Why tetanus vaccine in pregnancy

Why tetanus vaccine in pregnancy

Let us know about Why tetanus vaccine in pregnancy. During pregnancy, women need many types of vaccines for the health of the unborn baby. Only with the help of these vaccines, the coming baby can be protected from future problems. One such vaccine is also tetanus, complete information about why injections should be given is given in detail. Here TT Things to keep in mind related to vaccination have also been discussed.

What Is Tetanus Toxoid (TT) Injection? , Tt Injection In Pregnancy

Tetanus is a serious disease caused by Clostridium bacteria. These bacteria are found in soil, saliva, dust and manure. They easily enter the body through any cut or burnt part. As from the place of injury by an iron object. Due to this infection, a painful stretch is felt in the muscles of the whole body. Also, the jaw does not open properly and there is difficulty in swallowing things.

Tetanus toxoid is injected to avoid the problem of tetanus. Tetanus toxoid is a type of vaccine, which works to protect against this problem. Applying it during pregnancy is considered safe for both the pregnant woman and the foetus. With this, the pregnant woman and her unborn baby can be protected from the grip of tetanus infection.

Let us first understand why tetanus injection should be done during pregnancy.

Why Should Tetanus Injection Be Given During Pregnancy?

Why tetanus vaccine in pregnancy
Why tetanus vaccine in pregnancy

There is a high risk of developing every small and big problem in pregnancy. At this time, if there is a cut or burn in the body of a woman, then she may get tetanus infection. The effect of this infection can also be seen on the coming baby. For this reason, it is necessary to get the tetanus toxoid vaccine.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, more than 200,000 newborns die every year due to tetanus. In such a situation, the newborn can be protected from tetanus infection by applying tetanus toxoid vaccine during pregnancy, so tetanus injection should be done during pregnancy. Also, it can help prevent premature birth and premature delivery

In the next part of the article, know when and how often TT should be injected during pregnancy.

In Which Month And How Often Is TT Injection Given During Pregnancy?

The National Immunization Schedule in India recommends 2 doses of Tetanus Toxoid (TT) to pregnant women. Its first dose should be given as soon as possible after the pregnancy is detected. The second injection is given 4 weeks after the first dose.

Also, if a woman is pregnant for the second time after 3 years and has already received TT vaccination twice in her first pregnancy, she will need only one dose this time. This dose is called a booster dose.

Some experts also believe that the second dose of TT should be given 4 weeks before the expected date of delivery. According to WHO, if a woman is given a third dose 6 months after the second dose of TT, then the risk of tetanus can be protected for 5 years.

Next, we are telling the things to pay attention to while applying TT injection during pregnancy.

Things To Keep In Mind While Injecting TT During Pregnancy

It is important to keep many things in mind while giving TT injection to a pregnant woman. We are telling about these things below.

  • Pregnant women have to follow all the instructions regarding TT injection.
  • Keep in mind that the vaccine giver shakes his vial well and fills the vaccine in the injection.
  • The vaccine vial should not be frozen too much in ice.
  • Visit the doctor on the scheduled day for the second dose. Keep adding the date to the mobile calendar.
  • After getting the vaccine, do not touch or scratch that place again and again.
  • Ask the doctor about what kind of symptoms will appear after applying it, and if you see any serious symptoms other than those symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.

Understand whether TT injections pose any risk to the mother or the unborn baby

Can There Be Any Danger To The Mother Or The Unborn Child By Not Giving TT Injection During Pregnancy?

Although getting a tetanus shot during pregnancy is safe for both the mother and the foetus. This does not cause any harm. Nevertheless, some common symptoms can be seen in pregnant women after getting the vaccine. However, no symptoms of this are visible in the incoming baby. These symptoms can be seen in pregnant women.

  • Erythema ie red rash, swelling and pain at the injection site.
  • After applying it, there may be pain in the whole body .
  • Pregnant women may feel very tired for some time after applying it .
  • Some people may also see symptoms like fever after this vaccination .

Vaccination is necessary to keep away small and big risks in pregnancy. At this time, after getting complete information related to TT vaccine, go to the doctor and get it installed. We hope that the information given in this article has given a good idea about TT vaccination.