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Makeup Brushes, 13 Brush Kit Names

Doing makeup is an art and for a good makeup look, you need the right brush. Different types of makeup brushes are need for different parts of the face. Sometimes cosmetics products like eye shadow, face powder and foundation do not come with brushes and some do come with them, so their quality is not good. So, if you are fond of doing makeup, then investing in a good makeup brush kit will prove to be a profitable deal. In this article, we are telling about 13 best makeup brush kits, which you can order online from the comfort of your home.

Let us first know which products are included in the list of best brushes.

Best Makeup Brushes Kit Names

A good makeup brush not only gives convenience but also makes the makeup look perfect. Hence, you can choose from the below options to buy makeup brushes. Customers have expressed confidence in all these makeup brush kits. Come, know what is the specialty of these makeup brush sets.

1. Naked Plus Nylon and Wooden Makeup Brush

Naked Plus is one of the best Makeup Brush Kit. This kit includes 12 makeup brushes and a beauty blender (makeup sponge). These brushes can give good makeup covering and are convenient to use. This product from Naked Plus can add a luxurious feel to your makeup session.

Property :

  • It also has a sponge with a brush, which can spread skin foundation and other cosmetics evenly on the face.
  • The bristles of the brush are made of nylon, while the handle is made of wood. Both have good quality.
  • Useful for everyone from professional makeup artist to people learning to do makeup.
  • This makeup brush kit is affordable.
  • Storage steel box is also available as well.


  • Some brushes are almost identical in this, which reduces the brush variety.
  • Some consumers complain that they do not get the storage box with this makeup brush kit.

2. Puna store 24 piece makeup brush set

This Makeup Brush Kit from Puna Store is of premium quality, consisting of 24 luxurious makeup brushes. On the handle of each brush it is written what to use the brush for. Due to the soft bristles, gives a nice feel to the skin. This brush set is useful for both makeup studio and personal use.

Property :

  • The brush set comes with a leather bag to keep them organized and safe.
  • This makeup brush kit is available in three attractive colors Beige, Black and Pink.
  • Suitable for both powder and mineral makeup.
  • Their bristles are very dense.
  • This makeup brush is sturdy.
  • Their bristles do not shed easily.


  • There may be some difficulty in applying liquid or cream makeup.

3. Generic Foundation, Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set

This kit of 10 makeup brushes can also be include in the list of best makeup brushes. It has good options for eye makeup and powder makeup. This brush has fiber bristles, aluminum tube and a wooden handle.

Property :

  • This brush set is travel friendly.
  • It has multipurpose brushes, which can be use as per the need.
  • They can be washed after use.
  • This brush is available in four great colors.
  • It has high quality fiber bristles, which gives a soft feel to the skin.


  • Consumers experience that the powder sticks to these makeup brushes more.
  • This kit does not come with a box, so don’t force it into a smaller box. Otherwise, their bristles may turn to one side.

4. Miss and Mam Hilary Rhoda Makeup Brushes Set

This is one of the best makeup brush kit that comes with a very cute box. The set includes a lip brush, face brush, shader, eye shadow brush, foundation brush, angled eye liner and eye shadow stick. It also has a sponge applicator, which helps in blending the makeup well into the skin.

Property :

  • It can be helpful to do makeup in less time.
  • Much makeup does not stick on the brush.
  • The sponge in it can spread the makeup evenly.
  • Its storage box is of good quality.
  • All types of makeup can be applied with these brushes.
  • Made with latex-laced and antimicrobial foam, this makeup brush set is designed to fight bacteria as well as sensitive to allergic skin.


  • Its brush length is a bit short, so not suitable for professional makeup. Yes, a good choice for personal makeup.

5. Puna store makeup Brushes set

This 5 piece makeup brush set has been design to give a pixel-perfect look. The company claims that this makeup brush set has been made with high-tech materials and innovative designs, which give a high definition look to the makeup. The Puna Store Makeup Brush can be use to thoroughly apply all types of makeup like powders, creams, minerals, highlighters and shimmers .

Property :

  • Its bristles are very soft.
  • The brush can be cleaned easily.
  • Blends makeup well on the face.
  • The brush set is lightweight and travel friendly.
  • Its usage is written on the handle of all the brushes.


  • It is best to use them gently or else the bristles can spread.

6. Kylie Makeup Brushes Set

This makeup brush kit from Kylie is also included in the best makeup brush kit. This brush set in black and silver comes with 10 brushes, 1 beauty blender and a brush cleaner. This brush set claims to be suitable for all types of makeup. Using them is less likely to cause skin irritation, as it can apply makeup gently on the face.

Property :

  • This is sturdy makeup brush kit.
  • Suitable for applying cream, powder and liquid makeup.
  • They can be used both professionally and personally.
  • Its bristles are made of high density synthetic fiber.
  • Can prove to be good at blending, buffing, contouring and highlighting.


  • This brush is a little short in length.

7. Urbanmac 10 Piece Makeup Brushes Set

This 10 piece makeup brush set from Urbanmac is also very nice. The handles are made of sturdy wood, while the bristles are made of velvety synthetic fibers that leave the skin feeling soft. If you want the makeup process to be easy and the makeup look to look natural, then you can use this makeup brush kit from Urbanmac.

Property :

  • This is a professional makeup brush set.
  • The set also comes with a sponge, which helps in blending the makeup.
  • Its bristles are soft as well as strong.
  • Great for applying cream, powder and liquid makeup.
  • The brush handles are convenient to hold.
  • The makeup blender is non-latex which means it is safe for the skin.


  • Do not use the makeup brush set carelessly, otherwise the handle of the brush may come off.

8. Tekikon Complete Makeup Brushes Set Kit

This brush set is also included in the list of best makeup brush kit. Each bristle of this brush is prepared under a special process, which can leave a soft feeling on the skin. This makeup brush kit helps to spread makeup evenly on the skin and achieve the desired look.

Property :

  • This brush set comes with a metal storage box.
  • The packaging of this brush set is good.
  • The bristles of the makeup brush are dense, with the help of which the makeup is well placed on the face.
  • The brushes are attractive in appearance.


  • Some of these brushes have similar usage i.e. lack of variety.
  • If not used properly, the bristles can stretch, due to which the makeup does not get done well.

9. Eco Tools Travel Brush Set

It is a set of four brushes which claim that the handles are made of bamboo. These brushes are completely eco friendly. No animal products have been used in its preparation. The special thing about this brush set is that they come with a pouch and they are easy to handle.

Property :

  • This brush is not big in size, hence travel friendly.
  • Can pick up makeup product well.
  • Makeup brushes are sturdy and can stay in your makeup kit for a long time.
  • The brush is very soft, giving a nice makeup feel to the face.


  • There is less variety of brushes in this makeup brush set.

10. MacPlus Premium Quality Brush Set

This makeup brush kit comes with a luxurious leather case. There are total 24 brushes in this kit. If you are planning to buy a complete makeup brush kit, then this makeup brush kit can be a good option. It has almost all the brushes one might need to get a good makeup look.

Property :

  • There is a variety of contouring brushes to blush brushes.
  • Makeup Brush Set is designed by Professional Makeup Artists.
  • Its bristles are soft and strong.
  • Suitable for all types of makeup.


  • Those with less makeup might find some brush waste.

11. Foolji Professional Makeup Brush Set

very attractive looking makeup brush set comes with the travel kit. There are a total of 32 brushes in this kit, which can help you achieve that great makeup look.

Property :

  • All brushes come in separate packets to protect them from dirt.
  • Its bristles are made from premium synthetic fibers and natural horse hair.
  • Can give the skin a soft and silky touch feeling.
  • Does not cause skin irritation and itching.
  • It has wooden handles, which make it easy to hold.


  • Some brushes look alike, which can be difficult to make the right choice.

12. Spanking Mini 7 Piece Brush Set

This is a set of 7 makeup brushes that come in a cute case. As cute as it looks, it is also simple and convenient to use. These brushes are not too big and are perfect for everyday makeup. All makeup brushes are made from synthetic fiber and unique design.

Property :

  • Its Mattel case comes with Hello Kitty print, which makes it attractive to look at.
  • This makeup brush set can be used for covering shorts.
  • The perfect brush set for eye liner, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and powder makeup .
  • Its bristles are soft.
  • This brush set is cheaper than others.


  • These makeup brushes are small in size.

13. Phoolji Brush Book

This makeup brush kit from Phoolji is available in a luxurious golden colour. This is the perfect brush set for everyday makeup like foundation, blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow and lip makeup. This makeup brush set comes with a leather bag.

Property :

  • This makeup brush set can be used in both home makeup and salon.
  • Makes the process smoother, as its bristles are velvety.
  • Its bristles are made up of synthetic and natural fibers.
  • This brush set is easy to clean.


  • The handles of these brushes may seem small to some people.

Further information

Let us know in the next part of the article how to choose the right makeup brush kit.

How to choose the best makeup brush according to your skin?

If a few things are kept in mind while choosing a makeup brush, then you can get a perfect makeup look and feel.

  • The more full and fluffy the makeup brush, the easier it is to apply makeup and the lighter the touch. For this reason, always choose brushes that are thick.
  • Synthetic fiber brushes are perfect for applying liquid makeup products such as foundation and primer , as they are easy to wash off.
  • The bristles of the brush should always be soft, otherwise the face may get damaged.
  • For powder and blusher, the choice of natural fiber brush can be right.
  • Keep your needs in mind while choosing a brush kit. Choose brush collections that you can use.
  • The brush kit should be sturdy.
  • The brush handle should be hard, not flexible, and the fiber should be soft, not stiff.
  • Always buy makeup brush kit from a trusted seller.

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Let us now know what things should be kept in mind while using makeup brushes.

Some tips on using makeup brushes correctly

Along with choosing the right makeup brush kit, it is also important to use the right way. Let us know below sequentially how to use makeup brushes.

  • First use the foundation brush. It has lots of bristles, which can easily spread wet makeup on the face.
  • After this, use a concealer brush to hide facial spots and dark circles under the eyes. Its tip (the tip made of bristles) can cover even the smallest of stains.
  • After this, powder brushes should be used, which are very fluffy (puffed) and round (rounded shape) from the front.
  • Next, use a contour brush to apply the highlighter, as it has smaller bristles on one side and larger bristles on the other. It adjusts well according to the cheekbones.
  • In addition to the eye shadow sponge brush, other soft bristle brushes can also be use for applying eye shadow.
  • Always use a flat-tipped brush to apply eye liner.
  • Now with the help of Eye Brow Brush, give the right shape to the brows.
  • Lastly, give the finishing touch to the best lipstick with a lip brush. The lipstick brush comes with a fine tip, which spreads the color carefully. The bristles of this brush are very short and soft.

In this article, you know which are the best makeup brush kits. Buying good makeup brushes is as important as choosing the right makeup product. It’s hard to find the perfect look if you have good makeup products but don’t have the right makeup brush collection. Now without delay, choose the best makeup brush kit included in this article and order it from Amazon links sitting at home.