How To Do Court Marriage

Do you know that marriage also takes place on the legal side and if you also want to do court marriage, that too on the legal side, then today we are going to tell you through this article how to do court marriage and how to do court marriage on legal basis. So let’s know.

Friends, nowadays the era has become modern and in today’s time everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend. The people who love have only one wish that somehow they get their love.

He wants that by any means he can marry his boyfriend or girlfriend. But the unfortunate thing is that in today’s time the family members of the boy or the girl are not ready for marriage.

Even though the era has become modern, but even today most of the parents are in the interest of arranged marriage. Even such loving couples get very tense as to how we will get married now.

If your family members are not ready for your marriages, then you are left with the option of doing court marriage and it is completely valid.

How to do Court Marriage

1. Friends, when a boy and a girl get married legally, that is what we call court marriage. And here the marriages is done in the court and at that time the couple marrying in the court, marriages officer and lawyer and a witness are all involved.

2. When both the boy and the girl get married in the court, then both of them become legally husband and wife in the eyes of the law. But to get married in Kot, it is very important for you to follow some rules. Those who are on the legal side and here the rules are the same for everyone, if the boy and the girl want to do a court marriage on a legal basis, then they have to follow some rules, then only you can do court marriage.

Rules of Court Marriage

1. If either of the boy and the girl have been married by mistake earlier in the future, then they cannot apply for marriage on a legal basis, so if the boy and the girl want to do a court marriage, then both of them Court marriage can be done only if he is not married.

2. If you have been married before and the previous husband and wife of both the parties who were married to each other and he is not alive, then you can do court marriages legally, you will not have any problem in this. But if the husband and wife of both the parties are alive then you cannot do court marriages.

3. It is very important to have the consent of both the boy and the girl to do a court marriages, only then they can marry legally and both should be understanding, if both the boy and the girl have full consent to marry, then absolutely they can do court marriage. can

4. According to the law, in today’s time, both the boy and the girl are not allowed to marry, so if you are doing a court marriages, then it is very important for the girl to be 18 years old and the boy’s age is at least 21. It should be a year only then both the courts can do marriage there.

5. For court marriage, both the boy and the girl must be physically fit to produce children.

For court marriage, both the boy and the girl must be out of the bounds of their relationship according to the video, that is, the relation of both should not be between brother and sister.

What are the documents required for court marriage

If you are doing a court marriages then you will need some documents but both the boy and the girl should have their own documents.

For application in court marriages, both the boy and the girl are required to have a Voter ID card or license and Aadhar card, you can also give 10th class marksheet while doing court marriages, here it will be a kind of reliable document.

To do court marriages, it is very important to first give a photocopy of the consent letter of both the mother and father of the boy and the girl and it is also necessary to have the signature of both the mother and the father and the copy of their ID in that letter.

For court marriages of both boy and girl, their photo is also required along with the document, in which it is necessary to have 7 photos of the boy and 6 photos of the girl. Residence proof is necessary to be eligible.

Documents of the witness

Sometimes, many loving couples go against the family members and get married in the court and in such a situation there is no one from the side of the family as a witness. Then what should the couple do in such a situation, then in today’s time in court marriage, any person can testify, even if there is a friend or any relative can give both witnesses.

To do a court marriage, you can carry a photo copy of the proof of residence of the witness and either of the PAN card or Aadhar card, but it is necessary to have a residence certificate, only then you can include the witness in the court while doing the court marriage. Can’t do otherwise.

How Much is the Court Marriage fee

Under the Marriage Act, the government takes Rs 100 while applying from the court marriages and Rs 150 is charged under the special law, in addition to this, Rs 500 has to be paid on the affidavit while submitting the application in the court.

You can also do court marriages without any ceremony in front of the marriages officer in the court in a very simple way, apart from this, court marriages can be done between both the boy and the girl without any religion or caste and court marriages can happen between any other Indian and foreigner. There may also be a middle

Legal procedure for court

Marriage Method of Getting Married in Court

1. For court marriage, it is very important for you to do the legal process, when the boy and the girl get married in the court, at that time both have to sign the declaration that this marriage is taking place on their own free will without any pressure and interference. |

2. While doing court marriages, a separate fixed fee has to be deposited in the register office and here marriages can take place at any place which comes under section 12.

3. Apart from this, if the court marriages notice given by the boy and the girl exceeds 3 months, then again they have to give notice to get married.

You and friends:

Friends, we have told you all the information related to court marriage in this article, but apart from this, if you have any doubt, then you can feel free to ask us through the comment box, you can send your question or if you have any opinion related to court marriage. So you can give it to us.

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