Yoga to reduce hips and thighs

Yoga to reduce hips and thighs

Yoga to reduce hips and thighs; Let us know about Yoga to reduce hips and thighs. Slim hips and slim thighs is the dream of every woman but due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, fat starts accumulating all over the thighs and hips. Because of this you start looking ugly. But there is no need to worry because today in this article we are going to tell you some such yoga asanas , by which you will be able to remove the fat stored in your thighs and hips. A combination of diet and yoga can help you lose fat in these areas faster.

So let us tell you some asanas which are made to eliminate the fat of thighs and hips –

Yoga to reduce hips and thighs

Adho mukha svanasana is yoga to slim the hips

Downward-facing dog stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves and arms. Simultaneously strengthens the arms and legs. It easily shapes your hips and thighs and makes them slim and attractive. To know the complete method of doing this and other health benefits, read this: Method and Benefits of Adho Mukha Svanasana

Note: Pregnant women should not do this mudra after the third trimester. People with high BP or headache or people suffering from diarrhea should do this asana after giving some kind of support under their head.

Utkatasana is a yoga asana to reduce hips

Yoga to reduce hips and thighs
Yoga to reduce hips and thighs

Other names – Chair pose.

Benefits of doing Utkatasana – By doing this asana, the muscles of your legs are stimulated, especially the hips and thighs. It is very easy to sit on a chair, but by sitting on an imaginary chair, keeping the body in this position pulls your muscles. By doing this, the weight of your body will fall on the legs, especially on the muscles of the hips and thighs. This will not only tone your legs, but also strengthen the muscles of that entire area and reduce fat.

How to do it – First of all, stand straight in Tadasana. Then bend your legs slightly and bend your hips slightly as you sit on a chair. Now take a breath and take both your hands above the head. Maintain this position for a few minutes and keep exhaling and inhaling.

Important Tips – If you are new to doing this position, then first of all listen to your body, that is, bend your hips as much as you can. But slowly start bending your hips. Once you feel comfortable in this position, keep increasing the time and capacity of this process.

Reduce hip fat with Virabhadrasana II

Other Names – Warrior Pose II 

Benefits of doing Virabhadrasana II – This asana works for the legs but especially the thighs. This position may seem very easy from outside, but while doing this, our muscles are doing excellent work from inside. In this asana, both the legs are benefited at the same time in different ways. With the help of this asana, it helps in reducing the fat of your thighs and hips. 

How to do it – First of all, open your legs as much as possible. Now bend the heel of your right foot and keep its claws outside and keep your left foot as it is. The heel of your left foot should be exactly in line with the right foot. Now bend your hips and then stretch your hands. Keep your neck rotated to the right and maintain the position. Keep breathing slowly in this state. Do the same process on the other side as well.

Reduce hips with Natarajasana – Yoga to reduce hips and thighs

Other names – Lord of the Dance Posse. 

Benefits of doing Natarajasana – Stretching in this asana stimulates your hips. The inner and outer muscles of the thighs begin to tone. In this asana, the weight of the body falls on the feet, which strengthens the feet. From the pelvis, the muscles of the legs and feet begin to tone and stretch. The muscles of your hips open. The blood circulation in your legs increases, with the help of which fresh oxygen and nutrition starts reaching the thighs and hips. With the help of this asana, you can reduce the fat of your thighs and hips.

How to do – First of all stand in Tadasana . Then raise your right leg and move it backwards. Now bend the knees of the right leg and while taking the right hand straight, hold the paw of the right leg. When you are standing well, stretch your left hand forward. Now make Gyan Mudra with this hand. Keep your gaze on the fingers of the left hand. Maintain this position for a few seconds and keep breathing fast. Then repeat the same process with the other leg as well.

Do Ustrasana in yoga to reduce hips

Other names – Camel pose.

Benefits of doing Ustrasana – By doing this asana, your chest and hip muscles will be greatly benefited. With this asana, all your organs are toned, especially the thighs. This asana benefits the front organs of your body by stimulating and toning the muscles in the front of your thighs. By doing Ustrasana, the fat of thighs and hips starts burning. 

How to do – First of all sit in Vajrasana . Now lift your hips and body upwards. Now open your chest and turn backwards. Then take your shoulders to the feet so that your shoulders are stretched. Now slowly move the head backwards. Maintain this position as much as you can and keep breathing deeply.

Do Upavistha Konasana in yoga to slim the hips

Other names – Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold.

Benefits of Upavishta Konasana – This asana is very beneficial for the upper part of your legs. It gives strength and flexibility to the muscles of the thighs. Along with this, by doing Upavishtha Konasana, fat starts reducing from thighs and hips.

How to do – First of all sit in Dandasan . Then stretch your legs as much as possible. Then bring the palms of your hands in front. If you are fine in this position, then slightly tilt your body forward. If not, then bend your elbows and keep the head straight like this. Keep breathing and exhaling as long as possible. Then slowly go backward and join both your feet together.

Do Janushirshasan daily in yoga to reduce hips

Other names – Head to Knee Pose.

Benefits of doing Janushirshasan – Janushirshasan increases the flexibility of the joints of thighs and hips. Stretching of muscles increases blood circulation. This provides nutrition to the muscles, which keeps that area healthy. This asana helps in strengthening the legs.

How to do – First of all sit in Dandasan. Now bend your left legs and join them with the thighs of the right leg. Now stretch your hands, bend the torso and then hold the right leg with the hands. Do the same process from the other side as well.

Baddha konasana is yoga for shaping the hips.

Other names – Cobbler pose, Butterfly pose, Bound angle pose.

Benefits of doing Baddha Konasana – This easy is very good for opening the muscles of the hips. Your thigh muscles are strong and toned. This asana works for both your hips and thighs, due to which the fat there seems to be reduced.

How to do it – First of all, sit on a mat and stretch your legs. Then, bending your knees, bring the feet in front and keep the waist straight. Then hold the feet with the palms of the hands. Now try to keep your knees on the ground as much as possible. Maintain your position for a few seconds.

Malasana is yoga to reduce the fat of the hips

Other names – Garland pose.

Benefits of doing Malasana – Malasana is another yoga that works for the legs, especially the thighs and hips. By doing this position, your blood circulation increases. This opens the muscles of your hips and strengthens the legs. Along with this, the fat of that area is also reduced. 

How to do it – First stand up and open the legs, then sit like this and open both the legs as much as possible with your hands. Join hands together and keep your gaze straight ahead. Maintain this position for three breaths.

Navasana is yoga to reduce the fat of the hips

Other names – Naukasana, Boat Pose.

Benefits of doing Navasana – When you do this asana daily, it will core your organs, nerves, bones and muscles. In this, you keep your body weight on the hips, due to which your body starts trembling very quickly, but by maintaining this position for a few minutes, you will get very good results. By doing this asana, your blood circulation improves and the legs get strengthened.

How to do – First of all sit in Dandasan. Then raise your feet above the ground. When you will balance, then raise your hands above the ground and keep them straight. Maintain this position as much as possible and keep breathing deeply.

Do Salabhasana Yoga to reduce hips

Other names – Locust pose, Grasshopper pose.

Benefits of Shalabhasana – This is an effective posture to remove the fat of thighs and hips. Along with this, it also works for other parts of the body. Performing this pose strengthens your legs and increases blood flow. Your thighs and hips get strength, flexibility.

How to do it – First of all, lie down on your stomach and lift the feet upwards. Then lift your chest upwards and stretch your hands completely. Keep your gaze straight ahead and maintain this position for a few seconds.

Reduce hips with Setubandhasana

Other names – Bridge pose.

Benefits of doing Setubandhasana – Blood circulation increases by doing this asana. Growing hips reduces fat. Due to this, the muscles of the thighs are stimulated and toned.

How to do it – First of all, lie down on your back and bend your knees. Now slowly raise your hips upwards. Keep the hands straight. Take a deep breath. Maintain this position for a few seconds.

Ananda Balasana pose to slim hips

Other names – Happy Baby Pose, Dead Bug Pose.

Benefits of doing Ananda Balasana – This asana is one of the best asanas for thighs and hips. It helps in opening the muscles of the hips. This stretches and stimulates the muscles of the thighs. This asana also works for your back muscles.

How to do it – First of all, lie down on your back. Now lift your legs above the ground and bend them at the knees. Now stretch your hands and hold the toes of the feet with them. Then stretch your legs with the help of hands. Keep knees bent. Maintain this position for a few seconds as much as possible.