Yoga for weight gain

Yoga for weight gain

Let us know about Yoga for weight gain. You all know that most people are crazy about losing weight, but there are some people who are worried about increasing their weight. They eat more and more and sit all day long but still their weight remains the same. But there is no need to worry, along with eating a lot, you can also do yoga to get fat. Yoga is really a great workout which helps in curing almost health related problems. 

So let us tell you such beneficial yogasanas which will help you to get fat. But before that let us tell you how yoga helps to gain weight –

Yoga for weight gain
Yoga for weight gain

How Yoga helps to gain weight

Yoga cures dysfunctional metabolism, stress , loss of appetite and digestive problems. It stabilizes the weight and keeps your body healthy. Yoga increases the circulation of oxygen and blood and thus helps in improving the absorption of nutrients. It strengthens the muscles and also makes your body vigorous and flexible. Yoga improves your stamina.

Yoga especially helps in running your metabolism smoothly. Along with this, if you want to reduce your weight , then these asanas will help you in this too. These asanas are considered beneficial for both. But keep in mind that to gain weight, take the help of a good yoga trainer who can give you the right advice for doing yoga. Apart from this, along with these yogasanas, take nutritious food as well.

Bhujangasana for weight gain

Benefits of doing Bhujangasana –

Bhujangasana works on the digestive system, due to which the problem of loss of appetite improves and metabolism starts working well. The reproductive system also gets stimulated by this asana. Apart from this, by doing Bhujangasana, the heart starts getting healthy, with the help of which the process of breathing starts getting better slowly. This improves blood circulation and absorption of nutrients also starts. 

How to do Bhujangasana –

  1. First of all, lie down on your stomach and straighten your legs.
  2. Keep the toes of the feet on the ground.
  3. Keep your elbows at the side of the body.
  4. Then lift your chest, putting the weight of the body on the elbows.
  5. Then take a deep breath and exhale forcefully. 
  6. Maintain this condition for five minutes.

Do Vajrasana to gain weight

Benefits of doing Vajrasana –

This is the only asana that you can do even after eating. It works on the digestive system and keeps the metabolism right, which helps in increasing your weight. This asana helps in keeping the mind calm.

How to do Vajrasana –

  1. First of all sit down.
  2. Now keep both your hands on the thighs.
  3. Keep your eyes straight.
  4. Keep the waist straight too.
  5. Now focus on the front and keep breathing.

Pawanmuktasana helps in gaining weight

Benefits of doing Pawanmuktasana –

This asana works on the digestive system, due to which the digestive system gets stimulated and starts working smoothly. It calms the metabolism and helps in absorbing nutrition in the body.

How to do Pawanmuktasana –

  1. First of all, lie down on your back.
  2. Now bend the knees and bring them near the chest.
  3. Then hold them with both your hands.
  4. Then raise the head slightly and take your nose between the knees.
  5. Remain in this state for a few seconds.
  6. While doing this asana, take a deep breath and keep exhaling.

Matsyasana benefits for weight gain

Benefits of doing Matsyasana –

Matsyasana is the best asana for getting fat. It acts on many systems of the body such as the thyroid gland. It controls an enlarged thyroid gland, which can lead to weight gain, it strengthens the digestive system and keeps the heart healthy. Metabolism and absorption of nutrition improves and problems like weight loss are treated.

How to do Matsyasana –

  1. First of all, lie down on the waist and bring your feet in the position of Padmasana.
  2. Now slowly bend your waist and rest your head on the ground. Your waist should not touch the ground in this.
  3. Maintain this position for a few seconds and then come back to the old position.

Sarvangasana helps in getting fat

Benefits of doing Sarvangasana –

This asana helps in improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body. In this asana, you are inverted and hence with the help of this the blood reaches easily to those places where normally it does not reach properly. This removes the obstacles that block the flow of energy in the body and fills the body with energy. This helps you to gain weight.

How to do Sarvangasana –

  1. First of all lie down in Shavasan.
  2. Now put the hands on the hips and slowly raise the legs up.
  3. Your chin should touch the chest, bring your body up to this point.
  4. Remain like this for some time in this state and then slowly come back to the old state.

Savasana pose helps gain weight

Benefits of Shavasana –

This asana completely relaxes the body. During this time the absorption of the nutrition present in your body increases further. This asana has effect on the whole body.

How to do Shavasana –

  1. First of all, lie down on your back.
  2. Then keep your hands on the side of the body.
  3. Keep your gaze upwards.
  4. Leave the body very loose.
  5. Then close your eyes and try to meditate.

If you want to increase body weight then do Dhanurasana

Benefits of doing Dhanurasana –

Dhanurasana massages your thyroid gland, improves digestion and increases appetite. This asana helps in improving blood circulation and reduces stomach related problems. It relieves tension and stretches the back muscles.  

How to do Dhanurasana –

  1. First of all lie down on your stomach.
  2. Take your legs up and bend towards the waist.
  3. Now lift the shoulders up and bend backwards and hold the ankles of the feet with both your hands.
  4. Keep your eyes straight.
  5. Maintain this state for 15 to 30 seconds.

Chakrasana increases body weight

Benefits of Chakrasana –

Chakrasana balances your hormones and makes the hips flexible. This pose helps in increasing the energy of your body, which helps in running all the processes of the body properly. By doing this asana, your blood gets purified and metabolism also gets cured.

How to do Chakrasana –

  1. First of all, lie down on your back.
  2. Now bend your legs and keep both hands behind your head.
  3. Then lift the body above the ground.
  4. Keep the body raised according to your ability.
  5. Stay in the position for one to five minutes.
  6. Then come back to the old state.