Bhringraj oil benefits

Bhringraj oil benefits

Let us know about Bhringraj oil benefits. Bhringraj is an Ayurvedic herb to effectively treat hair loss, skin diseases and liver disorders. The botanical name of Bhringraj is Eclipta alba, it belongs to the family Asteraceae, and its English name is False Daisy. Bhringraj oil is also known as ‘Bhringraj Tail’ and is a classic Ayurvedic preparation. It is used to treat gray hair, headache, hair fall and mental weakness, It is the most recommended oil used for hair disorders and can be used for regular massage. It not only creates a feeling of coolness on the head but also provides a calming effect.

Bhringraj oil benefits

Bhringraj oil benefits
Bhringraj oil benefits

Bhringraj or Karisalankani plant has medicinal value. , It is used for hair regrowth and effective treatment of liver and eye problems. Two varieties of Bhringraj plant exist – one plant produces yellow flowers and the other produces white flowers. Both these varieties of bhringraj flowers are used in oil production, but the most preferred variety is the white flower bhringraj plant. The chemical constituents of the Bhringraj plant are flavonoids, casmestain, alkaloids, polyacetalene and thiopenes.

Nutritional Value of Bhringraj Oil

Calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E and magnesium are important nutrients present in Bhringraj oil. The super effective oil is mainly used to provide relaxation. It is known to have various medical benefits and is an excellent anti-aging medicine.

Health Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

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Effective oil for hair health

Bhringraj oil is an effective remedy for treating scalp infections and hair loss. It works effectively on the hair and it not only strengthens the hair roots but also restores the natural color of the hair. It also treats scalp acne, premature graying, and promotes healthy and strong hair growth.

sleep aid

Massaging Bhringraj oil into the scalp promotes deep sleep, as the relaxing properties of this oil de-stress the body.

nourish hair

Regularly massaging Bhringraj oil on the scalp increases blood circulation and nourishes the hair follicles. To enjoy the benefits of this oil, it should be massaged gently for 5-10 minutes. The oil is effective in reducing and eventually preventing hair fall. Individuals suffering from itchy scalp can use this oil to get rid of scalp infection.

best oil for skin

Bhringraj oil is used to treat various skin problems like psoriasis, acne and cracked heels. Wounds can heal faster by applying Bhringraj oil.

useful for treating dandruff

Bhringraj oil is very effective in treating dandruff. It can be used at least 2-3 times a week. For best results, warm oil should be applied on the scalp. , Regular use of Bhringraj oil can treat three types of dandruff, and these include Vata dominance, Pitta dominance and Kapha dominance. The most common cause of Kapha predominance is irritable scalp and oily skin. In such cases, the dandruff is greasy or flaky white.

premature graying of hair

Jatamansi and Bhringraj substance present in Bhringraj oil prevents premature graying of hair. Using this oil can also restore the natural color of the hair and prevent hair fall. It is very important that the oil is used for a long period of time in order to get the desired results. People suffering from pitta dosha have to consume oral medication along with the application of this oil. Also, people taking these herbal medicines should consume more vegetables and fruits if their body is acidic.

Helps treat scalp folliculitis

The inflammation of hair follicles results in folliculitis which leads to hair loss and baldness. This disease is caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Scalp folliculitis is also caused by viruses, germs and fungi. The active substances present in the oil are known to exhibit antimicrobial properties and are active against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

anti-inflammatory properties

The ingredients of Bhringraj oil are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and hence, when the same is applied, the inflammation of the hair follicles is reduced. Swelling on the scalp due to wearing a tight turban or due to excess heat is reduced by the use of oil that treats scalp itching and tenderness of the scalp.

Provides relief from migraine and headache

Bhringraj oil gives instant relief from migraine and headache. According to Ayurveda, headaches are usually caused by excess Vata. Nasal administration of the oil can cure excess Vata and cure headache.

enhances eyesight

Nasal administration of Bhringraj oil can also be used to improve vision. In each nostril, 2 drops of Bhringraj oil should be instilled in the morning. This helps in improving vision.

positive effect on the nervous system

Bhringraj oil also provides a calming effect. When applied, it has a positive effect on the nervous system. It improves our memory power and reduces aggression, It is also known to have antihyperglycemic properties which controls diabetes in patients. It can be consumed with milk to increase the immunity of the body.

uses of bhringraj oil

This medicated oil can be used to treat dry scalp, hair fall and itchy scalp. The organs most likely to be affected by massage include the hair, brain, and skin. The oil has four formulations and the common ingredient in these 4 types of formulations is Bhringraj Ras. These 4 yogas have different benefits and have specific therapeutic uses. It is famous for its various medicinal properties. It acts as a hair growth stimulant, has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, improves eyesight, is anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic. The leaves of Bhringraj plant are kidney cleanser and also good for hair. The oil can be easily prepared at home and applied directly on the scalp. It is also used to treat skin problems.

Side Effects & Allergies of Bhringraj Oil

Patients should not do nasal administration of Bhringraj oil in cases when they have severe pain, or a burning sensation in the scalp or head. Bhringraj oil is safe to use but its use through nasal administration can cause some side effects. Some of the side-effects that may occur include throat irritation, sneezing, headache, runny nose and burning sensation in the nose. The oil should not be left on the scalp overnight as it may lead to cold, and cough.