Does protein make you Loss weight?

Does protein make you Loss weight?

Let’s know about Does protein make you Loss weight. If you want to lose weight, then you should know the right amount of protein and the important sources of protein.

Protein is an essential nutrient for losing weight. By consuming protein, the stomach remains full for a long time and helps in increasing lean mass, which leads to weight control and if protein rich diet is consumed properly, then on the basis of diet and exercise, you can reduce your weight. To lose weight, you should consume natural sources of protein. If you are a patient of thyroid, diabetes or any other serious disease, then you should decide the right amount of protein on the advice of the doctor.

Does protein make you Loss weight?
Does protein make you Loss weight?

How much protein should be taken to lose weight? 

The doctor said that you can consume 23 to 25 grams of protein to lose weight. Consuming the right amount of protein improves appetite and helps with weight control. The amount of protein also depends on your weight and age, for this you can contact your doctor. For weight loss, there is a need to maintain lean body mass ie fat free mass, for this protein is beneficial.

Consuming protein helps preserve lean body mass. Protein is considered an essential nutrient for weight loss. If you do heavy exercise then you may need 1 gram per kilogram. At the same time, a person exercising at a normal level needs 0.5 grams per kilogram.

How is protein beneficial for weight loss?

Protein is beneficial for reducing weight because by consuming protein, the stomach remains full for a long time, if you are limiting the amount of your diet, then consume protein, consuming the source of protein makes you feel hungry . Will not done. When we lose weight, there is a need to strengthen the muscles. Protein intake is considered beneficial for reducing weight and strengthening muscles. The doctor told that protein is not stored in our body like fat, so protein helps you in reducing weight. With the help of protein, the body helps in burning more calories, if you want to reduce, then definitely include protein in your diet.

What protein supplement should be taken to lose weight? 

People use protein supplements to lose weight, if you also make this mistake, then leave this habit today, the supplements available in the market increase the body weight instead of reducing it. There are many protein supplements in which the amount of sugar is very high. You do not need a protein supplement to lose weight.

If you add sources of protein to your food, then you will not need a separate supplement. You should consume eggs, it contains 4 grams of protein, however, the egg will be healthy for you only when you cook it in a healthy way, either you can boil the egg and eat it or the egg can be eaten by adding black pepper and a pinch of salt. Is. 

What to eat in protein to lose weight?

To lose weight, you should include these protein rich things in your diet-

  • Which source of protein to use for weight loss 
  • You can consume eggs for weight loss. 
  • Consumption of dairy products is also beneficial for weight loss. 
  • In dairy products, you can consume fat free milk, Greek yogurt.
  • You can also eat legumes or beans to lose weight. 
  • You can also consume lentils. It contains a good amount of protein. 
  • You can  consume Rajgira, pumpkin seeds to consume protein .
  • Oats are also a good source of protein, you can take protein in breakfast with low-fat milk.
  • To lose weight, you can include almonds, walnuts, cashews in the diet. 
  • Talking about nuts, you can include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc.

Weight Loss Protein Bar

The doctor said that if you consume more protein than required, then instead of reducing your weight, it can also increase, so take care of the quantity. Along with consuming protein, physical activity is also necessary, you should do at least 40 minutes of walk, half an hour of yoga and half an hour of cardio every day. You can consume homemade protein bars for weight loss. The method of making homemade protein bar is very easy, there can be about 70 to 80 calories in a homemade protein bar, calories also depend on the quantity you are taking-

  • You heat the jaggery and mix it by adding seeds, different types of nuts. 
  • Now pour the mixture into the mold, you can also add puffed rice to the mixture. 
  • Now keep the mixture in the mold and freeze it, when the bar becomes hard, you can consume it. 
  • Eat only one protein bar a day.

Excessive consumption of protein is also harmful for health or maybe if you are consuming protein in some form, then you will not need to take protein separately to lose weight, according to your weight and age, you can consume protein. Know the exact dosage from the doctor.