What to do for chapped lips in winter

What to do for chapped lips in winter – Your lips will become soft

Let us know about what to do for chapped lips in winter. In winter, the moisture of the lips gets lost. Due to this, burning sensation, wounds , prickling etc. may be felt in the lips. While chapped lips give a feeling of ugliness on the face, they also cause physical pain. The skin of the lips is more affected by weather than other parts of the body. Experts say that the skin of the lips dries 10 times faster than the skin of the face. The skin of the lips does not have oil glands as compared to other parts of the body. In such a situation, some home remedies can be used to prevent lips from becoming dry during winter.

Today in this article you will know which home remedies can be effective in protecting lips in winter –

Beneficial home tips for lips in winter

Chapped lips are common in winter. In such a situation, the problem of chapped lips can be controlled with some home remedies. Here you will know in detail about those home remedies, with the help of which chapped lips can be cured –

  • Whatever be the season, to keep the lips soft and supple, you must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, so that the moisture of the body can be maintained.
  • Before sleeping at night, apply pure organic honey on the lips and wash them with fresh normal water in the morning.
  • Apply the mixture made of rose water and glycerin in equal quantity on the lips at night and wash it with water in the morning. This will keep the lips soft and supple.
  • Heat cow’s ghee, apply it on your finger and massage your lips gently . This will increase the blood circulation of the lips and the lips will become pink and soft.
  • Applying mustard oil in the navel after bathing in the morning and before sleeping at night can provide relief from the problem of chapped lips.
  • By grinding rose leaves and mixing it with cream and applying it on the lips, the lips can become soft and pink.
  • Almond oil can also be applied on the lips before sleeping at night .
  • You can apply cream on your lips for one hour every day. If this causes the color of the lips to darken, then add a few drops of lemon juice to the cream.


The effect of lack of moisture in the environment during winter is clearly visible on the lips. Due to this the lips start cracking. In some cases, blood starts coming from the lips. In such a situation, lips can be protected from chapping by using home remedies. For this, grind rose leaves and add cream to it and the prepared paste can be applied on the lips. Apart from this, coconut oil, almond oil, cow ghee etc. can also be used.

If your lips have started cracking in winter and are troubled by dryness, then try these 5 methods, your lips will become soft.

What to do for chapped lips in winter
What to do for chapped lips in winter

Often there is a problem of chapped lips in winter. In such a situation, some lip care tips help in making the lips soft and supple again. 

The problem of chapped lips often occurs in winter. The dry winds of this season not only make the skin dry but due to lack of moisture the lips start getting badly cut and cracked. If you do not apply lip balm, this problem can increase manifold. In such a situation, neither lipstick looks beautiful on your lips nor do your lips look good without applying anything. Here some home remedies are being given which prevent your lips from chapped lips and help in making them soft. 

Home remedies for cracked lips Chapped Lips Home Remedies 

sugar scrub 

Mix a few drops of coconut oil in half a teaspoon of fine sugar in a bowl. Mix it and take it in your fingers and rub it on the lips. This exfoliates the lips and removes the layer of dead skin cells on the lips. Keep in mind that you should not take too thick pieces of sugar and should not rub your lips for too long. 

Badam oil 

It is beneficial to apply almond oil on the lips before sleeping every night. The properties of Vitamin E present in almond oil are effective in healing cuts on the lips. Also, it helps in the formation of new skin cells which makes the lips soft. 

Lemon juice 

If the lips are not cracked and are just dry, then lemon juice can be used. The effect is visible on massaging the lips by mixing sugar pieces or honey in lemon juice. After rubbing this juice on the lips for 5 minutes, clean the lips with water and apply lip balm on them. 


Make a paste by mixing coconut oil in one spoon of coffee. Avoid diluting this mixture too much. Apply it on the lips and rub lightly and then wash. You will get relief from the problem of chapped lips. 

beetroot juice 

An excellent lip mask can be made by mixing beetroot juice and honey together. Apply this lip mask on the lips and keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it. Use of beetroot also gives natural pink color to the lips which looks very beautiful.