Yoga for kidney stone

Yoga for kidney stone

Let us know about Yoga for kidney stone. Yoga helps in keeping the body healthy and the mind calm. Apart from this, doing yoga can also get rid of many diseases. Even kidney stones can be treated with yoga. The main reason for the formation of kidney stones is the accumulation of urea and calcium in excess in the kidney. Bhujangasan and Pawanmuktasan are such Yogasanas, with the help of which the functioning of the kidney can be improved.

Today in this article, we will learn about the yogasanas that provide relief from kidney stones –

Yoga for kidney stone
Yoga for kidney stone

Yoga asanas beneficial in kidney stones

Due to metabolic and dietary imbalance in the body, the problem of kidney stones can occur. Because of this, the fluid and acid balance in the whole body also deteriorates. In such a situation, doing Bhujangasana and Dhanurasan can be beneficial. Let us make it clear here that it is not possible to remove kidney stones through yoga. Along with this, scientific research is also less available in this regard. Yoga can only improve the functioning of the kidney, so that it can help in recovering quickly from this problem. Come, let us know in detail about the beneficial yogasanas for the kidneys –


By doing Uttanpadasana , the body gets many benefits. This asana helps in strengthening the lower abdomen, waist and legs. Prevents contraction of muscles, thereby strengthening muscles. This helps the kidney and heart to function well.


By doing Pawanmuktasana , the pain in the kidney due to stones can be reduced to some extent. In some cases, this yoga asana can also prove beneficial in taking out very small stones. By doing Pawanmuktasana, the abdominal muscles get better and the blood flow also gets better. Along with this, constipation can also be relieved by doing this.


Bhujangasana is also called cobra pose, because while doing it the posture of the body looks like a cobra. By doing this asana, the muscles of the back improve and the flow of blood also improves. Apart from this, the functioning of the kidney also improves. Along with this, the urinary system is also better.


Dhanurasana is known as the bow pose and this asana is beneficial for kidney health. This asana increases the efficiency of kidney function and can also reduce the pain caused by stones. By doing this, the flexibility of the back muscles increases.


Ardhamatsyendrasana is also called spinal twist pose. Helpful in getting rid of the problem of kidney stones, this yoga is also beneficial in the problem of obesity .


The kidney does the important work of filtering the waste from the blood and cleaning it. They are also helpful in maintaining urinary system function, hormone balance and blood pressure levels in the body. Yoga like Ardhamatsyendrasana and Dhanurasana are helpful in the treatment of kidney stones, Yoga can not only help in curing the pain of kidney stones, but can also help in strengthening other parts of the body. Yoga also increases the immunity of the body. Just keep in mind that do not do any yoga by yourself. In the beginning, do it only under the supervision of a yoga instructor.