Gond katira for weight loss

Gond katira for weight loss

Gond Katira is a panacea to keep the body cool in summer and to remove many common problems occurring during this time. From keeping the stomach healthy, relieving constipation and curing mouth ulcers, regular consumption of gond katira has many health benefits. But do you know, consuming it can also help you lose weight? Yes, you read that right! According to fitness coach, nutritionist and supplement specialist Vineet, “It can prove to be a natural weight loss supplement for people trying to lose weight. This nutrition-rich superfood helps you lose weight in many ways. Now the question arises, how can you consume gond katira for weight loss? In this article, we are telling you the benefits and method of consuming gond katira for weight loss.

Gond katira benefits for weight loss

Gond katira for weight loss

According to nutritionist Vineet, “Gum is a solid white crystalline gum obtained from the Qatari tragacanth gum plant, which becomes soft and sticky after soaking in water for a few minutes. It helps in pacifying the heat in the stomach. Talking about nutrition, gond karita is a good source of dietary fibre, protein and folic acid. It helps to keep problems like heatstroke and sunstroke away in summers.

Talking about its benefits for weight loss, it helps in improving digestion. It keeps away problems like indigestion and constipation. Apart from this, consuming it helps in speeding up the metabolism. It provides instant energy to the body. Also, burns extra calories at a faster rate. Gond katira is also a probiotic, which means it helps increase good bacteria in the gut.

However, you should keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you also need to take care of your calorie intake for the whole day. If you are eating voraciously throughout the day, then you cannot get much benefit from eating gond katira. But if Gond Katira is included in the diet along with a balanced diet and low calories, then it can speed up your weight loss journey.

How to eat Gond Katira for weight loss?

Many people consume gond katira in summer by mixing it in milk shake or lemon water. This is a good way to include it in the diet. There is no change in their taste due to this.

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For weight loss, add 1 teaspoon of Gond Katira crystals in a glass of water. You can grind some mint leaves and squeeze 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice in it. Add a pinch of salt and honey to it. Mix well and consume it. You can also eat it by adding chia seeds or vegetable seeds.

frequently Asked question

Does Gond Katira cause weight loss?

If you want to lose weight during summer, then you should consume gond katira. Because a good amount of fiber is found in it, which is helpful in reducing weight. If you consume gum katira when you have weak immunity, then it is beneficial.

Can we eat gond katira daily?

Gond katira helps in flushing out the toxic substances from the body along with it increases the metabolism. It has high fiber content. Apart from this, it is also known to improve the stomach and digestive system. Its regular intake reduces the extra fat deposited on the body.

For how long should Gond Katira be consumed?

In such a situation, you can consume Gond Katira regularly. However, consume it in limited quantity only. You can consume gond katira continuously for a few months.

When should gond katira be eaten?

Soak two spoons of katira in a glass of water before going to bed at night. When the katira swells in the morning, mix sugar in it and eat it. Gum katira works to keep the body cool. If you are feeling too much heat in the body, then soak Katira in water and mix sugar candy in this water and make syrup and consume it morning and evening.

What is the effect of gum?

Gond or Gond katira has a warming effect, so consuming it in the winter season keeps the body warm from inside. Gum is also used in making many types of Ayurvedic medicines.

What is the right way to eat gond katira?

Soak gond katira in water or milk and drink it in the morning after mixing sugar candy and making syrup. Helpful in weight loss – Gond katira helps your body burn more calories and give energy to speed up your metabolism.

What happens if you eat too much gum?

Consuming gum also increases immunity. Due to which it helps to avoid any kind of viral infection to a great extent. For this, glue laddoos should be consumed with a glass of hot milk in the morning. Gum laddu is considered most beneficial for pregnant women.

Which gum should women eat?

Protein and folic acid are found in plenty in Gond Katira. By consuming it, the body gets internal strength. Along with this, the pain and lack of blood in women during difficult days can also be removed. For this, you can soak gond katira in milk and take it with sugar candy or honey in the morning.