthy food available in the market, so in such a situation you can say that you are on a detoxifying diet. Use the ‘I’m detoxing’ excuse when sipping herbal or green tea . This is a great way to help you get rid of pregnancy symptoms and will also keep people from getting too deep into the issue.

6 . Drinking

You are at an office party or at a friend’s place on the weekend and are not drinking alcohol . If you keep drinking it, it will create suspicion in people’s minds! Well, in that case first you can always make an excuse like ‘I have to drive’. If that doesn’t work just order a cranberry and soda (in person at the bar). Finally, if nothing works, just say that you have to go somewhere early the next morning and don’t want a hangover.

7 . Excuses about doctor’s appointments

During this time you will be visiting your gynecologist and scans will also be lined up and in such a situation you will be worried about not going to the office which may create doubt in people’s minds. Let us tell you that, in such a situation, do not say that you are going to the doctor. Just tell your boss that you have some dental problems that can only be corrected by going to a regular clinic. This is an excuse that cannot be refused and also seems natural.

8 . Find an excuse to go to the bathroom

In such a situation, you feel the urge to urinate frequently and morning sickness is also driving you crazy. In such a situation, you will have to find some tricks to avoid those suspicious eyes of your colleagues. Just say you have stomach flu, a bladder infection, or are taking water therapy to flush toxins from your body. Try and keep your loo time breaks regular so people know you have a set routine to be more effective at work.

9 . Hide your mood swings

The journey of pregnancy is accompanied by an emotional roller coaster of mood swings . So if your coworkers see you crying in the corner or getting irritable for no reason, just say that you ‘ve been under some personal stress lately. This proves to be helpful along with some comfort and solace being given by friends and relatives. You need emotional support to go through the new phase and any help coming from all sides can never be a bad thing.

10. Clarification of your cravings or dislikes 

It is difficult to hide this because obviously you may not be able to tolerate the smell of certain things during this time and you may feel like moving away from that place immediately. In such a situation, you are left with no other option and you have to say that you have become disgusted with some things. But your statement may create doubt in the minds of some people! Instead, you can say that this happened to you after flu or stomach infection. If you are craving to eat a particular thing, then tell everyone that you feel like eating that particular thing and everyone else can also join you and have fun together.

Only you can decide when you want to share this good news and choose the right time and setting. Until then, hopefully, these tips will help you succeed in hiding your pregnancy. There are many other things you can do to divert people’s attention. Try to do what feels right and sensible to you and till then be secretly happy.