Benefits of Mustard Greens

Benefits of Mustard Greens

We consume many types of diet in our daily life, which help us to stay healthy. One such flavor and nutrient-rich green vegetable is Mustard Greens. Mustard greens can help protect a person from many diseases. We are giving complete information about the benefits of mustard greens. Also, will tell the disadvantages of mustard greens.

What is mustard greens?

The vegetable made from its leaves is also known as Mustard Greens. Mustard belongs to the family of Brassica, which grows in cold climates. Its scientific name is Brassica Juncea. There are many species, the leaves of which often have different tastes. Later we will give more detail about this.

Types of Mustard Greens

The types of mustard greens can be divided on the basis of its species. Its type and method of making Mustard Greens differ. Below we are giving its types of information-

  1. Green Wave Mustard- It has curved green leaves, which are very tender. The height of this plant is up to 2 feet. It can last in both hot and cold climates.
  2. Purple Osaka Mustard- Its leaves are large, broad and purple in color. The leaves range from 300 to 350 mm in length and up to 150 mm in width.

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Now we are going to give information about what can be the benefits of mustard greens.

Benefits of Mustard Greens

Benefits of Mustard Greens
Benefits of Mustard Greens

Consuming any food item directly affects health, due to which many benefits can be seen on health. Following are the benefits of mustard greens.

1. Strengthen the Immune System

The body’s immune system helps to keep diseases away, so mustard greens can be consumed to strengthen the immune system. Scientific studies published on the website of the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) mention that mustard greens contain vitamin A, which includes retinoids. This nutrient may help strengthen the immune system.

2. Vitamin K

The benefits of mustard greens can be visible in many ways on health, because it contains the necessary vitamin K for the body. Vitamin K , also known as the clotting vitamin , can prevent blood clots. In addition, it can also help strengthen bones.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

According to information published on the website of the United States Department of Agriculture, it is rich in anti-oxidant properties , which may work to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

4. For the Heart

The benefits of mustard greens can be seen on the heart. According to research published on the NCBI website, mustard greens contain antioxidants such as carotenoids, which may work against heart disease. At the same time, it also contains antioxidants, which can prevent the problem of heart disease from flourishing. In this way, mustard can prove to be useful in keeping the heart healthy.

5. For the eyes

Mustard greens can be beneficial in keeping the eyes healthy. A related research has pointed out that vitamin A, carotenoids and B-carotene mustard greens, which vision health or eye health can lead to. On this basis, it can be believed that mustard greens can exhibit a positive effect on the eyes.

6. Diabetes Relief

The benefits of mustard greens can also be to improve the condition of diabetes. According to the study published on the NCBI website, mustard greens have anti-diabetic properties, which may work to reduce hyperglycemia and improve insulin sensitivity. This may reduce the risk of diabetes and improve the condition of diabetes.

7. Beneficial for Liver

Mustard greens can also be beneficial for the liver. Research done in this regard found that mustard greens have anti-obesity properties, which can improve liver health by reducing obesity. In addition, it can also act as liver detoxification, which can prevent liver-related problems from flourishing.

8. For Better Digestion

The benefits of mustard greens can also be seen to improve digestion. A scientific research clearly states that a good amount of fiber is present in mustard greens, which can help in digesting food. In addition, fiber can also improve digestion.

9. For memory

Actually, mustard greens contain vitamin K, which is stored in the brain. Vitamin K can also work to improve memory. In such a situation, it can be believed that the benefits of mustard greens can also have a good effect on memory.

10. Relieve Constipation

Constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty while passing stool. To get rid of this condition, the consumption of mustard greens can be beneficial. Actually, mustard greens have a rich amount of fiber. Fiber can relieve the problem of constipation by softening the stool. In this way , the consumption of mustard can be useful to get relief from the problem of constipation .

11. Anticancer Effects

According to studies conducted by experts, mustard greens have anti-cancer properties, which can protect against colon and lung cancer. At the same time, let us make it clear that in case of a serious disease like cancer, medical treatment should be the first priority.

Nutritional Elements of Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are rich in many nutrients, due to which its consumption can be beneficial as mentioned in the above article. Given below are the nutritional information of mustard through a table.

Water90.7 g
energy27 kcal
protein2.86 g
Total lipid (fat)0.42 g
Carbohydrates4.67 g
fiber3.2 g
Sugar1.32 g
calcium115 mg
Iron, Fe1.64 mg
Magnesium, Mg32 mg
Phosphorus, P58 mg
Potassium, K384 mg
sodium, Na20 mg
Zinc, Zn0.25 mg
Copper, Cu0.165 mg
Selenium, Se0.9 µg
Vitamin C, Total Ascorbic Acid70 mg
thiamine0.08 mg
Riboflavin0.11 mg
niacin0.8 mg
Vitamin B60.18 mg
folate12 µg
Vitamin A, RAE151 µg
Vitamin A, IU3020 IU
Lutein + Jaxanthin3730 µg
Vitamin E2.01 mg
Vitamin K258 µg
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated0.01 g
Fatty Acids, Total Monounsaturated0.092 g
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated0.038 g

How to Use Mustard Greens

Mustard greens can be cooked and eaten in different ways, so that it does not get bogged down by the same taste. Its use is explained below.

How to consume-

  • Only mustard greens can be cooked and consumed.
  • can also be made by mixing mustard greens and spinach.
  • Mustard greens can be eaten cooked with palak paneer.
  • Mixing mustard greens with gram can be consumed as a vegetable.
  • Mixing it with mala leaves, bathua and amaranth can also be eaten by making its greens.

When to consume-

  • made from mustard can be eaten with corn roti or rice for lunch or dinner.

How much to consume

Scientific research is not available regarding how much mustard greens to consume daily. However, it can be taken one cup daily. You can consult a dietician to know its exact quantity.

How to preserve mustard greens for a long time?

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind to preserve mustard greens for a long time. Below are the ways to keep it safe.

  • To keep it safe, select a fresh leaf and keep it in the fridge.
  • If there is no refrigerator, then you can keep it safe for some time by keeping it in a cool place at home.
  • To keep it safe for a long time, its root can be kept submerged in water.

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Further in the article, the method of making mustard greens is being told.

Mustard Greens Recipe

The method of making Mustard Greens is very easy. It can be made easily by following the steps given below:

  • First remove the thick stalks of mustard.
  • After this wash the mustard leaves thoroughly with water 3-4 times.
  • Now heat water in a vessel. Add half a teaspoon of salt to it.
  • Now add mustard seeds and boil for 5 minutes.
  • To remove the water from the mustard, put it in a sieve and keep it to cool.
  • Now grind mustard seeds along with green chilies in a mixer.
  • Keep in mind that grind the mustard coarsely.
  • After this keep ghee in a pan to heat.
  • Add finely chopped onion and fry it.
  • When the onion turns pink, add grated ginger and fry for 10 seconds.
  • Now add coarsely ground mustard and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of corn flour mixed with water in it.
  • Now add a teaspoon of fenugreek powder and garam masala.
  • Finally add salt as per taste and after 10 minutes switch off the flame.
  • Mustard Greens is ready. It can be served with corn bread.

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After knowing how to make Mustard Greens , let us have a look at the disadvantages of Mustard Greens.

Side Effects of Mustard Greens

Along with the benefits of mustard greens, it can have some disadvantages. These losses can be seen in the following ways.

  1. If someone has a problem with low blood sugar, then avoid consuming it in excess. In fact, it has anti-diabetic properties, which can lead to severe low blood sugar.
  2. If someone is taking blood thinning medicines, then do not consume mustard greens. It contains a good amount of vitamin K, which can thin the blood more.

If you consume any vegetable regularly, you get bored. In such a situation, you can increase the list of diet by including mustard greens in your diet. The method of making mustard greens is also given in the article. Mustard is not only wonderful in taste, but it can have many beneficial effects on health, the information of which has been given in the article above. Then after what delay, include mustard greens in your diet today.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Which is healthier between Mustard Greens and kale?

Both mustard greens and kale are healthy for health. The effect of these two leafy vegetables can be seen in different ways on different people.

Does mustard greens have anti-inflammatory properties?

Yes, mustard greens have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the problem of inflammation.

Is mustard greens good for weight loss?

Yes, mustard greens can be good for weight loss. In fact, they are rich in vitamins and fiber, due to which it can improve the digestive system. This can lead to weight loss. For this reason, dieticians also recommend taking mustard greens for weight loss.

Is Mustard Greens Good for Liver?

Yes, mustard greens are good for the liver. Mustard greens have anti-obesity properties, which can reduce obesity. It may also improve liver health.

Is it easy to make Mustard Greens?

Yes, the way to make Mustard Greens is very easy. It can be made easily at home.