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Guest Post Submit Guideline 

Before writing a guest post, keep some of the following things in mind so that you do not have to edit that article again and you do not have any problem. Following points which you can follow.

  1. The article should be written in simple language so that it can be easily understood by the reader. 
  2. While writing the article, the paragraph should be short. 
  3. You should write articles only on English language, it should also be unique and plagiarism free. 
  4. We only accept guest posts related to education that we publish on our website.
  5. If you want to guest post for our website and want to post your website link in it, then you have to give us this information in the form of announcement that you will not promote any such post through our website which is Harmful, Not related to Spam, Hatful, Adult, Harassment etc., we only accept posts from education, so you can publish any post related to them in guest post through this blog of ours. 
  6. Before writing for our blog, you should see and understand how to write on this blog of ours so that your article gets approved soon.

You can contact us to submit Guest Post. In this, you must send your email so that you can be contacted.

Step 1 – Choose your topic and write an article on it and follow the points mentioned above. 

Step 2 – After this you add your links. 

Step 3 – After this you email your article to us: 

Step 4 – After this you send your payment to us through UPI and also email your transaction details or screen shot along with the article. ( Payment details will be sent through email ) (Name : vikash kumar )

Step 5 – After this your article will be verified, as soon as your article is verified, it will be published. And if your article is rejected then your payment will be sent back to you. 

Step 6 – Send a Feature Images with your post, on top of which it is necessary to write the URL of our website.

If you want to get any information regarding this topic, then you can mail us or you can contact us by visiting the contact page. 

What we don’t accept 

We do not accept any links and posts that promote any misleading message. We do not accept Harmful and Adult posts and links.

Contact us for more information –