Raw Milk Benefits for Skin

Raw Milk Benefits for Skin: Let’s know about Raw Milk Benefits for Skin. Raw milk is one of the best ingredients in your kitchen, which can do wonders for your skin.

My mom’s cosmetics are very limited. But the best part is that she has been relying on him for years. Be it the season, they always have some kitchen ingredient in their treasury. Nowadays she is using raw milk for her skin. They believe that if you are troubled by any kind of skin problem, dull, dry or damaged, then raw milk will be helpful for you. Let us check if raw milk can really work for your skin. If yes then how to use it.

Everyone needs glowing soft and beautiful skin. But due to this changing environment, pollution and harmful rays of the sun, most of the people are suffering from skin related problems. Problems like skin breakdown, dry skin, pimples, acne and access oil and blackheads have become common. For all these problems, women use different types of beauty products. These chemical-rich products can leave many side effects on the face. In such a situation, looking at the mother’s suggested prescriptions and research, raw milk can help you. The nutrients present in raw milk can provide relief from problems ranging from health to your skin.

Know what the research says about this

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, milk has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and immunomodulatory properties. The study suggested that the use of raw milk can be effective in skin problems such as chronic wounds, tissue regeneration, acne problems and plaque psoriasis.

Milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium and iron. All these nutrients are one of the essential nutrients for the skin. In a study published by Research Gate, it was told that the nutrient content of milk can also fluctuate due to the change of seasons.

Along with this, it has been advised to use raw milk on the skin, as the amount of vitamin C and other nutrients present in milk may change during processing techniques.

Know here the benefits of raw milk for the skin

1. Acts as a Face Cleanser

Milk contains a lactic acid called alpha hydroxy acid. Which is mostly used in skin care products. Lactic Acid Anti-Aging Face Cleanser is known according to Pub Med Central. It removes dead skin cells and makes new cells grow. In such a situation, you can use raw milk regularly as a cleansing.

2. Beneficial in the problem of dry skin

Damaged cells of the skin give the skin a dry and dull look. In such a situation, the quality of water, carbohydrates, protein and vitamin A present in raw milk can help in moisturizing the skin. It also eliminates dead skin cells and maintains your natural glow. However, it has not been scientifically proven yet. [1]

3. Helpful in getting rid of acne

Vitamin A present in raw milk has skin healing properties and skin immunity boosting properties. Along with this, the minerals and lactic acid present in it clean the skin pores well and can act as a prevention in problems like acne. Vitamin D deficiency can cause acne problems. At the same time, plenty of vitamin D and other vitamins are found in raw milk. It can help you get relief from painful acne.

4. Beneficial for Oily Skin

Raw milk can be beneficial for oily skin. The fatty acids present in it maintain the skin oil balance. At the same time, Vitamin A hydrates the skin and removes the access oil. If you are troubled by oily skin, then using raw milk would be a good idea.

5. Maintain Natural Glow

The use of raw milk keeps the skin hydrated as well as maintains its natural glow. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates present in milk are beneficial for the skin. [2] On the other hand, the water present in the milk keeps the skin hydrated and makes it soft and glowing.

Now know how to use raw milk for skin

1. Raw Milk and Turmeric

Mix turmeric powder in raw milk. Now apply on your face and massage in circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes. After that wash the face with water. It acts as a skin cleanser and skin toner for you.

2. Raw Milk and Honey

Mix raw milk and honey well. Apply this paste on your face and massage with light hands for 2 to 3 minutes. Then leave it to dry, after drying wash the face with water. Gives a natural glow to the skin and can also help reduce problems like acne pimple.

3. Raw Milk and Tomato Juice

Mix raw milk with tomato juice and massage the face with it. Leave it on the face for 20 to 30 minutes from now on, after that wash the face with water.

4. Plain Raw Milk

Even without mixing raw milk in anything, applying it on the face has its own benefits. Dip a cotton pad in raw milk and clean your face thoroughly with it. Leave it like this for a while then wash the face with water. It removes dust and dirt from the skin and keeps the skin soft.

5. Raw Milk and Rice Flour

Prepare a thick paste by mixing raw milk in rice flour. Now apply it on your pimple and acne areas and leave it overnight. Next morning clean it by rubbing it lightly with water.