Crush quotes

Crush quotes

It is not easy to tell the words of your heart to the crush. Sometimes the matter of the heart remains in the heart and it is too late to say it. If you also want to share your heart with your crush, then the crush shayari given here can help you. Here are brand new crush shayari and crush quotes which you can share with your crush to express your feelings. By the end of the article, you will get to read different types of Crush Shayari.

Shy Crush Quotes for him

It is not easy to open your heart to a shy boy. There is always a fear in the heart that he might not feel bad. In such a situation, you can try the love poetry given below .

Crush quotes
Crush quotes

  1. Why do you hide your heart’s words from us,
    say whatever you want to say,
    why are you shy from us.
  2. Afraid to speak,
    my friend is very shy,
    can’t even get angry with him,
    because he is my first love.
  3. He is my friendship and
    he is my sweetheart, he
    bows his eyes on seeing,
    he is a very shy friend.
  4. Afraid to make eye contact,
    looks at me only,
    gets shy no matter what I say,
    but wants me only.
  5. At least bring the words of your heart on your tongue,
    at least say something friend, don’t be shy like this.
  6. He is very shy, he
    doesn’t tell his heart’s words,
    his eyes tell,
    those things which he doesn’t even bring to his lips.
  7. I have seen dreams for myself in her eyes, I
    keep things hidden in my heart, I
    walk with you, then I am shy to hold hands,
    slowly we are starting to feel that he is my own.
  8. Don’t know what they achieve by being educated, they
    speak with their eyes and are shy to say anything else.
  9. In fact,
    they do all the things of the world like this,
    as soon as the talk of the heart starts,
    they get shy.
  10. When I am in front of them, they only see me,
    there is shame on their lips, they only remember us in their mind.

  11. Why are you so shy about speaking your heart , why do you hide
    what your eyes say.
  12. Your shyness while talking took my heart,
    your smile on asking something took my heart.
  13. It is wonderful that you smile in every conversation, it
    is very pleasant to meet your eyes and you are shy.

New crush shayari to share with shy girls are given below.

Shy Crush Quotes for Girls

Read here heart to heart crush quotes and crush shayari for shy female crush.

  1. In fact, you show a lot of your right on us,
    when we hold your hand, then why are you shy.
  2. Knowing our intentions, why do you get shy like this,
    we are just joking and you get nervous.
  3. Eye to eye on meeting,
    they blush unnecessarily,
    don’t even lift their eyelids,
    and say everything.
  4. If you like us, why don’t you show it,
    you talk to us and you are ashamed of us.
  5. I should never let you go,
    I miss you a lot,
    I want to hug you,
    but you are very shy.
  6. We feel light on their face when we see them,
    we blush on seeing them, what is our fault in this?
  7. If you keep meeting like this,
    then one day there will be love,
    if you stop being shy,
    then maybe there will be an agreement.
  8. When I am in your eyes,
    then how to be shy,
    I like you,
    then how to be afraid of the world.
  9. I have also liked this style of my friend,
    seeing in my eyes my friend is shy.
  10. I like your smile on seeing me, I
    also like your blushing in small talk.
  11. It is a matter of my luck
    that today you are with me, you
    are also feeling shy because
    I have your hand in my hand.
  12. In a crowded gathering,
    your smile was amazing,
    looking at us and seeing,
    blushing was also amazing.
  13. When the eyes met, he
    hid his face,
    smiling modestly, he
    bowed his eyes.

stay with crush quotes

Read below secret quotes on one sided love to know how to tell the hidden things in the heart.

Secret Crush Quotes

Read in this part of the article Secret Quotes for Crush, which will make it easier to express the hidden things and feelings in the heart.

  1. I want to express my heart’s desires to you, I want to tell you
    how much I like you.
  2. May this wish of my heart be fulfilled,
    don’t know when I will get such a fortune,
    I have your hand in my hand,
    and you will be closest to me.
  3. Can’t even express and,
    can’t even hide from you,
    I love you,
    can’t even tell you this.
  4. If only! You too yearn to meet me,
    understand my heart by looking into my eyes.
  5. Saw you one day
    drying hair on the terrace,
    since then I like you,
    have kept it hidden on my lips.
  6. I feel heartbroken just seeing you,
    you are the support of my happiness,
    I will live life happily,
    if I get your support.
  7. How can I express my condition to you,
    I wish you could explain how much I love you.
  8. Even today, I
    see you secretly,
    how can I tell you
    how much I love you.
  9. I
    see my world in their eyes,
    because they also
    see my love in my eyes.
  10. I have kept his memories hidden
    in the book of my heart, I
    am intoxicated by his memories, I
    am not so intoxicated by alcohol.
  11. How much do I love you, how can I tell you,
    how much love is in my heart, how can I show you.
  12. You don’t know but,
    this is my one sided love,
    I am not conscious now,
    your intoxication is also uncountable.

  13. Your picture has been hidden in a corner of the heart ,
    you don’t know, but I have
    made you my destiny.

Next are funny crush quotes

Read the quotes below to send your heart to your crush in a flirtatious and funny way.

Funny Crush Quotes

Here we have come up with some funny quotes for crush , which will definitely make you laugh. When you send these heart-warming poetry to your special ones, they too will not be able to stop laughing.

  1. Don’t make your heart restless so much,
    like me, don’t wait for father’s choice.
  2. Likes you,
    and there are many discussions in the world,
    are afraid to express,
    because your expenses are many.
  3. Agreed, if you meet me,
    you will make my fortune,
    reduce the expenses a little,
    otherwise you will make me a beggar.
  4. Agreed that you love us a lot,
    but you are also very scared of all my brothers.
  5. I told him that there are many gifts in the market,
    but I don’t have the budget to buy them,
    he said don’t even think about meeting,
    then don’t even bother to give me a gift.
  6. I kiss the soil of your feet,
    because I love you a lot,
    but you came to my house and told my mother,
    look at your child, he eats a lot of soil.
  7. We often cry remembering them,
    and they fall asleep comfortably listening to romantic songs.
  8. There are many discussions about you in every Fiza and in every locality,
    they are afraid to make friendship, because your expenses are many.
  9. Lovers give their lives for the love of their lover,
    mine is different, he hands over lollipops as a gift.
  10. Everyone loves you very much, they
    consider you as their right,
    that’s why we trouble you.
  11. There is too much of persuasion to get upset,
    there is too much of making it yours,
    sometimes give some gifts,
    too there is too much of saving money.
  12. The age to fulfill love falls short,
    if I sit to say, the matter falls short,
    how can I promise to take you to the market, when
    you go to the market, then the salary falls short.
  13. Heart said stick to your words,
    mind said stick to your feelings,
    one day I told him about my heart,
    smilingly he said stick to your status.

You can choose the Sad Crush Shayari given below to express your heartache in a poetic way.

Sad crush Shayari

It becomes difficult to put into words the feeling of a crush going away . We have put the same sorrow into words through poetry . Read more sad poetry on crush.

  1. There is a feeling of helplessness that you are not with me,
    how can I stop myself so that my heart does not become sad.
  2. The journey to my destination is incomplete without you, if
    you are not found then how will love be complete.
  3. I waited and he kept making excuses,
    he kept breaking every promise and we kept on maintaining the relationship.
  4. It is not good to turn away from a promise, it
    is not good to leave in the path of love.
  5. I loved you brokenly,
    as if I myself had sown the seed of sorrow, there
    is no such person in the world,
    who has not cried after falling in love.
  6. Your memories give me pain like a thorn in my heart,
    sweet memories make me cry even in a crowded gathering.
  7. Now I am scared in the name of love,
    since you left me, I have become scattered.
  8. I can’t get you even after so much desire,
    if you get me maybe I am not capable of that.
  9. It is regret that I once loved you brokenly, I
    had spent my everything on you, it is regret.
  10. Ever since he turned his eyes away from us,
    we too have established a relationship with our sorrow.
  11. Now they have started adopting every pain,
    ever since they have started making excuses after breaking their hearts.
  12. I am thankful that you
    told me my status, told me everything
    that was hidden in my heart .
  13. Now I am there then you will not understand my love,
    when I am not there then you will yearn for my love.

Continue Reading Crush Shayari

Read the article further to choose Shayari for your cute crush.

Cute shayari for crush

Here we have brought some bubbly and love filled cute crush shayari, which will surely touch your heart.

  1. Seeing her lovely face,
    I fell in love with her,
    my heart became desperate to meet her.
  2. I have wanted you like your blessings, you
    have got the fragrance like cold winds.
  3. You have touched my soul like
    the light has come in withered flowers.
  4. Your smile has become our wish,
    getting you has become our worship.
  5. We are now engrossed in your dreams,
    no one should disturb us, we are very busy.

  6. Why have you started testing me like this, it
    was fine till reality,
    now you have started coming in dreams.
  7. The love of my heart
    has become an agreement,
    the one whom I had asked for in my prayers,
    you have become such a love.
  8. This is the promise that I will love you for the rest of my life,
    I intend to spend my life with you only.
  9. When I saw you, I settled you in my heart, I
    made you my own without asking.
  10. Believe it, time has stopped since I have seen you,
    neither sleep nor agreement, since I have seen you.
  11. In the world of wanting you,
    I have become infamous,
    the discussions of my love
    have now become commonplace.
  12. Ever since we met you, we have been lost,
    now we are no one else’s, we have been yours.
  13. I have started seeing you everywhere,
    now you have started feeling like my own.