Bosu ball exercises

Bosu ball exercises

Let’s know about Bosu ball exercises. By exercising regularly, a person can remain healthy throughout life. Some exercises are such that they can be done without any equipment. At the same time, some equipment is needed to do some exercises. Bosu ball exercise is also similar. Bosu ball is used to do this. By doing this exercise, the balance of the body improves and the joints get strengthened.

Today in this article, you will know in detail about the benefits of Bosu ball exercise –

What is Bosu Ball Exercise?

Bosu ball is a fun exercise. It is done fast. Bosu ball exercise helps in strengthening the strength and stability of the body. Performing Bosu ball exercise may seem a bit difficult in the beginning.

The Bosu ball is placed on the ground. Hands or feet are placed on it. Then pushups or other positions are made. This exercise can be done in many ways. Using a bosu ball while exercising can be a bit challenging. That’s why this exercise should always be done under expert supervision.

Benefits of Bosu Ball Exercises

Bosu ball exercises
Bosu ball exercises

Exercise done through Bosu ball can help in increasing the strength of the body. It is done with speed and power. This can help to balance the body and focus. Performing Bosu ball exercises daily can provide many benefits to health. The benefits of doing Bosu ball exercises are as follows –

better body balance

Body balance is maintained by exercising Bosu ball. Actually, the Bosu ball is never stable, in such a situation, the exercises done with its help help in building the balance of the body. By exercising Bosu ball, the muscles get strength and the body becomes balanced.

increase body strength

If you want to make yourself strong and strong, then for this you must practice Bosu ball exercise. By doing this exercise, the muscles of the body become strong and you get strength.

strong joint

Performing Bosu ball exercises on a daily basis increases the stability of the joints. Along with this, the joints get strength. Therefore, to make your joints strong, Bosu ball exercises must be done.

how to do bosu ball exercises

Different types of exercises are done with the help of Bosu ball, out of which we are telling about some special exercises here –

single leg hold

Doing this can help in keeping the body balanced. Come, let’s know how it is done –

  • Place the Bosu flat side down.
  • Now keep one leg in the middle of the Bosu ball and try to balance by lifting the other leg in the air.
  • Try to make your balance for about 30 seconds.
  • After this, do the same process with the other leg as well.


While doing this, attention should be paid to the back part of the body. The way to do this is given below –

  • Place the Bosu flat side down.
  • Then lie down on your back and bend your knees and place your feet on the Bosu ball. Also, keep the hands straight away from the body.
  • Now lift your hips and back up and stay in this position for some time.
  • Then slowly bring the body down.

mountain climber

This is a type of cardio exercise. Come, let’s know how to do it –

  • Put the Bosu ball on the ground.
  • Now bending forward, place the hands on both sides of the flat side of the Bosu.
  • Then start moving your knees towards your chest one by one.
  • During this, keep the back absolutely straight.
  • Do it slowly in the beginning, later the speed can be increased after practice.


Using a Bosu ball makes it difficult to do pushups . Come, let’s know how to do it –

  • Place your hands on both sides of the Bosu.
  • While in the high plank position, keep the body at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Now start doing pushups and keep in mind that the back should be straight.

Tips for Bosu Ball Exercises

Whenever you exercise with Bosu ball, keep these things in mind –

  • While doing every exercise, maintain the correct posture of your body.
  • In the beginning, do these exercises by taking the support of a wall or chair and when the practice is done, do it without support.
  • It is normal to have pain in the feet in the beginning. If this happens, take a break and do it again when you feel better.
  • Standing on a surface like a bosu ball takes a while to get used to. So, try to get used to it.
  • In the beginning, always do it under the supervision of the expert.


Bosu ball exercise can be done in many ways. This includes pushups, squats , hip extensions, basic crunches etc. To keep the body balanced, to give strength to the muscles and to strengthen the body, you must practice this exercise. In the beginning, it should be done slowly and under the supervision of an expert.