Sugarcane juice during pregnancy

Sugarcane juice during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have cravings for different things. During this, suddenly you may have a desire to eat that which you did not like at all earlier. What you eat during pregnancy affects you and your baby. If you have a sweet tooth, you would prefer fruit juices, but can you have sugarcane juice pregnant? It is recommended to drink all other juices during pregnancy, but very few people know whether it is safe to drink sugarcane juice at this time. We have discussed here whether you can drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy, its benefits and precautions to be taken while drinking it. Read this article completely to know. 

What is there in sugarcane juice?

As the name suggests, sugarcane juice is extracted from sugarcane which is a perennial crop. Sugarcane is generally grown in the summer season and is mostly found in South-East Asia and South Asia. Mainly juice can be extracted from it. However, it is better to drink its juice fresh. Vitamin ‘A’, ‘B1’, ‘B2’, ‘B3’ in sugarcane. ‘B5’, ‘B6’ and Vitamin ‘C’ are in plenty. Calcium, magnesium and iron are also found in it. Sugarcane juice is safe and also beneficial for health for pregnant women. However, if you are suffering from diabetes or gestational diabetes then you should avoid drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy. Apart from this, drinking sugarcane juice is beneficial pregnant. 

How is sugarcane juice made?

Sugarcane juice during pregnancy

Sugarcane juice is not only healthy and delicious, but it is also very easy to make. Several sugarcanes are crushed together in a juicer. The juice is extracted by filtering it. Mint, lemon juice, ginger and ice are also added to enhance its taste. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy

Sugarcane contains many vitamins and minerals and hence it is very beneficial for you during pregnancy. Drinking sweet sugarcane juice during pregnancy can give you the following health benefits, let us know; 

1. Relieves Constipation 

Many pregnant women experience constipation, drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy can help with this. Drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy gives relief from constipation and including it in your diet can give you relief from many stomach related problems. 

2. Prevents Infection 

Vitamins and minerals are essential in your diet during pregnancy. Drinking sugarcane juice not only provides you nutrition but it also contains antioxidants which help in curing bacterial, fungal and viral infections during pregnancy. 

3. Prevents cold and flu 

If you are suffering from cold and cough during pregnancy, then sugarcane juice helps you to cure it. This is a better treatment than taking over-the-counter medicines. 

4. Balances Bilirubin Levels 

It is very important to have the right level of bilirubin for better liver function. By drinking sugarcane juice daily, the level of bilirubin remains balanced. 

5. Increases Immunity 

Hormones take a toll during pregnancy and you may feel tired and sick. Drinking sugarcane juice while pregnant boosts immunity and keeps you healthy. 

6. Controls weight 

One of the main concerns of pregnant women is weight gain. Sugarcane juice contains polyphones which accelerate metabolism and keep weight under control. However, drinking too much of it also has the opposite effect. 

7. Helps with morning sickness 

Sugarcane juice provides relief in morning sickness to a great extent. You can add a few drops of ginger juice to sugarcane juice to reduce the symptoms of this problem. 

8. Helps in curing UTI 

UTI or urinary tract infection is a common problem during pregnancy and it can be very painful as well as uncomfortable. Drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy can give you relief from the problem of UTI.

9. Glycemic index is low

Sugarcane juice has a low glycemic index which makes it an ideal beverage to consume during pregnancy. Pregnancy can make you very tired and weak. Drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy gives you instant energy and also reduces your fatigue. 

10. Brings glow to the skin

Sugarcane juice contains riboflavin which is beneficial for your healthy skin. Vitamin ‘B’ present in it also gives you thick and long hair.

11. Heals acne

Due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, you may also get acne from time to time. Drinking sugarcane juice regularly can cure your acne problem. You can also apply multani mitti mixed with a little sugarcane juice to cure acne. 

12. Good for teeth

There can be a lot of dental problems during pregnancy. Sugarcane juice contains calcium and magnesium which are known to be very good for dental health during pregnancy and keep you away from this problem.

Some precautions to take while drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy

It is safe to drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy. Although it is advised to take the following precautions while drinking sugarcane juice, let us know;

  1. Maintaining hygiene is essential at all times during pregnancy. Make sure that you get sugarcane juice from a clean place. Avoid buying sugarcane juice from street vendors as it can lead to food poisoning or stomach infection. 
  2. It is advised that you drink sugarcane juice in moderation. The amount of sugar in this juice is high and if it is consumed in excess quantity then many complications can occur. 
  3. Avoid drinking sugarcane juice if you have diabetes or gestational diabetes. 
  4. Be sure to consult a doctor before including sugarcane juice in your diet.