How to eat a mango

How to eat a mango

Let’s know about How to eat a mango. Even though mangoes are native to the tropical region, they are widely used all over the world as a snack or flavoring dish, as they are very sweet, juicy and delicious. Before eating mango, you should be familiar with the methods of eating it. Follow the steps given below to make your mango eating experience a memorable one.

How to eat a mango
How to eat a mango

preparing mangoes

Make sure the mango is ripe. The mango is edible when you press it with your finger and a squeeze mark appears. Check the ripeness of a mango in the same way as checking the ripeness of an avocado or pear.

  1. If the mangoes are firm to the touch, set them aside for a few days to ripen. If you eat raw mango, its pulp will be hard and bitter and you would not want to throw away such an expensive mango just like that.
  2. Wash the mango. Even if you plan on eating the mango after removing the skin, it should be thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Gather supplies for slicing the mango. To dice or slice a mango, you’ll need a knife, cutting board, and a bowl to hold the sliced mangoes.

eating cubed mangoes

Cut the mango. Cut the mango into two or three pieces, avoiding the large pits. Then, holding a section in your hand, slice it vertically. Be careful, do not cut the mangoes along with the peel. Then, slice the mango horizontally, so that a checkered pattern forms on the mango. Now push the pulp forward while pressing the peel from the middle.

  1. The pieces you cut should pop out, and the mango should look like a flower.
  2. After this, take out the mango pieces.
  3. If they don’t come off easily, use a knife or spoon to lift them out into a bowl.

Eat chopped mango cubes. Take chopped mango cubes in a bowl, take a spoon, and enjoy the mango flavor! If you want to eat the mangoes later, store them in a Tupperware container, but be aware that fresh mangoes are best eaten fresh and will tend to get soggy over time if left alone.

  1. To make mango more delicious, add some lemon juice to it.

Add mango to a fruit salad. Adding chunks of mango to any type of fruit salad is a wonderful idea. If you don’t want too much mango juice in your salad, strain the juice from the mango pieces before adding them to the salad. Below are some tips to make a delicious mango fruit salad:

  1. Make a salad by combining papaya, apple, and cantaloupe.
  2. Make a salad by mixing mango and pineapple. And add a pinch of cinnamon powder to enhance the flavor of the salad.
  3. Make a salad by combining mangoes, pears, and some halved cherries.
  4. Add a little lemon juice to a salad made of mango and orange and eat it.

Add chunks of mango to spice up your main course. Although you may think that adding mangoes to fruit salads and desserts is a great idea, since they are so sweet and juicy, adding them to any main course can make a great dish. Taste increases. Here are some examples of using mango slices in a main course:

  1. Make Mango Salsa by blending papaya, avocado, a little lime juice, and a little coriander. You can eat this salsa with chicken, beef, or shrimp, or simply over potato or plantain chips.
  2. Use mango chunks as stuffing in a burrito.
  3. Use mango to make Caribbean rice or other Caribbean dishes.

Add mango chunks to desserts. Mangoes are naturally sweet and make a perfect ingredient in many sweet dishes. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Mix mango pieces in curd.
  2. Add mango pieces to the ice cream.
  3. Mix mango pieces with raisins in rice kheer.
  4. Garnish your desserts with mango chunks, or add mango chunks to desserts.

eating mango slices

Slice the mango. Before slicing a mango, be aware that there is a large, almond-shaped kernel in the center of the flesh. Cut the mango slices in the same way as the apple slices, keeping the core in mind. Then cut the mango into slices about one inch thick.

  1. After slicing the mango, you should have several slices of mango, and one pit with some pulp still clinging to it. What to do after this is given below:
  2. If you just want to eat slices, have them and eat them. You can try to eat the pulp sticking to the kernel, but don’t eat too close to the kernel, as it is very fibrous and can get stuck in your teeth worse than corn cobs.
  3. If you want to remove the skin of the mango, pick up a slice and gently scoop out the pulp with the help of a spoon. If the mango is slightly underripe, use a knife instead of a spoon.

Add mango slices to a variety of dishes. Although mango cubes are a bit overkill, fresh mango slices can add tangy flavor to anything from desserts to main courses. Consider adding freshly cut slices to the following recipes:

  1. Thai Mango Salad
  2. Sweet and spicy chicken
  3. Chicken with lime and cilantro
  4. Beef teriyaki
  5. Mango, corn, and black bean stew
  6. Mango and pineapple pie

Dry the sliced mango. To do this, cut the mango into thin slices and dry the mango pieces. For a tangy flavor, sprinkle li hing mui powder, or a pinch of citric acid, over the mango pieces and store in a ziplock cover.


  1. You can peel a mango just like a banana. Peel a little peel from the top side, and eat the pulp separated from the peel, then remove the peel and eat the mango while rotating it.
  2. You can juice mangoes to make delicious smoothies, or make alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  3. When you take out the mango juice, then mix that juice in any dish you want. To impress your guests, pour mango juice under the dessert on the plate.
  4. After slicing the mango into halves, use the edge of a wide-mouthed glass bowl to separate the skin and pulp.