yellow watermelon

Yellow Watermelon

A new variety of watermelon is being seen in India since last year. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people about it. Eating this yellow watermelon gives health benefits. You must have heard of Green Watermelon but not YellowWatermelon. But here today we will tell you that yellowwatermelon is more beneficial than watermelon. There is great enthusiasm among traders about watermelon. So right there, people are excited about this new variety. In the year 2020, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) developed this yellow,watermelon in India. The specialty of this watermelon is that it is green visible from above but it is yellow from inside. But people who eat it believe that this melon is sweeter than green melon. So now that summer is almost about to come, so this winter you should also introduce this watermelon in your house. Watermelons are good for health anyway. From reducing weight, they keep the amount of water in the body right. What are the specialties of yellow,watermelon and what are the health benefits of eating it, we learned about it from Meena Sharma, Senior Dietician at KK and Sai Hospital, Bareilly.

yellow watermelon

Benefits of eating yellow watermelon

1. Good Source of Beta Carotene

Dietician Meena Sharma says that yellow watermelon is a good source of beta carotene. This beta carotene protects against cancer and keeps the eyes away from diseases. Beta carotene is also found in orange and yellow colored vegetables and fruits. Therefore it can be said that yellow watermelon is more beneficial than green watermelon. So you can also consume this watermelon once in the coming summer.

2. Low in calories

Those who want to lose weight should consume this yellows watermelon. This yellows watermelon is low in calories, which helps in reducing weight. But keep in mind that it should not happen that in order to lose weight, you should eat only watermelon day and night. If you want to include watermelon in your diet to lose weight, take it in limited quantity. However, such fruits which have high water content help in reducing weight. You can also consume yellows watermelon in this episode.

3. Keep stomach diseases away

In summer, there are often problems like gas formation or ulcers. Yellow colored watermelon helps in getting rid of these problems. It has high water content. Which cools the stomach. Due to which the heat of the stomach cools down. Apart from this, eating yellow watermelon also cures digestive diseases.

4. Boost Immunity

Yellow watermelon has properties that help in boosting immunity. Vitamin B6 found in it helps in increasing immunity. Apart from this, green watermelon also helps in increasing immunity and boosting metabolism. Eating summer fruits in summer provides many health benefits to the body.

5. Get rid of dehydration

Due to the rays of the strong sun in summer, there is a shortage of water in the body. We are not able to drink as much water as our body needs. Therefore there is a lack of water in the body. But in this season, if you consume green or yellow watermelon, it will give you taste and will also fulfill the lack of water.

In summer, fruits like cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon should be consumed. These watermelons not only fulfill the lack of water in the body, but also protect against many diseases. Yellow watermelon and green watermelon are both beneficial for health.