How to whiten the whole body

How to whiten the whole body

Let us know about How to whiten the whole body. Nowadays everyone wants to see his body shining like milk because he is identified with his body, that’s why everyone wants his body to be fair.

And for this he doesn’t know what products he uses and sometimes he gets harmed by using them.

But today we will tell you some home remedies on how to make the whole body fair, with the help of this you will be able to make your body shine.

Anyway, nowadays everyone wants to look beautiful and for this they do not know what they do, everyone has the desire to look beautiful, no matter who they are.

Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone wants to make their body look fair and beautiful because if you are fair then you have a different look whether it is a wedding or a party.

You look different from everyone and if your face is dark and there are spots on it, then whether you are married or party, you feel very strange.

That’s why everyone wants to look beautiful nowadays, although there are only two colors in humans, one is fair and the other is black, but people who are dark-skinned also want to make their color fair.

Because they do not like their cleanliness and for this they use a lot of things. Everyone wants to look better than others and for this they also use very expensive products.

But today we will tell you about some such things by using which you can whiten your body and that too in a very easy way.

4 main reasons for the dark appearance of the body

How to whiten the whole body
How to whiten the whole body

Although the body becomes dark due to many reasons, but most of all it becomes dark when we do not take care of it properly or we go more in the sun.

We should take good care of our body and at the same time keep good diet so that our body looks fair.

1. Due to sunlight

Due to sunlight also the body becomes dark from fair because there are harmful rays in the sun which turn our body from fair to black.

That’s why whenever we go out, cover our body completely so that neither sunlight will fall on your body nor you will come in contact with harmful rays.

Due to which your body will be able to avoid getting dark and at the same time you will get rid of other problems as well.

2. Not getting enough sleep

When we are not able to get enough sleep at night, then because of this also our body becomes dark because when our body will be tired and there will be no energy in it.

So the body will look tired and when the body looks tired then you will not be able to do any activities properly.

Because of this, your body starts to look dark because of the fair complexion, so we should get enough sleep and walk early in the morning.

3. Improper eating habits

If we eat more oily cheese in our food, then because of this it also affects our body because when we eat more fast in food.

So more oil will come out of our body and due to this our body remains smooth and the dust settles easily on the body.

Because of this and our body starts to look savana, so we should keep our diet right and should eat more and more salads and vegetables, as well as we should use fruits.

4. Due to diseases

If there is any disease in our body, then the body’s blood gets reduced due to the intake of medicines and because of this our body starts to look dark.

That’s why we should try that along with medicines, we should also keep good food, so that even if our blood becomes less, it will be cured and our dullness will also go away.

Some important tips on how to whiten the whole body

1. Bathing daily

If you want to keep your body fair, then you should take a bath daily, as well as if you put a few drops of lemon juice in the bath water.

So your whole body becomes fair because lemon is a good source of Vitamin C and also contains antioxidants.

Which kills the germs, as well as the whole body becomes full of freshness by bathing.

2. Consuming onions

If we use onions in our food, then our complexion becomes fair because eating onions makes our blood fitter.

And onion kills all the bad bacteria in the blood and gives birth to new bacteria, with the help of which you can keep your whole body fair.

Along with this, drinking onion juice mixed with a little salt in a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning also makes your complexion fair and you can make your whole body fair.

3. Consuming oranges and grapes

All fruits are nutritious, but if we include orange and grapes in our salad, then our body becomes fair.

Because both of these are good supplements of Vitamin-C and Vitamin-C proves to be very helpful in increasing the complexion.

Because Vitamin-C makes us fair from inside, due to which our body becomes fair from inside and we start looking fair from outside as well.

Also, you can include Nib in it because they all belong to the same category, so you can include plenty of Vitamin-C in your salad.

With this your body will shine from inside and at the same time you will look fair to others.

4. Eating light food

We often eat too many calories and oily things in our food, due to which it makes our body fat from inside.

Second, it also kills the whitening efforts inside us, due to which our complexion starts getting dark from inside.

For this reason, we should always eat light food, and also take nutritious food, so that you can become fair in a few days.

5. By doing yoga

You can also make your body fair from inside by doing yoga because yoga simultaneously acts on the body due to which our body becomes fair.

Because when the contaminated substances are removed from our body, then in its place pure air is carried in our body, due to this our body becomes fair from inside.

And we start looking fair, because of this we should wake up regularly and do yoga in the morning.

Some precautions while whitening the whole body

1. Consumption of wrong things should be avoided

Sometimes it happens that in the process of becoming fair, we consume some such things which have harmful effects on our body.

That’s why we should always avoid such things because they have a bad effect on our body and in return they cause various diseases in our body.

That’s why we should never consume the wrong thing to be fair, nor should we ever apply any wrong thing on our body because because of this you may have to face a lot of problems.

2. Avoiding the use of many things at once

Often it happens that when we want to become fair, then we do not see anything, then we only feel that we have to be fair.

And for this, we don’t know what products we use on our body, but we should never use two to three things together with one on our body.

Because it happens when we do many experiment products or use on our body together, because of this we get to see its harmful effects on our body, so we should do only one experiment on the body at a time.

3. Consumption of medicines should be avoided

In the desire to be fair, many people use medicines and make their body fair with the help of medicines.

But nothing can make you fair because it will make you fair for a while but then as soon as its effect is over you will become like that again.

That’s why you should never take medicines, but you should include some such things in your food, which will make you fair in a few days and its effect will last for a long time.

4. Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight

Nowadays, in the run-of-the-mill life, most of the people stay outside the house and because of this also their complexion becomes dark.

Because there are many harmful rays in the sun, which make our body dark from fair, so whenever we go out of the house, we cover our body properly.

This will save our body from becoming dark and there will be no difference in its complexion.

8 home remedies and methods to whiten the whole body

1. Using Lemon

You can also make your body fair by using lemon, Vitamin-C is found in good quantity in lemon.

Method – You can take a bath by adding the juice of half a lemon to your bath water while taking a bath.

Also, you can eat lemon juice by adding lemon juice to vegetables, fruits, salads etc. You can eat lemon pickle, lemon improves our body from inside and makes us fair.

You can wake up early in the morning and drink lemon water on an empty stomach, this also helps you a lot in becoming fair and your whole body becomes fair.

2. Using rose water and gilerin

Rose water and gilarin can also make you fair and you can enhance your complexion with the help of this.

Method – Mix a few drops of rose water and gilarin in your bath water and then take a bath with the same water, rose water helps a lot in improving your complexion.

Along with this, gilarin protects the body from shine and dryness, with the help of these two you can make your whole body fair.

3. Using Turmeric

Turmeric is an anti-biotic medicine and with its help you can also make your body fair.

Method – Before you take a bath, mix one teaspoon of turmeric in half a bowl of gram flour and mix it into a paste.

Then apply the same paste on your body and leave it for at least 15 to 20 minutes, then take a bath.

If you do this daily, your body will become fair in a few days and at the same time you will get rid of pimples as well.

4. Multani mitti and rose water

If you want to make your body fair then multani mitti and rose water can also help you in this.

Firstly, Multani mitti is very cold which provides coolness to the body and at the same time it also enhances your glow.

Method- Keep Multani Mitti in a bowl for soaking, when Multani Mitti gets soaked well, then add rose water to it.

And make a fine paste of it, after that apply it on your whole body, leave this paste on your body for 15 to 20 minutes.

After this you wash it with the help of water, if you do this everyday then you become fair in a few days and at the same time your body becomes beautiful from inside.

5. Using tamarind

Tamarind also proves to be very helpful in making you fair from inside, if you consume tamarind daily, then your whole body becomes fair.

Method – You leave tamarind to soak in the night also, after waking up in the morning, filter its juice and fill it in a bottle.

After this, whenever you go to take a bath, you can mix it in that water as well as you are applying any paste on your face.

And with this, you can also include tamarind in your food, by doing this you will make your body fair and your body will become more shiny than before.

6. Rose Petals

Rose water not only brightens our body but we can also make our body fair with the help of rose leaves.

Method – Make a paste by grinding rose leaves, after that apply it on your whole body and leave it for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

If you do this daily then you can make your body fair as well as if you eat some petals of rose on an empty stomach in the morning.

So this also makes your body beautiful from inside because rose proves to be very helpful in enhancing beauty.

And people use it a lot to enhance beauty, we easily get rose flower in gardens and it does not have any harmful effect.

7. Using Yogurt

Often we use curd in our food, everyone likes to eat curd while eating because curd has a cooling effect.

Which gives coolness to our body, but do you know that you can also make your body fair with it.

Method – You take curd in a bowl, after that you add few drops of lemon in it and then apply this paste on the whole body.

And leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes, if you use this remedy daily, then you can make your whole body fair and also include curd in the food so that you become beautiful from inside.

8. Tomato and baking soda

Tomatoes are also a very good source of Vitamin-C and because of this we eat tomatoes in salads as well and this also helps us a lot in whitening.

But if you use baking soda along with tomatoes, you can increase your glow within 2 to 3 days.

Method – You take a tomato, after that cut that tomato in half from the middle, after halving from the middle, put a spoonful of baking soda on that tomato.

And then slowly rub it all over your body, by doing this you can make your body fair in 2 to 3 days.

If you do this everyday then you can make your body fairer than before in 1 week.

And most importantly, we should keep most of the salad and Vitamin-C in our food because if you do this, you can make your body more fair without doing anything and that too without any harm.


So this was how to make the whole body fair, we hope that after reading this article, you must have come to know the home remedies for full body fair.

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