How to Grow Nails Fast

How to Grow Nails Fast

Most of the women in the world are fond of big nails, this is that part of fashion which has become quite common in people these days.
Most of the women like to apply colored nail polish on the long nails of the hands. But some women are not able to lengthen the nails even after wanting because their nails do not grow at all and even if they grow, they break.
In such a situation, when women look at the hands of other women whose nails are big and beautiful, then somewhere in their mind it feels that I wish my nails were so big and beautiful.

Nails that do not grow or break as they grow are not a permanent problem that cannot be fixed. This happens only due to the lack of nutrients in the body.
Because the nails grow too long, but the problem arises when those nails break as soon as they grow a little.
That is why you should pay special attention to your diet to keep your nails healthy, strong and long.
Today we are going to tell you some such ways to increase nails, by which you too can grow nails like other women. But before knowing how to grow nails, let us know about the reasons for not growing nails and breaking them.

Due to non-growth of nails

  • Calcium is required in our body for the growth of nails and when our body does not supply calcium as per the requirement, the nails become weak.
  • When we are worried about something, that is, we are surrounded by a state of stress, then our brain does not work properly and our body parts also gradually become weak, including our nails.
  • Drink plenty of water for a healthy body. Whenever there is a shortage of water in our body due to any reason, it affects our body, our body is not able to stay hydrated and its effect also affects the nails and many parts of the body.
  • Even if there is a lack of food, the growth of nails stops. Just as our body does not get enough nutrition, the growth of the body stops. Similarly, our nails also stop growing and become weak from inside.
  • The growth of nails also stops due to chewing or tampering with your nails without any reason. Some people have this permanent habit, they put their nails in their mouth or keep peeling them, in such a situation they should know that this is the biggest reason for not growing nails.
  • The problem of not growing nails is because our body does not have the necessary nutrients to strengthen our body. In such a situation, it is most important for you to consume things containing protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B and C such as milk, curd, green vegetables, salad etc.

Home remedies to grow nails

1.Usage of Oranges

Vitamin C is necessary for the growth of nails, for this you keep your nails immersed in fresh orange juice for 10 minutes and after that wash your nails with lukewarm water.

2. Using Lemon and Olive Oil

Mix three to four spoons of olive oil in a spoonful of lemon juice and heat it, keep your nails immersed in this lukewarm mixture for 10 minutes, by doing this the nails grow faster.

3. Uses of Almond Oil

Almond oil helps to grow nails. For this, you should massage your nails daily with almond oil, by doing this the blood circulation around the nails increases.

4. Uses of Mustard Oil

Massage of nails with the use of mustard oil is also very effective. Massage your nails with mustard oil for 20 to 25 minutes once a week.

Doing this strengthens the nails and increases blood circulation around them.

5. Using Tomatoes

Grind a tomato and extract its juice and mix two to three spoons of olive oil in it and keep your nails immersed in that mixture for 15 minutes.

6. Coconut Oil Uses

Mix two to three spoons of coconut oil with one spoon of honey and warm this mixture lightly and keep your nails immersed in this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Olive Oil Uses

Apart from coconut oil, olive oil also helps in growing nails, massaging the nails with olive oil makes them grow quickly. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E which nourishes the nails and helps them to grow.

8. Uses of Glycerin

If your nails are very weak, then you can mix 5 to 6 drops of glycerin or rock salt in a bowl of lukewarm water and keep your nails in that mixture for 5 to 6 minutes.

9. Using Olive Oil

Apply warm olive oil on your nails every night before sleeping and massage with light hands for five to ten minutes, in this way your nails will grow faster.

10. Uses of Lemon

Take a lemon and cut it into small pieces and massage your nails with that lemon slice and after doing this wash your nails with lukewarm water.

11. Raw Milk and Egg

Mix egg white in two to three spoons of raw milk and keep your nails immersed in it for 5 minutes, doing this also increases the growth of nails.

12. Uses of Garlic

Take a garlic and take out its peel and grind it finely and leave that powdered mixture on your nails for 10 minutes and then wash your nails with cold water.

13. Use of Vaseline

For good growth of nails, before going to sleep, apply Vaseline on the area around your nails and massage your nails well for about 5 minutes.

14. Using Hot Water and Gelatin

Those whose nails are thin, they should wash their hands daily by putting gelatin in warm water, by doing this the nails become strong.

Keep these things in mind to grow nails

1. To keep the nails extended for a long time, while cutting them, the upper part of the nail should always be cut in a circular form, so that it does not break quickly while growing.

2. Clean your nails thoroughly with the help of a brush and soap, as well as gently slide the skin around the nails back, this makes the nails look bigger.

3. Try using toothpaste to remove the yellowing of your nails. For this, you keep toothpaste on your nails for some time, by doing this the yellowing of the nails reduces.

4. To strengthen your nails, definitely consume milk and eggs.

5. While removing the nail polish, do not scratch them with the blade or fingers, doing so has a bad effect on the nails and they become weak from inside. Always use nail remover to remove nail polish.

6. Do not use them as tools for better care of nails. Some people do many things like opening cans, removing some, closing with the use of nails, but you have to close all this to take care of nails.

You and friends:

So friends, this was how to grow nails, we hope that after reading this post completely, you all would have come to know what to do to increase nails.

Apart from this, if you have any doubt in your mind, then you must ask us in the comment and we will definitely help you.