Best rosemary oil for hair growth

Best rosemary oil for hair growth

Let us know about the best rosemary oil for hair growth. We all know how important oiling is for hair. Oiling not only makes the hair strong, but also helps in hair growth. With this, oiling controls hair fall and also gets rid of dandruff. Often people massage hair with mustard, coconut or olive oil, but rosemary oil is also very beneficial for hair. Massaging hair with rosemary oil can provide many benefits.

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Today in this article you will know what are the benefits of applying rosemary oil on hair and how to apply it –

What is Rosemary Oil?

Rosemary oil is a fragrant essential oil . This oil is extracted from a herb called Rosemary. This oil is used in medicine and cosmetics. Rosemary oil can also be beneficial in curing hair related problems. Rosemary oil has properties like antimicrobial, antiinflammatory and antioxidant . All these are not only beneficial for health and skin, but also keep hair healthy.

benefits of rosemary oil for hair

Best rosemary oil for hair growth
Best rosemary oil for hair growth

Rosemary oil can be used on hair. Hair growth is good with this oil and hair fall also stops. The benefits of rosemary oil for hair are as follows –

grow hair

If you want hair growth, you can use rosemary oil. According to a research, hair growth is faster by applying rosemary oil. Actually, anti-inflammatory properties are found in rosemary oil, which reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation. When the blood flow to the scalp is better, it stimulates the hair follicles and helps in hair growth.

control hair fall

Nowadays the problem of hair loss has become very common. In such a situation, people use different types of products to prevent hair fall. If your hair is falling too fast, then rosemary oil can be beneficial. Rosemary oil can help prevent hair loss in both men and women. Rosemary oil can prove to be a natural remedy to control hair fall.

make hair black

Even though earlier the hair used to turn white in old age, but nowadays people of young age are also facing white hair. If anyone’s hair has turned white at a young age, then rosemary oil can be used. Rosemary essential oil can prevent premature graying of hair. Apart from this, it can also get rid of white hair.

get rid of dandruff

Dandruff on the head can cause itching and irritation. In such a situation, it becomes very important to get rid of dandruff. You can use antidandruff products to remove dandruff. Apart from this, rosemary oil can also get rid of dandruff. Rosemary oil removes dandruff.

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Moisturize dry scalp

Many times the problem of dandruff occurs due to dry scalp . In such a situation, massaging with rosemary oil can be beneficial. Massaging the head with rosemary oil provides moisture to the scalp and gets rid of dry scalp.

treat androgenetic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is a type of baldness . It is also known as male or female pattern baldness. Although it is very difficult to re-grow hair in androgenetic alopecia, but rosemary oil can help in growing hair to some extent.

How to use rosemary oil for hair?

Rosemary oil is beneficial for hair, you have already known this. It is also necessary to use Rosemary oil in the right way for hair growth, hair fall control or to get rid of dandruff. Ways to apply rosemary oil to hair –

massage the scalp

You can apply rosemary oil directly on the scalp and hair, but rosemary is an essential oil, so it should be mixed with jojoba or coconut oil . For this, take rosemary oil, add a few drops of coconut oil to it. Now apply this mixture in the hair and massage it with light hands. Then after 15-20 minutes wash the hair with lukewarm water.

mix in shampoo

You can also use Rosemary oil by mixing it in shampoo . For this you take shampoo, add a few drops of rosemary oil to it. Now apply this mixture on hair and scalp. After 2-3 minutes wash the hair with fresh water. If you want, you can also mix it in conditioner or hair mask etc. This can also help in removing problems related to hair.

mix in baking soda

If you want , you can also apply rosemary oil mixed with baking soda . For this you take rosemary oil. Mix baking soda and coconut oil in it and then apply it on the hair. Wash hair with shampoo after 10-15 minutes. You can get a lot of benefit from this. You can apply rosemary oil 1 to 2 times per week, but using more than that should be avoided.

Precautions while applying rosemary oil to hair

Before massaging the head with Rosemary oil, it is important to keep some things in mind, so that any kind of problem can be avoided –

  • Avoid applying rosemary oil around the eyes. If it gets into eyes, wash quickly with cool water.
  • Excessive application of rosemary oil on the scalp should be avoided, as rosemary essential oil can cause irritation on the scalp. This can cause itching on the skin.
  • Rosemary oil should be used during pregnancy  or breastfeeding only on expert advice.
  • Rosemary oil should never be applied directly to the scalp or hair. It should be applied by adding coconut or jojoba oil to it.


Rosemary oil is rich in medicinal properties. It is considered beneficial for health, skin and hair. You can also apply this oil on your hair and scalp, but applying rosemary oil too often should be avoided. You can apply it by mixing it in coconut oil, shampoo or conditioner. This will lead to hair growth, stop hair fall and also get rid of dry scalp. If rosemary oil is applied correctly to the hair, it is safe and has few side effects.