What to eat to gain weight during pregnancy

What to eat to gain weight during pregnancy

Let us know about what to eat to gain weight during pregnancy. If women are underweight during pregnancy, it can also affect the development of their fetus. Learn how to gain weight positively During pregnancy, women try to take full care of themselves and their baby for 9 months. In such a situation, they add those things to their diet which will benefit them and their children. In such a situation, if a woman loses weight during pregnancy, it can have a negative impact on the health of her child. The weight of women should be balanced during pregnancy. That is, the weight should neither be too less nor too much. In such a situation, underweight women can increase their weight by adopting some home remedies during pregnancy. Some home remedies can be useful for women to increase their weight. Today’s article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article how women can positively increase their weight during pregnancy. For this, we have also spoken to Nutritionist and wellness expert Varun Katyal. Let’s read further…

1 – Add healthy fats to the diet

What to eat to gain weight during pregnancy
What to eat to gain weight during pregnancy

Women should add some healthy fats to their diet which can positively increase the weight of women. For example, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, fatty fish, avocado, olive oil etc. contain fat which is useful in increasing the weight of women. Keep in mind that more calories and more fat together can increase the weight, so take the help of a dietician for the right amount.

2 – Add Rich Protein Foods

Rich protein foods are useful in positive weight gain in women. For example, women can add peanuts, beans, kidney beans, lentils, paneer, soybeans, broccoli, chia seeds, etc. to their diet and increase their weight positively. Let us tell you that a lot of protein is found inside these foods, which is very useful for women. But even before consuming it, take information about the quantity from the dietician.

3 – Add healthy drinks to the diet

Consuming certain healthy drinks can positively increase weight in women. Let us tell you that these drinks include orange juice, carrot juice or papaya juice etc. Vitamin C is found in abundance in these drinks. Also, these juices are also one of the main sources of carotene. In such a situation, women can positively increase the weight by adding these juices to their diet.

4 – Exercise is also important

During pregnancy, women often exclude activities from their daily routine. It is wrong to do so. On the advice of experts, women should add some such exercises in their daily routine, so that the weight of the women is controlled and the health of the child and the mother is also maintained. Note that women should not do any physical activity on someone’s advice.

5 – Distance from junk food is necessary

Women should not consume junk food during pregnancy . Let us tell you that the consumption of junk food can cause problems in metabolism regulations, due to which the weight of women can also be unbalanced and can affect the health of the fetus. In such a situation, women should remove junk food or processed food from their diet during pregnancy. For example, keep distance from things like burger, pizza, noodles, chowmin, maida, soda etc.

6 – Keep eating something in little time

It is better for women to eat small amounts four to five times a day rather than eating a large amount at one go. Doing this not only keeps the metabolism right but also helps in increasing the weight. For example, women can add protein, green vegetables etc. to their diet.

Note – The above mentioned points show that women who are underweight during pregnancy can increase their weight positively by making slight changes in their diet and routine. But if you are allergic to any of the things mentioned above, then take expert advice once before consuming it. Otherwise, along with your health, the health of the fetus can also be affected. On the other hand, if women are exercising, then take expert opinion for correct information. Do not change your routine or diet on someone’s advice.