Best milk to gain weight

Best milk to gain weight

Let’s know about Best milk to gain weight. By the way, a large population of the world is troubled by obesity and people adopt different methods to reduce their increasing body weight. But not only gaining weight is a problem, but not gaining weight has also become a big problem. Many of us are such people, whose body remains lean. It happens to many people that they eat whatever they want but they do not gain weight. It is often advised to drink milk to maintain good health, but sometimes even drinking milk alone does not work. In such a situation, there is a need for a complete diet. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about some such things, by consuming which with milk, you can increase your weight and get good health.

Protein is most important if you want to gain weight

If you want to make good health and want to get good muscles, then protein is the first option for you. Protein is most important for the development of muscles. Therefore, if you drink milk daily, then after consulting a dietician, start taking protein along with it.

eat porridge with milk

Best milk to gain weight
Best milk to gain weight

This is the best desi way for you to gain weight. Eat oatmeal with milk everyday and if you add a spoonful of peanut butter to it, then it will be icing on the cake. You can also add banana in addition to milk and oatmeal.

take dates with milk

If you are in a hurry to gain weight, then start consuming dates with milk today itself. Boil dates in milk everyday and consume them with hot milk. Eating dry dates mixed with milk not only helps in gaining weight but also helps in getting rid of symptoms like cold and flu.

take raisins with milk

Consuming raisins with milk is like taking a shortcut to gain weight. Soak one teaspoon of raisins in a glass of full cream milk at night and consume it in the morning. You can also add raisins to banana shake.

Add honey to milk and consume

Honey can be used both in increasing and reducing body weight. A mixture of milk and dates has been considered very beneficial for increasing body weight. Add one teaspoon of honey to a glass of milk, mix it well and then drink it.

Milk is not a very good option for weight gain. But, if you eat some things with milk (milk for weight gain), then it is helpful in increasing the weight. Milk contains calcium, protein and high calories. At the same time, when you eat it with high carbs, both of them speed up metabolism and help in weight gain. So, let us tell you about some such foods which are beneficial to be mixed with milk.

1. Eat banana with milk

If you eat banana mixed with milk, then it is very effective in increasing your weight . Together, these two increase the metabolic rate, due to which you also feel hungry and the body also gets high calories, due to which the weight starts increasing rapidly. So, if you want to gain weight then eat banana mixed with milk.

2. Eat milk and rice

Milk and rice are helpful in increasing weight. When you eat Doodh Bhaat, it gives a boost of both calories and carbs. Along with filling the stomach, it accelerates the movement of hunger in the body and is helpful in increasing weight. So, if you want to increase your weight, then eat milk and rice and increase your weight.