What is Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel ; Herbs have been used for centuries to treat physical problems. Even today, they are of great importance as an alternative treatment. The specialty of this treatment method is that natural things have been included in it. In this article of health life, we are giving information about the medicinal properties of one such special herb witch hazel. It is a potent medicine, which can play a helpful role in the prevention and treatment of many physical problems, but it cannot be considered a perfect treatment. Let us first know what is witch hazel and what can be the benefits of witch hazel for the body.

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is a flowering plant that is found in North America, Japan and China. It is also called winterbloom. Its scientific name is Hamamelis virginiana. It is a bushy plant and its height can be from 15 to 20 feet. There are many species of it. It is rich in medicinal properties, so it is also used as medicine

After knowing what is witch hazel, now it is time to know the benefits of witch hazel. Below we are giving you information about its benefits.

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Although the benefits of witch hazel are many, but it is not possible to tell about them all. Therefore, we are giving information about some important benefits here. Know in detail the benefits of witch hazel below.

1. Benefits of Witch Hazel for Eczema and Psoriasis

Individuals suffering from eczema or psoriasis can take advantage of witch hazel. Both of these are dermatological diseases, in which the skin becomes scaly and red. Along with this there is also burning and intense itching in the skin. In such a situation, these effects can be reduced by using witch hazel. Actually, essential oil, tannin, catechins and choline are found in it. All these properties make it an effective antioxidant and astringent, which can help relieve skin problems.

You can use witch hazel with glycerin or you can also apply an ointment, but it is better to consult a doctor about this. The doctor will tell you how to use it according to the severity of your problem.

2. Benefits of Witch Hazel for Ear Infection

Sometimes ear infections are caused by bacteria and viruses. In this case, the use of witch hazel may prove beneficial, as it has antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, which may help reduce infection, but more research is needed on this. . Victims can put a drop or two of witch hazel into the ear with the help of a dropper. It is better that you take the advice of a doctor once before using it, because the doctor will tell whether you can use it or not, depending on the severity of the infection.

3. Using Witch Hazel for Stretch Marks

It is normal to have stretch marks during pregnancy. In such a situation, some people also use witch hazel to lighten the marks of stretch marks. However, how much and how effective it is on stretch marks, no scientific evidence exists yet.

4. Using Witch Hazel for Varicose Veins

Swollen or twisted veins under the skin are called varicose veins. This usually happens in the veins of the legs. Obese people and pregnant women are more prone to this problem. In such a situation, witch hazel can reduce this problem to some extent. Using witch hazel ointment available in the market two to three times can reduce this problem to a great extent but applying it can cause skin irritation for some people. Therefore, it is better to use it only on the advice of a doctor.

5. Using Witch Hazel for Post Shave Irritation

Some people feel a burning sensation after shaving. In this case, witch hazel can be used to get relief from irritation after shaving. Its antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve skin irritation or itching.

6. Using Witch Hazel for Chicken Pox

In the problem of chicken pox caused by viral infection, the victim also starts itching many times. In this case, the problem of itching can be relieved by the use of witch hazel. The anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing properties of witch hazel may help relieve the problem of chicken pox. For this, witch hazel can be used along with marigold flowers. Marigold flowers contain moisture, which can help retain moisture in the skin. For this, soak marigold flowers and witch hazel leaves in water overnight and make a paste the next day to get relief from itching caused by chicken pox.

7. Witch Hazel for Cold Sores

Sometimes herpes simplex virus causes blisters around the mouth and nose, also called cold sores. In such a situation, the use of witch hazel can get relief from this problem. The antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel may prove helpful in relieving cold sores. Keep in mind that for its treatment, you must also consult a doctor.

8. Using Witch Hazel for Diaper Rash

Children may have many problems, due to which parents get worried. Diaper rash is a common skin problem in babies between 4 and 15 months old. Diaper rash is the most common problem in young children. Babies and toddlers suffer a lot due to diaper rash. In such a situation, the use of witch hazel can be beneficial for them. Witch hazel can reduce the problem of itching or burning of the skin. You can apply witch hazel ointment to your baby. However, take the advice of a pediatrician in this matter as well, because babies have sensitive skin, due to which they may also have other skin problems.

9. Uses of Witch Hazel for Eyes

Dust-soil, pollution and lack of sleep can cause many eye-related problems such as conjunctivitis and swelling under the eyes. In such a situation, the use of witch hazel can provide relief from these problems. For this, soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply it around your eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it can relieve the discomfort of inflammation under the eyes and conjunctivitis.

10. Use of Witch Hazel for Insect Bites

Many times the problem of mosquitoes, flies or other insects and insects increases during the summer-rainy season. Sometimes their bites cause constant itching, burning and even swelling. In such a situation, using witch hazel can provide relief to a great extent. Its astringent property can provide relief from problems caused by insect bites. You can use ointments or liquids that contain witch hazel available in the market.

11. Using Witch Hazel for Acne

Almost everyone is troubled by the problem of acne and pimples, especially people with oily skin. In this situation, witch hazel can be effective to prevent acne/acne. The tannins present in it have astringent properties. In addition, witch hazel also has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is also used in many cosmetic products. You can also use a cream containing witch hazel to remove pimples.

12. Witch Hazel As A Toner For Skin

It is very important to follow some skin care routine to keep the skin healthy. They include cleansing and toning. If we talk about toning, then you can use witch hazel as a toner. By tightening the skin, toner can help prevent dust and dirt present in the environment from entering the skin. In this case, witch hazel can be used as a natural toner or a toner containing witch hazel can also be used.

13. Uses of Witch Hazel to Keep Scalp and Hair Healthy

Nowadays, problems related to falling hair or scalp have become common. Many times people ignore it by taking it lightly, due to which they have to suffer later. In such a situation, it is necessary to take care of them in time and take care of them. You can use witch hazel to keep your scalp healthy and to eliminate any kind of itching, burning. Along with this, it can also help in keeping the hair clean.

14. Benefits of Witch Hazel for Blackheads

Small black spots on the skin are called blackheads. If it is not taken care of in time, then it can stain the beauty of the face. In such a situation, the use of witch hazel can be very beneficial. Salicylic acid is very beneficial for removing blackheads. At the same time, the properties of salicylic acid are present in witch hazel, which can prove to be helpful in reducing blackheads.

15. Witch Hazel As Anti-Aging

The effect of aging starts showing in the form of wrinkles on the face. In such a situation, many people use anti-aging creams. However, its effect lasts only for a short time. In this situation, you can try herbal remedies and witch hazel is one of them. Witch hazel has anti-aging properties, which can help reduce wrinkles. In addition, it can also be very effective on sunburns. Some people have sensitive skin. Such people may be allergic to witch hazel. Therefore, you should use it only on the advice of the doctor.

For the benefits of witch hazel, it is also necessary to use it properly. Let us know about the uses of witch hazel in this part of the article.

How to Use Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Find out below how witch hazel can be used.

  • Witch hazel can be used to remove makeup. For this, boil water by taking witch hazel as needed and then when the water cools down, remove your makeup by dipping cotton in that water.
  • You can also use witch hazel as an ointment.
  • There is also a spray of witch hazel available in the market, which you can apply on the skin.

Now it’s time to find out the disadvantages of Witch Hazel. In this part of the article, we are giving information about this.

Side Effects of Witch Hazel

If everything has advantages, there are also disadvantages. Similarly, along with the benefits of witch hazel, there are also disadvantages of witch hazel by using it more, such as-

  • Consumption of witch hazel can cause stomach problems.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should use witch hazel on the advice of a doctor.
  • Some people may have a skin allergy to witch hazel.

There is no scientific evidence yet about the harm of witch hazel. The harms mentioned above are based on estimates, so one should limit their use of witch hazel with caution.

Note: The amount of witch hazel to use depends on the person’s age and health. Therefore, your doctor can tell better about how much to use. Also, do a patch test before using it.

Hope you have got enough information about this strangely named plant witch hazel. Keep in mind that we are not claiming that the benefits of witch hazel mentioned above will completely cure the diseases mentioned above. The use of witch hazel can play a helpful role in preventing and treating these problems. Our suggestion would be that home remedies are fine to an extent, if the problem seems serious, then do not delay in consulting a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is witch hazel made of?

Witch hazel (astringent) is an extract made from the leaves and bark of witch hazel.

Q.2 What are Witch Hazel Pads?

Actually, witch hazel pads are cotton pads that have been soaked in witch hazel astringent.

Q.3 Can I use Witch Hazel on children?

Yes, you can use witch hazel in small amounts on the skin of babies

Q.4 Witch Hazel Cream

This research has revealed that witch hazel is like a panacea for skin diseases. Its use gets rid of skin problems including eczema, stretch marks, chicken pox. Eye-related problems occur due to mobile and staring at the system for a long time.

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