How to take care of nails

How to take care of nails

Let us know about How to take care of nails. Everyone wants his nails to be beautiful and long because his hands are identified only by his nails, if his nails are beautiful then your hands will also look beautiful that’s why people do a lot to make their nails beautiful.

But often we lose our nails while working because if your nails are long and you work, then they rub and break the nails because they become weak due to excess moisture.

That’s why we should take special care of our nails and make them clean, if your nails are clean then everyone’s eyes will be on your hands.

Because everyone wants his nails to be beautiful, today we will tell you how you can take care of your nails so that you can make your nails long and beautiful.

Due to nail breakage

How to take care of nails
How to take care of nails

1. Even if you are deficient in calcium, your nails start breaking.

2. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin B in your body and you take very less amount of protein, then your nails start breaking because of this.

3. If any disease makes a home in your body, then because of this also your nails become weak and they start breaking.

4. If you reduce the use of green vegetables and fruits in your food, then your nails also start breaking.

5. If your nails are big and you do household chores, then your nails also break.

6. If you keep your hands in water as much as possible, then due to water also the nails become weak and they break.

Nail Care Tips at Home

We should keep our nails clean properly because our nails are the identity of our hands and if the nails are beautiful then the beauty of your hands increases even more.

1. You should eat more and more calcium protein in your food, this makes your nails strong and also shines in the nails.

2. We should always keep cleaning our nails and also put nails in salt water, this makes your nails strong and beautiful.

3. We should apply good quality nail paint on our nails so that your nails do not get damaged and their beauty remains.

4. You should keep cutting your nails from time to time so that dirt does not accumulate in them and you are saved from many diseases.

5. We should apply aloe vera gel on our nails, it makes your nails strong and beautiful and they also shine.

6. We should get our nails pedicure done so that your nails become beautiful.

7. We should drink sufficient amount of water so that there is no shortage of water in your nails and they do not become dry.

8. We should keep our nails immersed in rose water for some time, it makes your nails beautiful.

Precautions while taking care of nails

1. We should never chew our nails with our teeth, it spoils your nails.

2. We should not scratch anything with our nails, this also spoils your nails.

3. We should not use too much nailpaint on our nails because it takes away the shine of your nails and they become lifeless and dry.

4. We should not soak our nails in water for a long time, it makes your nails weak.

5. Nails should always be cut with a nail cutter because if you use a blade, there is a risk of injury to both your nails and your fingers.

6. We should not remove anything from the nails as it may break your nails.

4 Easy ways to take care of nails

We should take good care of our nails because nails are a part of our body and they also enhance the beauty of the hands.

1. Salt water

If you want to clean your nails properly and keep them clean, then you can use salt water, it makes your nails clean and beautiful.

Method – We have to take 4 cups of water in a small tub, after that add two teaspoons of salt and mix it well when the salt dissolves well.

So you put both your hands in it and keep it for 5 minutes, after that you clean the nails of your hands with a brush and then put your hands in the same water and wash the nails thoroughly.

If you do this regularly then your nails become beautiful and strong in a few days, it also cleans your nails from inside.

2. Lemon

You can also clean your nails with the help of lemon, it gives shine to your nails and makes your nails beautiful.

Method – You first make two cups of water lukewarm, after that add a little salt and two spoons of lemon juice and mix it well.

Then put your hands in the same water and leave the nails for some time, then you clean your nails with the help of a brush, it cleans your nails from inside.

If you want, you can also rub lemon peel on your nails, this also makes your nails beautiful.

Take out your nails from that water and wipe them with a towel and apply some cream on them, if you do this daily then your nails become beautiful and shiny in a few days.

3. Toothpaste

You can also shine your nails with the help of toothpaste because some elements are found in toothpaste which clean your nails and also make them beautiful.

Method – You take any toothpaste, after that apply them little by little on your nails and then rub it with the help of your finger and let the toothpaste dry for 5 minutes.

Then when it dries well, wash your nails with clean water, after that wipe them with a towel and apply any cream on them.

If you do this even two to three times a week, then your nails become shiny and beautiful and the yellowing of the nails also goes away.

4. Almond oil

If your nails break a lot and there is no shine in them, then you can apply almond oil on your nails because almond oil contains Vitamin-E which makes your nails moist and shiny.

Method – You take almond oil in a spoon, after that apply it on your nails and slowly massage your nails and then leave the almond oil on your nails for 5 minutes.

And then wash your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water, then wipe your nails with the help of a towel, if you do this daily, your nails become strong and shiny.


So this was how to take care of nails, we hope that after reading this post you must have got very good nail care tips.

If you follow our mentioned home remedies and methods, then your nails will become even longer, beautiful and strong, that too sitting at home and for this you do not need to spend money by going to the parlour.