What to eat after fasting

What to eat after fasting

Let us know about what to eat after fasting. Many women keep waterless fast. In such a situation, you need to take care of your health in advance. Know what to eat before fasting so that you remain healthy and energetic on the day of fasting.

What to eat after fasting
What to eat after fasting

Food Before And After Fast: The fasting festival starts from the month of Sawan. In such a situation, there are many fasts when women keep waterless fast without eating or drinking anything for the whole day. There are many fasts like Hartalika Teej, Karva Chauth and Ekadashi, in which waterless fasting is observed. Women observing this fast do not eat anything throughout the day and do not even drink water. At the same time, they also have to do all the household chores. While preparing for fasting and worship, some women start feeling headache, vomiting or dizziness in the evening. Problems like weakness, dizziness, low blood pressure, dehydration occur during waterless fasting. However, if you take care of eating and drinking a day before and after fasting, then the problem can be reduced. 

What to eat before Nirjala fast?

1- One day before Nirjala Vrat, eat plenty of watery fruits like melon and watermelon. With this, the amount of water in the body will be balanced and dehydration will be avoided.

2- You must include soaked almonds and walnuts in your diet before fasting. Your immunity level remains correct with dryfruits.

3- Most of the people start feeling acidity and fatigue during the fast. To avoid this, you should eat gooseberry jam. Eating gooseberry marmalade does not cause acidity.

4- One day before fasting, you can also include kiwi and lemon water in your diet. This will increase your immunity and you will not fall ill.

5- Coconut water must be drunk one day before the fast. This keeps your body hydrated.

6- You can also eat jaggery in food before fasting. Jaggery contains iron, due to which you remain full of energy throughout the day.

7- Don’t forget to drink cumin water a day before fasting because it prevents acidity problem. You can also include cumin water in your daily diet.

8- You should also include curd in the food before fasting. You will not have any stomach related problem on the day of fasting with curd.

What to eat after Nirjala fast?

1- You should drink coconut water while breaking the Nirjala fast. With this, your body will get instant energy and your thirst will also be quenched.

2- After breaking the fast, you should eat a bowl of papaya or any fruit. Keep in mind that you should not eat sour fruits.

3- Eat food about 1 hour after eating fruits. Try to eat lightly and do not eat too much oil. This makes food easily digested.

4- Do not eat too much food after breaking the fast. Eating too much can cause gas and indigestion. You take diet little by little and often.  

5- Sour fruits should not be eaten after breaking the fast. Due to this you have every possibility of getting acidity.

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The tradition of fasting in India dates back to centuries. There are many types of fasts – some fasts are such that even water is not consumed, such as Karva Chauth, Sakat Chauth, Teej etc.

During Navratri, many people fast for eight days (from Padva to Ashtami), and eat only fruits for the entire eight days. Fruit food means food made from fruits and some other special vegetables. Rock salt is used in fruit diet. The fast is broken only after the birth ceremony and worship of Lord Rama (Ramanavami) on the ninth day of Navratri. Those who do not fast for eight days, fast on the first and the last day (i.e. on Padwa and Ashtami).

Now it depends on your faith and courage which fast you keep. and how to keep Falahar – The definition of Falahar is also very broad – where some people consider only green chilies as fruit, while some people also eat black and red chilies during fasting. The same is the case with some vegetables – empty potatoes, sweet potatoes and bottle gourd are considered fruits in some families, while others eat colocasia during the fast. Well…. you fast with devotion and according to the tradition of your family make fruits…..