Jump squat Exercise

Jump squat Exercise

Let’s know about Jump squat Exercise. Bodyweight exercises may seem boring and repetitive, but they are considered very important and beneficial for the overall development of the body and for the formation of muscles. Many actors and celebrities keep themselves fit through bodyweight exercises. Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is also one of those stars who keep themselves fit by adopting bodyweight exercises.

Virat Kohli recently shared a video of leg workout of bodyweight exercises on social media. This exercise called jump squats is beneficial for health in many cases. Let us know in detail about this exercise.

Benefits of jump squats exercise

Jump squat Exercise
Jump squat Exercise

Jump squats are an exercise that simultaneously works the legs, hips, core muscles and arms. Jump squats combine cardio exercise and strength training at the same time. In addition to the quadriceps in the front of the thighs, jump squats can simultaneously target the hamstrings, glutes in the hips, and lower back muscles. Meaning it is a better exercise for the carbs, ankles and core.

Performing these exercises correctly can target some of the larger muscles of the body simultaneously, along with improving balance, cardiovascular and lung exercises. Along with all these benefits, jump squats are also well-liked because these exercises do not require a lot of space nor equipment. So if you are working from home and looking to lose weight, then this is one exercise that you should definitely try.

The right way to exercise jump squats

Jump squats are a relatively difficult level of exercise, so it’s important to master the simple squat before attempting it. Let us know how squats can be done.

First of all , warm-up the feet thoroughly . After this, use the following methods.

  • Spread the legs and stay like this for about 30 seconds
  • Now with the help of both the feet make a big circle clockwise and anticlockwise. Do this exercise 10 times with both legs
  • Practice jogging for 30-60 seconds while staying in one place
  • Half Squats (Squat Halfway): 10
  • Jumping Jacks: 25
  • Hamstring curl: 15
  • Knee up: 20-25 times on both sides
  • Now rest for a few seconds and repeat these exercises

how to do jump squats

  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. In this position, the toes of the feet should be slightly outward. (Fingers are not to be kept in straight direction).
  • Bend the knees to the thighs while pushing the hips back. In this position, the thighs come parallel to the floor. While doing this, bring the hands to the height of the chest. Make sure that your chest is up, keep the heels firmly on the floor and do not let the knees go beyond the toes.
  • Now, tightening your core muscles, release the buttocks lightly and jump using the power of the legs. Push the arms back to gain more height.
  • Now again come in the posture of squats. Keep in mind that the knees are bent, the hips are back, the chest is up and both the hands are in front.
  • This is a rap. Do five raps in the beginning. As muscle mass and strength increase, you can increase the number of reps.