How to make wax at home

How to make wax at home

Let us know about How to make wax at home. Wax is used to remove unwanted hair on our body. Sometimes it is not possible to go to the market and buy waxing materials, in such a situation you can prepare the wax at home. Today we will tell you how you can make wax at home.

Waxing is considered to be the best hair removal method to remove unwanted hair from the body. Now you do not need to go to the parlor for hair removal, you can easily prepare the wax by using some household ingredients. Let us know how to make wax at home.

How to make wax at home

For waxing, wax can be made at home in many ways, let us know it in detail.

Homemade Wax with Sugar and Honey

How to make wax at home
How to make wax at home

To make wax from sugar and honey at home, you will need the following things.


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup honey
  • half cup lemon juice

method of making wax

  • To make wax, first take sugar in a vessel and heat it on low flame.
  • After some time the sugar will melt and a fragrance will start coming from it.
  • After this, add honey and lemon juice to this sugar and cool it.
  • Now keep stirring this mixture slowly with the help of a big spoon.
  • When this mixture starts thickening a bit, keep it in the refrigerator to cool.
  • Now your wax is ready to use.

Wax made from chocolate , fruit and honey – 

Wax can be made at home from chocolate, fruit juice and honey. This type of wax can be used on all areas, especially small spots and sensitive skin. Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties, while fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Honey is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. All these are beneficial for the skin.


  • 20 grams cocoa powder
  • 20 grams pure fruit juice
  • 20 grams honey

method of making wax

  • To make wax from chocolate, first of all mix all the three ingredients well in a vessel.
  • After this, heat the mixture and mix it well.
  • When this mixture becomes thick like wax, cool it.
  • After it cools down, use this mixture for waxing.

How to use homemade wax

  • Clean your face before waxing .
  • To start waxing, first apply talcum powder on the face.
  • Now first of all apply wax on your cheeks. For this, apply a thin layer of wax from top to bottom. Generally, waxing of hands and legs requires a longer strip. Leave it like this for a few seconds, so that it can stick well. While waxing the face, apply wax from face to neck.
  • Now place your hand below where the wax has been applied and pull the skin and then pull the strip quickly in the opposite direction of the growing hair.
  • Pull the strip downwards rather than upward. Take care that the wax does not get on your eyebrows. If this happens, the eyebrow hair will also fall out.
  • Wax the other cheek in the same manner. After this, we will now wax the forehead and similarly the upper lip and chin. Later you can also wax your nose. If there are blackheads on the nose , they can be easily removed with the help of waxing.

Use of homemade wax –

You can use home made wax on the following places of the body.

  • upper lip
  • eyebrow
  • on hands
  • on feet
  • bikini area

Benefits of homemade waxing –

There are following benefits of using home made wax.

  • Salon waxing costs more money but you can prepare homemade wax at a lower cost.
  • Homemade wax is more beneficial for the skin, honey and lemon are used in it which can remove many skin problems.
  • Some women may feel too awkward or embarrassed to be waxed by a stranger. Homemade waxing is a good way to do bikini wax at home.

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