Yoga for breast enlargement

Yoga for breast enlargement

Let us know about Yoga for breast enlargement. There are many options available in the market to increase breast size, due to which there is a possibility of many types of losses. In such a situation, increasing breast size in a natural way is the best option. Therefore, yoga is the best way to increase breast size for women . Breast size can be increased with the help of yoga.

Today in this article you will learn in detail about Yoga for breast enlargement –

Do this yoga to increase breast

Yoga for breast enlargement
Yoga for breast enlargement

Yogasanas like Chakrasana , Ustrasana and Dhanurasana can be used to increase breast size . With the help of these yoga, breast size can increase naturally. Come, let us know in detail about these yogas –


This yoga asana can be considered effective in increasing the breast. It is also called Camel pose. This posture is done by bending back, due to which the blood flow is better. Breast size can be increased by improving blood circulation in the body. The way to do Ustrasana is explained below –

  • First of all, sit on your knees and keep your hands on your hips.
  • Note that the knees and shoulders should be in the same line. Keep the toes pointed back and aligned with the floor.
  • Now while breathing, bend backwards and place the right palm on the right heel and the left palm on the left heel.
  • While bending back, keep in mind that the neck should not get jolted.
  • Now try to take the head back as far as possible and keep the thighs absolutely straight.
  • In this state, the entire weight of the body will be on the legs and arms.
  • Stay in this state for some time and keep breathing at a normal pace. 
  • In the end, while exhaling, come back to the first state.


Chakrasana is an effective yoga asana to increase breast. This asana controls the tension near the breast area and plays an important role in the growth of the breast muscles by strengthening them. While doing this asana, the blood flow towards the upper body is done properly, due to which every organ gets strengthened. In this case the body comes in shape. Come, let us know what is the method of doing Chakrasana –

  • First of all lie down on your back.
  • After this, bend the knees and keep a little distance between the feet while touching the ankles with the hips.
  • Then bring the hands near your head and touch the palms to the ground.
  • After this, lift your body up with the weight of your feet and palms.
  • During this the head should be hanging down. 
  • Now breathe slowly and release.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and come back.
  • After this come back to your normal position. 
  • By doing this mudra 5 to 6 times a day, you will get a lot of benefits.


Dhanurasana can help in increasing the breast size. Regular practice of Dhanurasana increases the blood flow towards the breast. Due to this, the muscles of the breast develop well. Also, the strength of the breast muscles increases. Along with this, regular practice of this asana also massages the thyroid gland. Next you will know what is the way to do Dhanurasana –

  • First of all, lie down on your stomach.
  • While exhaling, bend the knees and hold the ankles with your hands. 
  • After this, while breathing, raise your head, thigh and chest.
  • After lifting the body completely, reduce the space between the legs.
  • After this, breathe slowly and release. 
  • While exhaling deeply, come back to your normal position.
  • Practice this easy 5 to 6 times a day.


Gomukhasana is also called Cow Face Pose. Regular practice of this asana causes stretch in the breast area, which strengthens the muscles of the breast. Also, the flexibility of the body improves. Along with this, it can also be helpful in increasing the flexibility of the breast. Come, let us know how to do Gomukhasana –

  • First of all, sit straight and keep your back straight. 
  • Now bend your left leg slowly and move it towards the bottom of the hips.
  • After this, slowly bend the right leg and cross it over the left leg.
  • Keep in mind that it is necessary to keep both the knees close and above each other. 
  • While doing this asana, keep the head and back straight.
  • Now fold the left hand and slowly keep it down behind the back.
  • Then fold your right hand and place it on the back from above as well.
  • After this, spread the right hand downwards till it reaches the left hand.
  • Stay in this position for about 15 to 40 seconds. Then come back to your normal posture.
  • Breast size can be increased by doing this mudra about 6-8 times a day.


Yoga is a natural, safe and convenient option to increase breast. Breast size can be increased by regularly practicing the Yogasanas mentioned in this article. Along with this, regular practice of these yoga can give many other benefits to the body. Keep in mind that if you have back pain , knee pain or any other kind of problem, avoid doing these asanas. On the other hand, if you are going to practice yoga for the first time, then do it under the supervision of an expert or a trainer.