Yoga for Glowing Skin

Yoga for Glowing Skin

Let us know about Yoga for Glowing Skin. To get beautiful, soft and glowing skin, people resort to various types of creams and cosmetics, but sometimes these products can also harm the skin. In such a situation, yoga is the only way, through which the skin can be made beautiful and glowing without any harm. At the same time, through yoga, the inner and outer body can be made healthy and beautiful. Yoga increases the flow of blood in a better way, which makes your skin glow. we will talk about those yoga exercises which can work to improve the face.

Yoga for Glowing Skin
Yoga for Glowing Skin

Let us first know a little about how yoga can make the skin glow.

How does yoga work for glowing skin?

In today’s era, stress and anxiety have become normal, which not only affects the internal but also the external body of the people. Yoga is the best way to remove this tension from the face and bring glow on the face. It can reduce stress levels by calming the body and mind.

Yoga has a positive effect on the physical and mental system and its effect is seen on the whole body. The effect of aging on the skin may be due to the internal health of the body and tissues, but with patience and consistent practice of yoga, fair and glowing skin can be found.

Let us now talk about yoga asanas, which can help in getting glowing skin.

10 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

As we have told you above that by being physically and mentally healthy, its effect is seen on the face as well. Due to this, the blood reaches all the parts of the body at the same speed and the skin gets glowing (1) . In such a situation, some asanas and pranayama can be helpful in making the face young and glowing. Below we are talking about some 10 asanas, which can be beneficial for the glow of the face.

1. Sarvangasana

How is it beneficial:

Sarva means all, anga means parts of the body and asana means posture. By doing this asana, all the organs get exercise. Hence, it is called Sarvangasana. Sarvangasana is very beneficial in high blood pressure and when the body stays away from these types of diseases, its effect is also visible on the face

How to do :
  • First of all, spread a yoga mat in a clean environment.
  • Now lie down on the mat on the back and straighten both the hands by touching the body.
  • Now while breathing, slowly raise the legs, hips and waist up and take them to 90 degrees.
  • Along with supporting the waist with the hands, touch the elbows to the ground.
  • Keep in mind that both your legs should be adjacent and straight.
  • During this, the weight of your body will be on the shoulders, elbows and head.
  • Also your chin will touch the chest.
  • Stay in this posture for some time and keep breathing normally.
  • Then slowly come back to your initial state.


How is it beneficial:

Padmasana is a Sanskrit word, which means lotus flower. In this yoga pose, the mind becomes calm and stress is removed. It works to balance the physical and mental condition. In addition, it can also reduce the effects of aging on the skin. If this happens, then it is bound to brighten your face.

How to do :
  • Sit on the yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front.
  • Keep your waist and neck straight.
  • Now bend the right leg and place its heel on the left thigh and bend the left leg and place its heel on the right thigh.
  • Now make Gyan Mudra with your hands and place your hands on your knees.
  • During this, keep your elbows straight.
  • Now sit in this pose for some time.
  • Continue the process of breathing in and out.
  • Then slowly come back to the initial state.

3. Ardha Matsyendrasana

How is it beneficial:

This asana is also called “Half Spinal Twist Pose”. “Ardha Matsyendrasana” is made up of three words Ardha, Matsya, and Indra. Ardha means half, Matsya means fish, and Indra means God. This yoga can prove beneficial in reducing stress from the mind as well as the body. When all the tension is removed from the body, the face will also bloom. Therefore, it can be effective for facial glow.

How to do :
  • First of all, spread the mat and sit in the state of Dandasana (sitting with the legs straight in front).
  • Now while breathing, fold the left leg and bring it under the right buttock.
  • Then fold the right leg and place it next to the knee of the left leg.
  • During this, the sole of the right foot will remain adjacent to the ground.
  • Now while exhaling comfortably, turn the torso, neck and head to the right as much as possible.
  • Then try to hold the right ankle by moving the left hand over the right knee.
  • At the same time, while taking the right hand back, try to keep it on the back.
  • You can stay in this pose for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Now come back to Dandasana and then repeat all the steps from the other leg side.

4. Downward facing breathing

How is it beneficial:

Adhomukha Svanasana is also called Downward Facing Dog Pose. With the help of this asana, there can be benefits in calming the mind and removing depression.

How to do :
  • First of all, sit on the yoga mat on the knees and palms.
  • Then, while exhaling, raise the body upwards from the middle.
  • In this state, the head will be between the two elbows and the body will be seen in the shape of ‘V’.
  • Keep in mind that both legs and arms should remain straight in this state.
  • During this posture, try to look at your navel by pulling your neck inwards. Also, try to put the heels on the ground.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • Then slowly come back to the normal position by keeping the knees on the ground.
  • This asana can be done 3 to 4 times.

5. Governance

How is it beneficial:

Shashak means rabbit. While doing this asana, a person becomes like a rabbit, that is why it is called Shasakasana. According to a research, doing this asana reduced the effects of stress, anxiety, sadness and insomnia in all the participants within a week.

How to do :
  • First of all, sit in Vajrasana and keep your spine straight.
  • Keep distance between both the knees.
  • Now raise both the hands above the head.
  • Then while exhaling and keeping the hands straight, bend forward from the waist.
  • Keep in mind that your chin and hands should be resting on the floor. Also try to look ahead. Stay in this position for some time and keep breathing at a normal pace.
  • Now while breathing slowly come back to the starting position.
  • You can repeat this three to five times.

6. Hastapadasana

How is it beneficial:

Hastapadasana is made up of three words Hasta + Pada + Asana. Hasta means hand, pada means foot, asana means posture. You get many benefits from this yoga asana. It drives away anxiety and sadness, which can also make the skin glow. Therefore, it can be said that it can also work to increase the glow of the face.

How to do :
  • First of all, stand straight on the yoga mat and join both the legs together.
  • Now take the hands near the head and then, while exhaling, bend down comfortably.
  • The weight of the whole body should be on both the feet.
  • Try to touch the palms to the ground and the head to the knees.
  • Stay in this posture for a few seconds and keep breathing normally.
  • After this, get up while breathing.
  • You can do this asana four to five times.

7. Halasana

How is it beneficial:

Halasana is usually performed 1 to 5 minutes after Sarvangasana. In this pose, the shape of the body is similar to the plow, the tool used by the farmer, hence the name Halasana. Due to this, the circulation of blood in the body is good. It improves your mood, sleep and lifestyle (4) . In such a situation, it can be said that it can be beneficial in improving the skin by removing stress.

How to do :
  • First of all, spread a yoga mat on a flat place in a clean environment.
  • Now lie straight on this mat on your back.
  • Keep your hands close to the body. The direction of the palms will be towards the ground.
  • Now while breathing, raise the legs up to 90 degrees.
  • If there is difficulty in lifting the legs, then the waist can be supported with the hand.
  • Now, keeping the legs straight while exhaling, move slowly from the top of the head towards the back.
  • Then try to touch the ground with the toes.
  • Now remove the hands from the waist and keep them straight on the ground as before.
  • Try to stay in this pose as long as possible and keep breathing at a normal pace.
  • Now while breathing slowly come back to the starting position.
  • You can do this yogasana three to five times according to your ability.

8. Shavasana

How is it beneficial:

Shavasana is for relaxation and it is done at the end after doing all the yoga asanas. This can make you free from stress. In a research related to yoga, it is believed that stress can cause problems like psoriasis (itchy skin with rashes). At the same time, yoga like Shavasana can benefit in this problem by relieving mental stress.

How to do :
  • Lie down on your back by laying a yoga mat on a flat surface.
  • Keep both your hands at a distance of one feet from the body and the direction of the palms should be towards the sky.
  • Keep the distance between both the feet also about 2 feet.
  • Now close your eyes and keep breathing and exhaling normally.
  • Stay in this posture for a while and keep full attention on the speed of breath.
  • This asana can be done comfortably on a daily basis.

9. Dhanurasana

How is it beneficial:

This asana got its name because of the shape of its bow. It is rightly known as Dhanu-asana. By doing this, new energy comes in the body and stress is removed.

How to do :
  • Lay the yoga mat on a calm and flat place and lie down on your stomach.
  • Then bend the knees and hold the ankles firmly with the hands.
  • Then lift the chest, head and thigh while breathing.
  • By doing this, the shape of the body will become like a bow.
  • Now, according to your physical capacity, stay in this pose for some time and keep breathing at a normal pace.
  • Then slowly come back to the initial posture while exhaling.
  • You can do this asana two to three times.

10. Trikonasana

How is it beneficial:

While doing Trikonasana Yoga, the shape of the body becomes like a triangle, hence it is called Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. A research has found that there are many mental, physical and spiritual benefits of doing this asana.

How to do :
  • First stand straight and join the feet together.
  • The hands should be adjacent to the body.
  • Slowly spread your legs. Keep in mind that both the legs should be parallel to each other.
  • Bring both your hands parallel to the shoulders by spreading them away from the body.
  • Then turn the left leg outward.
  • Taking a deep breath, bend to your left side and try to touch the floor with the fingers of the left hand. At the same time raise the right hand up.
  • Try looking at the fingers of your right hand.
  • Wait for a few seconds and keep breathing normally.
  • Exhale slowly and reach the normal posture.
  • Then repeat the same process from the other side as well.

Yoga for Face: Face Yoga For Glowing Skin

Yoga for face is a type of exercise that improves blood circulation in the face and relaxes your facial muscles. Along with this, due to exercise, there is also a tightening of the muscles. This improves the face and also reduces wrinkles on the skin, which can reduce the effect of aging ( 7 ) . Learn about yoga for the face below.

  • By doing Blowing Air Face Yoga, the muscles of the face and neck can get a lot of benefit (8) . This can reduce the problem of double chin and make the face look attractive.
  • By doing lip pulling yoga, the muscles of the face are shaped, due to which it improves the cheekbones and jaw line and the face can look younger (8) .
  • Fish face is also a type of yoga. This yoga poses tones the face and can work to improve the functioning of the facial muscles (8) .
  • Chin lift yoga can be used to reduce the problem of double chin. This can get rid of double chin. Also, the functioning of the neck muscles can also improve (8) .

Come, now let us also know some useful tips.

Everyday must-follow tips for Glowing skin (Include In points)

Improvement in the skin is possible only when wrinkles, aging and stress are reduced from the skin, so some of the measures given below can make the skin shiny.

  • The face should be washed thoroughly with water daily.
  • Consume sufficient amount of water, it improves the skin.
  • Eat a diet rich in proteins and vitamins.
  • Do not forget to include fruits in your diet.
  • Use homemade ubtan or face pack.
  • Do not touch your face again and again.

Like physical and mental health, the face can also be made beautiful and blooming through yoga. The yoga mentioned above can prove helpful in making the face attractive. Let us make it clear here that the effect of yoga is gradual. Therefore, it is necessary to practice yoga regularly along with the right diet for better results. With this, along with the face, health will also be good.

Frequently asked questions

Which yoga is good for improving the face?

To improve the face, you can do any of the yogasanas mentioned in the above article. By doing yoga, your mind and brain get rest, due to which your face gets glowing.

Does doing yoga affect the complexion of the face?

Yes, Iyengar Yoga works to improve skin tone.

Can Yoga Reduce Facial Hair?

No, yoga can reduce facial hair, this is clear from NCBI research. It is believed in research that yoga can provide relief in hirsutism i.e. unwanted hair problem in women. Now there is no clear information available about how yoga works in this case.

Can doing yoga change the face?

By doing face yoga, the structure of the face can be improved, but it is not possible to change it completely (7) .

Can doing yoga improve skin?

Yes, doing yoga can solve the problem of aging and wrinkles.

Can Face Yoga Cause Wrinkles?

No, doing face yoga can solve the problem of wrinkles. This is clear from research related to yoga