How To Apply Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner

You use eyeliner everyday, yet why can’t your eyes get a beautiful look? Have you ever thought why this happens? This happens because you do not know the right way to apply eyeliner on the eyes. If all its rules are followed, then eyeliner can give your eyes a bold, smokey and beautiful look.

Eyeliner is the most important part of girls’ makeup, which they use daily. Especially, this cosmetic is very famous among the girls and women working in the office. Even in weddings and parties, whether you wear any make-up or not, if the eyes are touched up with eyeliner, the look of the face changes. But many times it happens that even after applying the liner, the eyes do not get the perfect look. This happens because even today most of the girls do not know the right way to apply liner in the eyes. For this, they often search the internet for how to apply eyeliner.
If you are going to apply eye liner for the first time, then today’s article can help you a lot. In this, we have explained the styles, steps, tips and many different ways to apply eyeliner on the eyes.

How To Apply Eyeliner
How To Apply Eyeliner

Types of Eyeliner

Eyeliners are generally of three types and there is a lot of difference between these three. About whom you can know below.

Gel eyeliner

Using this eyeliner for the first time can be a little intimidating, but gel eyeliner is the best way to get a smokey eye. This liner comes in a pot, so you may need a brush to use it. Gel eyeliner is also great for matte finishing. Once the eyeliner has dried, don’t try to bring it back to its original form. This can spoil your eye makeup.

Liquid eyeliner

Most women use liquid eyeliner because it is very easy to apply on the eyes. But it should be applied only when you have a very good practice of applying eye liner. Because, a slight disturbance can spoil the look of your eyes. Use only a thin brush while applying liquid liner. These liners come in two types of packaging. One small vial containing a fine brush and the other a marker type pen with a tip. Do not apply liquid eyeliner on the lower eyelids, otherwise it will spread and spoil the entire makeup of your eyes.

Pencil eyeliner

Earlier there was only trend of pencil eyeliner. It is used to give a smokey look to the eyes. If you are new to applying eye liner, then use pencil eyeliner only, there is no fear of it spreading and you get the desired shape. If you wear contact lenses , don’t use pencil eyeliner. This may cause irritation in the eyes .

The right way to apply liquid eyeliner

Apply liquid eyeliner only when your hand is set to apply the liner. Here we are going to tell you about how to apply liquid eye liner.

• First of all clean your face .
• After this apply a moisturizer on the face and an eye cream around the eyes. Let us tell you that ice cream prevents premature wrinkles under the eyes.
• Now apply a small amount of primer around your eyes, where you do your makeup. The main function of a primer is to add smoothness to the skin.
• Then apply concealer on the eyelid and under the eyes. Blend it well and set it with a setting powder.
• Now coming to the liner. To apply the liner, you can either use the brush that comes with it or buy one if it is not included.
• People’s hands tend to shake a lot when applying liner, especially liquid liner, so it’s a good idea to put your elbow on a table and your hand on your cheek.
• First, dip the brush into the liner and hold it at the angle of your eye.

Now just draw a straight line on top of your lashes from the inner part of the eye to the outside. But for first-time liner liners, it can be difficult to create a straight line. Therefore, keeping an uneven gap in place of the upper lashline, mark small dots at a short distance and start applying the eyeliner. By following this method, you can draw the same fine line on both the eyes. By doing this, no waves and lumps will emerge.

• Now slowly make small strokes to connect the dots you made at the place of the lashline.
• If you notice that there are gaps between the dots you made, draw a thin line near the edge and fill in those gaps.
• If you make it thicker, there won’t be as much finishing. Once you have applied the liner in one eye, you have to follow the same method in the other eye as well.
• You’ve got your basic eyeliner on. If you want to give your eyes a better look than this, then definitely remove a tail at the corner. This makes the eyes appear bigger.
• For this, using your liner, draw a small line moving upwards from your upper lash line, but at the same time, keep in mind that you have to make this line at the same angle as the line above the lower lash line. The curve going towards should be located.
• To get a classic cat eye, you can keep this line short and drag it out. One important thing, to make the liner a little thicker, draw another line above the drawn line.
• When you’re done with liner, line your lower lash line with a pencil liner.
• If the eyeliner has smudged under the eyes, use a full bristled brush to remove it.
• No matter what kind of eyeliner you are using, always do a patch test before applying it. Try putting a little liner on your wrist to see if you are allergic to it.

How to apply pencil eyeliner for beginners

Before applying pencil eyeliner, decide which pencil you want to use. There are powder base pencils, liquid eyeliner pencils and gel base and cream base pencils available in the market. So you decide which one you want to use. After this, choose the color of the eyeliner you want to apply and start applying the eyeliner.

• First wash the face and then apply foundation on the face. Foundation will help your eyeliner last longer.
• Keep in mind, the room where you are applying the eyeliner should have good lighting.
• Now take a comfortable position. Place a table on top to keep your hands steady.
• Now apply concealer on the upper part of the eyes. This will make your makeup last for a long time. Use a finger or brush to blend concealer or primer. Now let it dry for at least 10 seconds.
• Then hold the outer corners of your eyes with a light hand. This will help you to apply eyeliner. Be sure not to tug on the lash line during this, as this will cause the line to appear smeared, which can be harmful to the skin around your eyes.
• Now place the pencil near the lash line and slowly draw a thin line from the outer corner to the inner corner. If you want a cat style, you can make the pencil thicker.
• Then apply pencil liner on your bottom lid. Gently draw a thin line from outer corner to inner corner.
• Now connect the line at the outer corner of your eyes only. Use the tip of the pencil eyeliner to connect the top and bottom lines. Take care, do not apply too much liner at the corners.
• Finally highlight your eyes. Follow the same process on the other eye as well. If your eyeliner has smudged, remove it with eye makeup remover.
• Seal your eyeliner look. Lastly apply a coat of mascara, this will help to highlight your eyeliner look.
• Finish your look with a setting spray. This will help your makeup to last longer.

How to apply gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is a long lasting eyeliner that gives a dramatic effect to your eyes. This type of eyeliner comes in a small box, which is applied with a brush. Keep in mind, the finer the brush, the better the makeup.

• To apply it, first choose the best gel eyeliner.
• Then wash your face, dry it and apply moisturizer on it.
• Now apply a good concealer or primer. This will help the eyeliner stick. Now blend it with fingers.
• Dip the brush into the eyeliner. Dip only the bristles of the brush.
• Now to make your position, tilt the chin up and head down. With this, you can easily see your eyelashes.
• Now hold the brush at an angle so you can see the tip touching your eye.
• Then gently stretch the skin around your eye and using the other hand place a finger between the temple and the eye you are going to apply the eyeliner to. This will allow you to draw straight lines.
• Now draw a basic line. Close the eye on which the liner is going to be applied.
• Next, make dots on your lash line and then connect the dots with a single stroke of the brush.
• After this bold your eyes. Thicken the basic line by tracing it back with a thicker line. Make sure the lash is thin at the beginning and end and slightly thicker towards the corner.
• To make your eyes look longer, extend the basic line slightly from the corner of your eye. Extend it upward along the natural curve of your eye.
• To make the eyes look bigger, apply eyeliner at the corners of the eyes. Start the line at the center of the eyelid and draw the line out towards the corner. Make the line thicker as you approach the corner. Do the same on the lower lid and connect the eyeliner lines at the corner of your eye.

Six styles for applying eyeliner

The great thing about eyeliner is that you can apply it in so many different ways. Below we are telling you about six different styles of applying eyeliner below.

Easy Eyeliner – This is the easiest style to apply eyeliner. For this, shade the eyes naturally with eyeliner. Neither too thin nor too thick.
Classic winged eyeliner – First draw a classing wing from the outer corners of the eyes and connect it point to the original line. Fill in the eyeliner in the center.
Double winged eyeliner – After applying the classic winged eyeliner, create another wing from the outer corners of the eyes. Just below the first wing, giving a little space. Smudge a little eyeliner on the bottom line as well.
Simplest Eyeliner – Apply a very thin line of eyeliner starting from the middle of the lid to the outer corners of the eyes. Exactly like the shape of your eyes.
Dramatic eyeliner – Create a thick flick with very thick strokes of the eyeliner. In this look, your eyes will be half covered. This is a very bold look.
Fishtail Eyeliner – For this, first make winged eyeliner. Initially thin and then thick. Next, make another wing, but it should be facing down, like a fish tail. This look is very beautiful.

Effect of different color eye liner

• Black – for striking and bold effect.
• Brown – For smokey look.
• White – to make the eyes look bigger.
• Gray – To make the eyes look soft and bright.
• Navy , green – for a trendy eye look.
• Glitter – For a sparkly look.

How to apply eyeliner according to the shape of the eyes

Sometimes you apply eyeliner, but it does not suit your face. This is because the look of the eyeliner also depends a lot on the shape of your eyes. Therefore, before applying the liner, know about the shape of your eyes and then apply the liner according to the shape of your eyes.

Round eyes – Round shaped eyes are very big, winged eyeliner is best for such eyes.
Almond Eyes – If your eyes are small and thin like almonds, then you can apply winged eyeliner style and give a hint of flicks on the edge, so that the eyes appear bigger.
Small Eyes – For small eyes start the liner with a thin line from the upper lash line and make it slightly thicker towards the end. This will make the eyes look bigger.
Big eyes – People with big eyes are very lucky, because they do not have to follow too many rules for this. Their eyes are already attractive, so such women can adopt both cat eyeliner and winged style.
Bulging eyes – Such eyes highlight the face. The shape of these eyes is slightly raised and the eyelids are also of large size. Such women can apply the same liner on their eyes from the starting line to the last, thick or thin.

Things to keep in mind while applying eyeliner

Eyeliner will enhance the beauty of your eyes only when you know the right way to use it. Like every beauty product, it is very important to keep some things in mind while applying eyeliner. Only then your eyes get the perfect look.

• Do not use eyeliner immediately after applying moisturizer on the face.
• If you have oily skin, then before applying the eyeliner, clean your face thoroughly with the help of a tissue paper. So that no oil remains on it.
• If you are applying liquid eyeliner for the first time, but you are having trouble, then it is better that you use pencil eyeliner for the first time.
• Keep in mind that while applying eyeliner, apply only one layer at a time. After this, apply the second and third layer to thicken it.

Be careful in using eyeliner

It is also very important to take some precautions while applying eyeliner. You can know below, what precautions should be taken while applying liner in the eyes.

• If the liner has spread around the eyes while applying, then clean it immediately with a cotton or wet cloth. Before it dries up.
• Always wash the brush with warm water after using the eyeliner and let it air dry. By doing this, bacterial infection can be avoided.
• Avoid sharing your eyeliner and lipstick with others. Due to this there is a danger of spreading the infection.
• Repeatedly applying makeup with the same brush can breed bacteria, which can lead to infection. Eyeliner brushes should be replaced after three to six months.

Tips for applying Eyeliner

If some tips are followed to apply eyeliner, then it becomes very easy to apply it. Know below, some important tips for applying liner in the eyes.

• Many women have shaky hands when applying liner, so it’s a good idea to find a place where you can rest your elbow while applying liner. This keeps your hand steady.
• Always use a cosmetic mirror while applying eyeliner. Usually these are double sided. On one side there is a normal mirror and on the other side it is magnified. From the magnified side, you can see the liner being applied closely.
• Make sure to curl the eyelashes before applying the eyeliner. This will make your eyes look big and beautiful.
• Always look down while applying liner. Looking up can spoil the shape.
• If the eyeliner goes into the eyes, then wash the eyes thoroughly at the same time.
• Let us tell you that liquid eyeliners are the best for the eyes, they give very good finishing.
• Keep the eye you are not working on open. Doing this will make it easier for you, as well as the line will also become straight and smooth.
• Don’t pull on your lashes when making the wing. This will mess up the wing. Simultaneously apply short strokes without moving the skin.
• Such eyeliners are considered best, which have peptide present.
• If you’re having a hard time making the actuation to make a wing in a straight line, you can use a credit card.
• You can also use tape to make wings.

What color eyeliner should I use for green eyes?

Red is a complementary color to green eyes, so choose a shade that has red tones. Like purple and copper.

Can I use eyeliner as lipstick?

Yes, it can be done. You can easily use an eyeliner pencil to line the lip line.

What color eyeliner to use for blue eyes?

Try purple, gray and silver shades for blue eyes. Avoid applying blue and black colored liners.

What color eyeliner to use for brown eyes?

Most of the eye color is brown only. Use blue, pure and metallic tones of grouds and bronze shades on this. This will enhance your eyes even more.

Can I use lip liner as eyeliner?

Yes, it can be done. For this, you buy a pencil eyeliner and you use it as both lip color or lip pencil.
Applying eyeliner for the first time can be a bit difficult, for this you must first master your hands. If you are a beginner in applying eye liner, then opt for pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner. With practice, you can apply liquid and gel eyeliner with perfection.