Benefits of Guava for Skin

Benefits of Guava for Skin

Guava is consider a good fruit in terms of health. Since ancient times, guava is being use in the treatment of problems due to the medicinal properties and nutrients present in it. Guava is also use to cure skin related disorders. we are detailing the benefits of guava for skin. Also here we will also know how guava can be use for skin.

Can I use guava for skin

Yes, guava can be used for skin. A research in this regard is publish on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). According to this research, guava can be eat as well as applied on the skin. Actually, vitamin-C is found in it. It can work to lighten skin pigmentation, act as anti-aging and protect against harmful rays of the sun. Based on this research, we can assume that guava can be use for skin.

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Here we know what are the benefits of guava for the skin.

Benefits of Guava for Skin

Benefits of Guava for Skin
Benefits of Guava for Skin

The nutrients and medicinal properties present in guava make it beneficial for reducing many skin problems. Yes, if someone has a severe skin disease, instead of taking home remedies, a doctor should be checked up. Here we are telling how the benefits of guava for the skin can be.

1. Improve complexion

Sometimes due to excessive pigmentation, the color of the skin can become darker, which is called dispigmentation. At the same time, guava can be use to improve skin tone i.e. to reduce pigmentation. According to research, guava contains vitamin-C. It can help in improving the skin tone by reducing the pigmentation of the skin to some extent.

2. To protect from harmful rays of the sun

The use of guava can also be beneficial to avoid the harmful effects of sunlight . A research on this topic found that vitamin-C present in guava has a sun protection formula, which can protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

3. Anti-aging effect

Guava can also be used to get rid of skin related problems due to age to some extent. According to a research available on the NCBI site, the ascorbic acid found in guava has anti-aging effects. This effect can give its positive effect on the problem of skin related problems such as wrinkles due to aging.

4. Natural Skin Toner

The problem of oily skin occurs due to the production of excess sebum in the body . Due to this, many types of problems can occur. At the same time, guava can be use as a natural skin toner to reduce excess sebum. According to a research, toner made from guava has anti sebum effect, which can control the production of sebum and prevent the problem caused by it. This research done by a university in Thailand has been publish by NCBI on its site.

5. Reduce Acne and Dark Spots

Along with the problem of acne, guava can also be use to reduce dark spots on the skin. In a research, Dr. Fadi Kaidan found that guava and its leaves have antimicrobial effect. This effect may be beneficial against the Propionibacterium that causes acne. In this way the problem of acne can be controlled to some extent. This research of Dr. Fadi Kaidan is available on the site of NCBI.

At the same time, another research found that guava extract has a skin whitening effect. It can reduce the problem of dark spots on the skin by affecting the activity of tyrosine.

6. Keep Skin Hydrated

Dry skin can often be a problem due to dryness. The use of guava can be beneficial in reducing this problem and keeping the skin hydrated . This is confirmed by a scientific research. It has been told that body soap was made using extracts from guava leaves. On testing this soap was found to have sufficient moisturizing effect. This type of soap can provide moisture to the skin. On this basis, we can say that guava and its leaves can be beneficial in the problem of dry skin.

7. Get rid of blackheads and itching

Guava can also be beneficial in reducing the problem of blackheads and itching on the skin. In fact, people who have mild acne problems may also have to deal with the problem of blackheads . At the same time, we have told in the article that the use of guava can be effective in removing the problem of acne. On this basis, we can assume that reducing the problem of acne can get rid of the problem of blackheads.

Apart from this, guava and its leaves can also be beneficial for the problem of itching . According to the Journal of Medical Plants study, guava and its leaves have antiallergic effects. This effect can be beneficial in the problem of itching caused by allergies. At present, this study has been done on rats. How effective this property is on humans remains to be researched.

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After the benefits of guava for the skin, here we are telling about the use of guava.

How To Use Guava For Face And Skin

Guava for the skin can be used in many ways. Here we are telling about them.

1. Guava and Egg Face Pack


  • half of guava
  • egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon oatmeal

How to use:

  • First of all, make a powder by putting oatmeal in a mixer.
  • Now mash the guava well and add all the ingredients including oatmeal powder and mix it.
  • Then wash the face with face wash and dry it with a towel.
  • After this apply this guava face pack on the face.
  • After about 15 minutes, scrub it with light hands for some time.
  • Then wash the face after getting fresh.

2. Guava and Yogurt Face Pack


  • guava pulp
  • a bowl of curd
  • a mashed banana
  • a spoonful of honey

How to use: 

  • First of all, mix all the ingredients well in a bowl and make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on the face for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water when it dries after 30 minutes.
  • Afterwards apply a light moisturizer on the face.

3. Guava Scrub


  • guava mashed
  • 1 teaspoon me
  • 1 tsp besan

of using:

  • Make a scrub by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Apply this scrub on the face and massage it gently.
  • Wash the face with lukewarm water after sometime.
  • Finally apply moisturizer on the face.

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After knowing the use of guava, know here the precautions to be taken while using it.

Things to note before using Guava for skin

Guava can be beneficial in many skin problems, we have already known this above, but it is important to keep some precautions in mind before using it. Here we are talking about the same things.

  • If someone is allergic to guava, then guava face pack should not be used.
  • Before using guava face pack, definitely try a patch test.
  • If any type of skin related problem occurs after using guava, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.
  • The ingredients used in guava face pack should be selected according to the skin type.
  • Those with sensitive skin must consult a dermatologist before using it.
  • After using guava face pack, definitely apply moisturizer on the skin.

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Side Effects Of Using Guava For Skin

Guava is beneficial for the skin, but there is little information available regarding how it is harmful.

  • An allergic reaction to guava can cause swelling of the skin.
  • It can also pose a risk of infection for those with sensitive skin.

Guava, rich in natural properties and nutrients, is not only considered good for taste and health, but it can also be used to keep the skin healthy. Along with improving the complexion of the skin, it can also be useful in skin related problems such as acne and dark spots. Just a few things are taken care of while using it, such as allergy and skin-wise use, so it can be used easily without any side effects. Also, do a patch test once before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do guava leaves remove dark spots?

Yes, guava has skin whitening effect, which can reduce pimple marks to some extent. This has been explained in detail in the above article.

Can guava lighten skin complexion?

Yes, guava has skin whitening effect, which can lighten the skin complexion.

Does guava leaf cure pimples?

Yes, guava leaves have antimicrobial effect. This effect may be beneficial against Propionibacterium acnes that causes acne. This has been explained in detail in the above article.

Can I take a bath with guava leaves?

Yes, wash guava leaves and put them in water and then heat them. After this, the leaves can be taken out and bathed with that water.

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