Metrorrhagia is commonly referred to as intermenstrual bleeding. In fact, bleeding that occurs at irregular intervals apart from menstruation is called metrorrhagia. There are many reasons behind metrorrhagia, some of which are harmless. At the same time, in some cases metrorrhagia can also be caused due to serious reasons, such as inflammation of the uterus, inflammation in the pelvic area or sexually transmitted infections. Apart from this, vaginal cancer and ovarian cancer etc. can also cause metrorrhagia.

Today in this article you will know in detail what are the symptoms, causes and treatment of metrorrhagia –

Symptoms of metrorrhagia

Women who have regular periods may experience light bleeding or blood clots at times and this usually happens at the time of ovulation . In such a situation, this type of bleeding or spotting is considered normal. Other symptoms of this problem can be as follows –

  • Sometimes the bleeding occurs in a pattern and it seems that another period cycle has started in between the normal periods.
  • In some cases, bleeding occurs without pain , while in some cases there is a problem like cramping and bloating.
  • If intermenstrual bleeding can range from light to heavy. In some cases, bleeding can be more than regular menstruation.
  • The color of blood can range from dark brown to red to light pink. Some may notice clots or mucus on the undergarment.

causes of metrorrhagia

There are many possible causes of metrorrhagia, out of which the major reasons are explained in detail below –


When one starts menstruating for the first time, spotting may occur several times between periods cycle. On the other hand, as adolescence progresses and hormones become stable, this problem gets fixed. Apart from this, irregular bleeding can also occur due to menopause.


Due to stress , there can be obstruction in the menstrual cycle, due to which there can be a problem of metrorrhagia i.e. irregular bleeding.

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birth control pills

This type of bleeding can also happen when you start or stop taking hormonal birth control pills. Irregular use of hormonal birth control pills can also cause abnormal bleeding patterns, sometimes referred to as “breakthrough bleeding”.


If a woman is a victim of malnutrition or is underweight , then there may be problems of irregular bleeding or menstruation may stop.

infertility treatment

Women who are undergoing treatment for infertility often experience symptoms related to menstruation, including amenorrhea.

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some health problems

Some medical conditions can also cause metrorrhagia, Some of these medical conditions are normal, while some are serious. Women suffering from the following problems may have metrorrhagia problem –

treatment of metrorrhagia

If there is a problem of metrorrhagia, the woman can benefit from the following types of treatment –

lifestyle changes

This problem can be reduced by making some lifestyle changes. Try to reduce stress for this. Along with this, live a healthy life i.e. do light exercise , yoga and meditation daily . Apart from this, take a good diet and sleep on time. Apart from this, there is a need to work on weight management as well.

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hormonal therapy

Abnormal bleeding can also be treated with certain types of hormonal therapy . Progestin is specifically used under this. In addition, birth control pills, IUDs , estrogen patches and other options are also included. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) can also be used, but it should only be used for a short period of time, as it can have many side effects.

dilation and curettage

If there is a problem like anemia due to heavy bleeding, then a procedure like Dilation and Curettage (D&C) can be used. Under this procedure some endometrial tissue is removed.

treatment of health problems

If the problem of metrorrhagia is due to some medical condition, then it is necessary to be treated properly. For example, sexually transmitted infections are treated with antibiotics . If this problem is happening due to some serious disease, then it is cured through long treatment. In some cases even surgery may be needed.


Metrorrhagia is also known as intermenstrual bleeding, abnormal vaginal bleeding or dysfunctional uterine bleeding. This bleeding is different from the bleeding that occurs in normal menstruation. This problem can be due to stress, weight loss or lifestyle changes. In this case, it can be cured by hormonal therapy and treatment of health problems.