Why do women wear bras

Why do women wear bras

Let’s know about why do women wear bras. Have you ever wondered why women and girls wear bras? If not, then in today’s post Sonia is going to share her heart with all of you, in which Sonia will tell her heart which many boys do not know.

In today’s society, it has become very important for women and girls to wear bra, but does it have any benefits or does she wear bra only to save her respect in the society.

Today I will tell you why I wear a bra myself and what are its benefits, because being a girl, I can explain to you very well why all of us ladies wear bras.

Then without taking much time let’s start this article directly.

Why do women and girls wear bras (the real reason)

Why do women wear bras
Why do women wear bras

First of all, let us look at some of the benefits of wearing a bra, due to which I personally wear it and other women also get benefited by wearing it.

1. To tighten loose breasts

For those ladies whose breasts are very loose or hanging, wearing a bra helps in keeping their breasts lifted, due to which their breasts do not look loose or hanging.

Women who have very large breasts or older women face this problem, but loose breasts can be tightened by wearing a bra. For this she takes the help of pushup bra.

2. To increase the size of small breasts

There are many girls whose breasts are very small, due to which their self-confidence is reduced, because everyone’s body structure is different.

Some have big breasts but some are very small, in such a situation, all the girls whose breasts are very small wear bras with padding so that their breasts look bigger.

3. To make big breasts look smaller

Some ladies, especially those who are married and have children, their breasts look very big after delivery, which does not look good.

Whatever dress or clothes she wears, her breasts look very big due to which she feels very uncomfortable. Apart from this, they feel very shy even outside the house.

To avoid this, those who have very large breast size wear tight bras so that the size of their breasts appears smaller.

4. To look attractive

At today’s time, every girl or woman wants that she looks the most beautiful and attractive and her breasts have a huge contribution in enhancing the beauty of ladies.

When girls wear bra, their breasts look tight and very attractive, for this every lady chooses the right fitting bra according to her breast size.

Why do I wear a bra and why do we need it?

Now I go to college and life is going very well. Today I am sharing this post because many people still have this question that why these ladies always wear bra and what is the reason for it.

So in this post I am going to share my heart’s feelings with all of you so that you will know everything.

I was very happy when I was little, but as I grew up, my mother made me into the habit of wearing a bra.

At first I used to feel very uncomfortable and I asked my mother that earlier I did not wear bra but now why do you always ask me to wear bra.

That’s why my mother told me that daughter, now you have become young and now your body has started changing and nowadays every woman wears bra.

So I asked whether I will also have to wear this always, then my mother said that yes, from now on you will always have to wear this whether you are at home or in college.

Earlier when I was young no one looked at me much but as I turned 18 and whenever I went out wearing a T-shirt I noticed one thing that every guy looked at my boobs.

Then whether it is a boy or an uncle, the boys used to look at him, but the people whose age was like that of the father, those people cross the limits.

Older people remain more youthful. If you are also a girl, then you too must have felt this. However, there are many benefits of wearing a bra, such as when we wear a dress, the shape of our breasts looks good.

Whether you wear a t-shirt or a saree or a nighty bra, our breasts appear even more raised and tight.

This is its advantage, but boys like tight and big breasts very much and this is the reason that when I go outside wearing a T-shirt, all the boys stare at my breasts very hard.

Come on, it is natural that boys are crazy about girls, but it is such a strange thing that even if by mistake the strip of our bra is seen, then the boys do not leave it too.

I feel very insecure, sometimes I feel like never wearing a bra, I feel very tight.

Especially in the summer season, but what to do, it has become our compulsion and if by mistake a girl goes out without wearing a bra, then people stare at her and kill her as if she has committed some crime.

Fingers are raised on her character if she goes out or to college without wearing a bra and then I came to know why my mother always told me to wear a bra.

Slowly I came to know everything. I once went abroad to travel but the people there did not see it that way.

But don’t know, boys in India are completely crazy, they look at our breasts before seeing our face.

I don’t know what they think but what can I do? Nowadays every woman and girl wears a bra and it has become a style.

Different types of bras are also available in the market with different designs. I asked a shopkeeper which bra is sold the most and he told that women ask for simple bras.

But when a man comes, he asks for bras with designs and different styles. Now I came to know that men want their wives to wear designed and attractive bras so that their wives look even more beautiful.

Whatever may be the case, today’s society is like this and I also thought that we cannot do anything to people nor can we ask them to close their eyes.

We have to live according to our society and I hope you would have liked these words from my heart.