Birthday wishes for sister

Birthday wishes for sister

Birthday wishes for sister: Let’s know about Birthday wishes for sister. Every happiness is incomplete without loved ones. If we are not ours, then every small sorrow seems big, whereas with their presence, we can easily cross the biggest trouble. Such is the lovely relationship of a sister. Sister is special for everyone, whether she is older or younger. Many memories of people are attached to this relationship. Sometimes we are not able to realize their importance, but if the occasion is of sister’s birthday, then you must make her feel special. You can start it with a special message or poetry.

Birthday wishes for sister
Birthday wishes for sister

Come, let’s start this series of Birthday wishes for sister.

birthday wishes for elder sister

1. You protect me from my father, you cook like a mother,
whenever I feel lonely, I always miss you, it
‘s your birthday sister, look how lovely this day is,
thank you a million times, God, he has blessed you Landed on
happy Birthday Sister.

2. Eyes bright like the sun, smile like fragrance,
happy birthday to you, sister, you are my life.

3. How lovely, how unique, God has created a relationship, He
has always showered love on my head like a shadow,
My heart wants to give you the blessings of the whole world,
May God always keep smiling my dear sister.
happy Birthday Sister.

4. Sister, you are the brightness of the house, you are the apple of everyone’s eyes, you
are the idol of love, you are unique and the box of happiness,
we all want that there should never be sorrow in life,
Happy Birthday to you, may your life be lovely.

5. Learned in life from her, full love of elder sister,
her life is shining, from whom there is spring in the world,
what should I give you on the occasion of birthday dear elder sister,
you and your whole family always keep smiling.
happy birthday sister

6. She decorates the flowers by choosing the thorns of my path,
whatever may be the confusion, she remembers me,
forgetting her own dreams, she awakens everyone’s dreams,
my elder sister is my companion in happiness and sorrow.
happy birthday big sister

7. You have fought for my rights, sister, you are really big,
so many storms have passed, you are still standing strong, when I
see you, it seems that you are the strongest link in the house,
I pray to God for you, may life be a shower of happiness.
happy Birthday Sister

8. Your smile is full of colors, my heart is full of love,
I am afraid of hitting you and you are my debt,
you are my elder sister and this is your duty,
without you, who else would give the loan to this poor person.
Now let’s not make too much face,
it is birthday, sister, feed me laddoos.
happy birthday sister

9. Agreed that you are elder sister, still don’t order,
Agreed it’s madam’s birthday but don’t be so proud,
I don’t want to tell but come on you are a good sister,
forgive me devilish or say whatever you want to say.
happy birthday big sister

10. I remember when I did not know how to tie my shoelaces, my
father used to call me worthless and used to shout loudly,
then sister you used to come forward and teach me,
used to tell all the children of the school to be like me,
in your shadow I myself I have made someone worthy,
how will I be able to do that, tell me thank you sister.
happy Birthday Sister

11. Ask the blossoming Gulshan from where it gets its colour,
look at the sun and ask from where it gets its shine,
both will say, there is a lovely girl in your house,
with whom you have the relation of a lovely elder sister.
happy Birthday Sister

12. Decorates colors in empty dreams, decorates pearls in colors,
how lonely I would have been had you not been my elder sister.
happy Birthday Sister

13. Mother is the most beloved and the house is decorated with her,
then there is an elder sister who loves like a mother.
happy birthday sister

14. May you be a boat in the lake of happiness, may you be a very influential personality,
this is my birthday wish, elder sister, may you have a happy household.
happy birthday sister

15. May your nest be in a blooming garden, May your morning be beautiful every day,
Dear elder sister, May you always keep smiling, May every sorrow be yours.
Happy birthday didi.

16. How lovely, how simple is our elder sister,
today is her birthday, we have made preparations, may
God never let anyone see her, may
her whole house be filled with so much happiness.
happy Birthday Sister.

17. May the stars be twinkling, May all your seasons be lovely, May your
eyes shine with happiness, May the scenery always remain like this in life, May
our relationship continue like this, May there never be any distance,
Big sister blink and all wishes come true.
happy Birthday Sister

18. Raunak Jahan looks like you only, there
is a little love, there is a little strictness,
having an elder sister in life
is like having its own colony in the city of flowers.
happy birthday sister

19. I respect you from the bottom of my heart, sister, you are our pride,
this is the birthday gift, may your respect always increase in the world.
happy birthday sister

20. You have taught me a lot,
I have gained a lot from you,
I wish I could pray and say sister,
your blessings have affected a lot.
happy Birthday Sister.

These were some birthday poems for elder sister. Come on, now let’s do some poetry for the younger sister as well. Read further Sister Birthday Shayari for Younger Sister.

birthday wishes for little sister

1. Your mischief bothers me,
but where do I live without you,
Happy birthday to you my chhutki,
because of you the light shines in the house.

2. The one who eats all the ice cream from my share, the one who
calls everyone a thief except herself,
you have learned all the tricks from me,
may God never get angry with you.
happy birthday little sister

3. The sun has brought this message early in the morning,
the winds together have sung this song,
today is the birthday of my dear little sister,
my heart is filled with blessings.
happy birthday little sister

4. Little dear sister, you keep smiling,
keep blooming like flowers in the house and courtyard,
never get angry with you, this light and greenery,
keep shining like the sun in the blue sky.
happy birthday little sister

5. How much do you fight with me, how much do you torture me,
like a little mouse, how many of my ears you eat,
today is your birthday, so let’s not fight today,
God bless you, touch the sky, you keep moving forward one day.
happy birthday little sister

6. You can’t tolerate if someone says something to me, it
doesn’t matter if you fight fiercely with me,
your love is small, I can’t say anything else,
listen crazy, I can’t live without you for a moment.
happy birthday my dear sister

7. This is Rajdulari and her face seems to be noble,
her intelligence fell asleep in her childhood after selling horses,
she gives pain to everyone’s head and then also applies medicine, after
finishing her chocolate, keep an eye on me,
still on her innocent actions. It comes love,
happy birthday to the younger sister again and again.

8. She avoids work by pretending to read and write, makes
every mistake herself and avoids the blame,
my younger sister whose birthday is today,
keeps laughing at your ignorance, this house is deserted without you.
happy birthday little sister

9. Yesterday’s little girl does great things,
seeing her, even elders get a little courage, I
wish her this blessing on the occasion of her birthday,
May happiness always bloom and your life be inhabited.

10. She is a little mischievous and a little intelligent too, she
fights with me and loves me too,
she has to support me even if it is my fault,
dear little sister, all my happiness is yours.

11. She amuses everyone with her sugary talks,
on my saying she gets mummy to make something or the other,
there is light in the whole house because of your presence,
God bless you every birthday is full of happiness.

12. Lovely lovely face, she is the grandmother of the devil,
my younger sister is still unknown to the world,
may God keep all the evils of the world away from her, may
all the seasons bring happiness in her life.
happy birthday little sister

13. My dear little sister, the most beautiful little sister, may there
be no sorrow in your life, may you always remain happy.
happy Birthday Sister.

14. A little angel followed me,
she ruled the house,
today she is far away from me but I miss her, my
mischievous younger sister is my true companion.
happy birthday little sister

15. He also has to fight with me, show some love,
what is your relationship with me,
I just want to sulk and celebrate, every day I pray to God for your happiness,
every day you are happy, birthday is just an excuse.
happy birthday little sister

16. You make a big mouth on small things, you
send my complaint directly to my father,
you don’t know, you are still dear to me,
my heart is at peace, you are my princess.
happy birthday little sister

17. May there be fragrance in the air, may
there be spring in the garden, may your life be like a festival,
always be happy my dear little sister,
happy birthday to you I had to say this.

18. Do you remember school days when you used to cry so much,
you used to do all the mistakes and I used to beat you,
yet my dearest sister is my sister,
now we have to live together for the whole life.
happy birthday little sister

19. May God give you no sorrow in life, may
you not get less happiness in any season, may
every birthday come with a message of happiness,
will keep sending blessings even if we do not meet.
happy birthday little sister

20. May your happiness shine on your face,
may progress create new paths for you, may
God shower blessings on my sister in such a way
that you always decorate the house with happiness.
happy birthday little sister