Father Daughter Quotes

Father Daughter Quotes

It often happens that we love our parents very much, but are unable to express them. Let us make this difficulty easy for you. Some of the best Papa Beti Shayari and Father Daughter Quotes on the father and daughter relationship have been included, through which you can easily express your love for your father. In this article, we have given place for more than 50 papa daughter shayari. Read the article till the end to get the complete quotes.

Father Daughter Quotes
Father Daughter Quotes

So let’s start with Father and daughter poetry.

Best Shayari and Quotes on Papa-Beti

Here we are giving various types of Papa Beti Shayari and Quotes, which are emotional as well as funny. Apart from this, Birthday Special Father Daughter Quotes are also included here. In this sequence, first of all read some emotional father daughter quotes.

motional Father Daughter Quotes

The relationship between father and daughter is one of emotion. So, we are sharing below some emotional papa beti shayari.

1. Father only taught, what is it like to live life
without being afraid of difficulties,
by making difficulties easy .

2. Papa, even today the slap of your love makes me sleep in the nights,
in difficulties even today the touch of your fingers shows the way.

3. My father who identifies the right friend,
my father who considers me better than me,
my father who calls my choice as his own,
stay with me like this, my father.

4. Every path of life seems easy,
when you are with me Papa,
life is filled with happiness,
when you are with me Papa.

5. Papa, your doll Rani
bears all the wounds of the world,
but whenever she misses you,
she cries seeing your picture.

6. No matter how difficult the road, no
matter how unfamiliar the city,
father, you never let your doll
stay alone in strangers.

7. Why father, left me alone,
now who will call me a doll,
why have you gone away forever,
what is left now except memories.

8. My father is the most special person for me,
who teaches me the lesson of belongingness,
turns my hatred into love,
always talks about love.

9. When I can’t solve the problems,
then I remember my father a lot,
then I remember father’s words
that being afraid of problems is a bad thing.

10. The daughter is the first sign of love for a father,
his daughter fulfills every dream of a father,
his daughter is the medicine for a father’s heartache,
that’s why a daughter is a piece of a father’s heart.

11. When the storm of troubles arises,
Papa I miss you a lot,
Papa you are my unique magician
who makes the troubles disappear.

12. Whenever there was pain,
don’t know without telling,
how did father know,
his two words of love,
took away all the pain.

13. Whenever my father took me in his lap,
my heart felt very relaxed,
whenever my dreams took flight,
father’s heart felt relaxed only then.

14. Father taught me that daughter is equal to sons,
daughter is never less than sons in education,
that’s why, today daughter is not a burden on father.

15. Your dearest in this world,
no one else is ours in the world, he
would have supported me every moment,
would have done anything for us.

16. My father only made my identity,
I got a special name from him, my
father was always with me in every difficulty,
that’s why my father is my identity.

17. I am my father’s doll queen,
I am proud of my heart,
I am the queen of my father’s heart,
I never act arbitrarily.

Now read further some funny father daughter quotes related to father and daughter.

Funny Father Daughter Quotes

Although the relationship between father and daughter is very unique, but if there is a tadka of laughter and fun in it, then this relationship becomes even deeper. Here our Funny Papa Daughter Quotes can help you. Find below some funny father daughter quotes.

1. Father used to not adopt because of the fear that his delicate fingers might get cut ,
but today he holds my fingers and
supports me in every way.

2. Tension free tablet is with father during exam time, he
doesn’t have to take any mobile or tablet with him.

3. Who said that my daughter is a fat queen,
my daughter is the queen of my heart, she
will become a thin queen by exercising,
then who will call my daughter a fat queen.

4. The friend who plays with me every evening,
the friend who mimics me,
and none other than my father.

5. My father is a natural calculator,
I have also made a calculator,
now maths is solved without calculator.

6. My father is an umbrella in the scorching sun of summer,
in the same way my father saves me from the sun of life.

7. The only one who can share Papa’s ice cream
is his fairy queen.

8. I am the one who calls father from office saying fever, his most beloved doll queen.

9. A morsel of food from Papa’s plate,
fills every corner of my stomach.

10. Sometimes Papa becomes Coca Cola,
and when angry becomes Chilli Sauce.

11. Papa’s scolding is sweet,
after which you get chocolate sweet.

12. Used to roam around the whole house wearing father’s glasses,
when mother used to come, she used to hide behind me, behind father.

13. Every father has a daughter in his heart,
the way there is sugar in tea.

14. As samosa is incomplete without chutney,
similarly every dream is incomplete without father.

15. Father’s heart understands the matter of the heart without speaking,
Father’s heart understands when chocolate-pastry is needed.

16. My every party is incomplete without father,
father brings gifts and lots of toffee.

17. My father is my hero,
all others are zero.