nude lipstick

What is nude lipstick

Lipstick adds beauty to the beauty of women. That’s why it is considered a special part of makeup. Nude lipsticks are on top in lipsticks at this time. Although lipsticks come in many shades, but it is seen that red and pink lipsticks are used the most by women. Both of these are very dark colors which are not always good to use. As it seems a bit strange to go to office, shopping or other places with such a dark lipstick, hence the popularity of nude lipstick is increasing nowadays.

nude lipstick

It comes in pastel shades and can be carried anywhere. Although it is a bit expensive but gives you a glamorous look. Finding the right nude lipstick can be hard work. Indian women have a lot of problem in buying lipstick according to their skin tone. In this article, we are going to tell you what is nude lipstick. How to choose nude lipstick for your skin tone and which nude lipstick is best available in the market.

What is nude lipstick?

The lipstick used on the basis of skin tone is called nude lipstick. This lipstick works to balance heavy makeup and provides an attractive look. Nude lipstick is not only used on the basis of skin tone, but it is also applied according to lip tone and color. Nude lipstick comes in a variety of shades and every woman selects a nude lipstick according to her skin tone.

How to choose the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone?

The best way to choose a nude lipstick is to choose a dark and warm lipstick that is lighter than your natural skin tone. This also means that when you go to buy nude lipstick, do not apply foundation on your face. With this, you will not have much difficulty in finding the right shade. A nude lipstick with a light dark shade helps in providing an even tone and also maintains a balance between your lipstick and the natural shade of the skin which looks quite attractive.

If you want to get rid of pink and red lipstick for a few days, then always keep in mind while buying lipstick that buy such a nude lipstick which gives you a casual look and makes you stand out.

If your skin is very light then obviously your lips will also be naturally pink. In this case, you should buy a nude lipstick with a bright shade that can give a little contrast to your complexion. Applying lip gloss after applying nude shade lipstick on light skin gives glossy signing and increases attractiveness.

If you want to buy nude lipstick that is not visible after applying, then you should buy lipstick matching your skin tone or lip color.

Which nude lipstick should women with black skin tone apply?

Finding nude lipstick for women with dark skin tone is not as difficult as many women think. Most of the nude lipsticks look good on black skinned women and give an attractive look to their lips. Women with this skin tone should go for Revlon Super Lustrous Creamy Lipstick or MAC Lipstick.

Nude lipsticks for dark skin

If you have dark skin, then you may have trouble finding the right shade of nude lipstick for you. That’s why Maybelline Color Sensational Buff in Untainted Spice Lipstick is considered good for dusky women. The special thing is that it gives a natural look to your lips and is also durable for a long time. You can apply it everyday.

Nude lipsticks for brown skin women

If your skin is brown then applying nude lipstick can increase the attractiveness of your lips. Whether you are headed to the office or a cocktail party, women with brown skin tones should go for shades like MAC Mocha shade of brown or pinkbeige nude MAC Velvet Teddy. These shades blend very well with your skin and give you a natural look. Apart from this, you can also apply lipstick of Lakme’s coffee color 9 to five (Lakme 9 to 5 lip color in Coffee).

Best nude lipstick for women

There are a lot of nude lipsticks in the market. To make it easier for women to choose the right nude lipstick for their skin tone, below are some of the best nude lipsticks available in the market.

Sugar Lip Crayon Jackie brown and Stephenie plum

This nude lipstick is becoming very popular among women. This specialty is that patches do not come on the lips after applying it and it lasts for more than eight hours. Its many shades are available in the market. You can use this nude lipstick keeping in mind your skin tone. Let us tell you that by applying this lipstick only once, you will get natural color and there will be no need to apply it again and again.

Maybelline Lip Gradation in Mauve 1

This lipstick from Maybelline is very soft and looks very beautiful after applying on the lips. This color lipstick is perfect for all skin tones. So you don’t have to worry while buying it and you can of course use it.

MAC Myth lipstick

MAC Myth Line is a neutral shade. Apart from this, it is highly pigmented and stays fresh on the lips for a long time. MAC Myth Nude Lipstick lasts for at least six hours. It is of semi matte texture so that the layer does not settle on your lips and looks quite attractive.

MAC Freckletone nude lipstick

This lipstick is a natural peach shade and imparts a slight orange tint after application. MAC Freckletone Lipstick lasts for three to four hours and gives natural color to the lips.

Colorbar Creme Cup nude lipstick

Colorbar Cream Cup Light is a nude lipstick which comes in the shade of Orange. This semi matte lipstick does not contain shimmer and gloss and can stay put on the lips for up to four hours. The pigmentation of this lipstick is very beautiful and it is easily available in the market.

NYX Round Lipstick

This classic nude lipstick can be worn for any occasion. It has a beautiful texture with saturated color and lasts for three to four hours. Its texture is creamy and it is also very pigmented. It also works to
moisturise the lips and is also easily available.

Coffee Command nude lipstick

This nude lipstick from Lakme with creamy texture stays on the lips for at least five to six hours. It has a matte finish and does not dry out the lips. There is no problem in eating and drinking after applying it and it is perfect for both fair and dark skin tones.
Probably after reading this article, you must have understood about nude lipstick correctly. Hope now you will not have any problem in buying nude lipstick for your skin tone.