What can you eat after wisdom teeth removal

What can you eat after wisdom teeth removal

Let us know about what can you eat after wisdom teeth removal. If you try to understand in simple language, then these are the backmost teeth inside our mouth which come out from the gums. It is also called Wisdom Teeth in English.

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

What can you eat after wisdom teeth removal
What can you eat after wisdom teeth removal

There may be a need to get the wisdom tooth removed due to worm infestation or any other reason. There is a fixed procedure to get it removed which is done by a dentist in a clinic or hospital.

Actually what happens is that due to other reasons including cavity or texture in the teeth, the food you eat starts getting stuck in the molars.

Because of which the cavity or tooth gets damaged. It is also known as worm infestation in wisdom teeth. After which the wisdom tooth has to be removed.

Once removed, proper nutrition is needed to reduce the complications caused by it such as swelling , pain, etc. and to speed up the healing process. For which you can consume the following soft foods rich in vitamins, minerals, energy and proteins –


  • Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world.
  • It is soft enough that anyone can chew it.
  • It is very easy to eat them after dental surgery.
  • Apart from being rich in nutrients, bananas are a good source of vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, folate.
  • By eating banana, there is less difficulty in opening the mouth or chewing, which reduces the chances of discomfort.

ice crem

  • It is recommended by most of the doctors to eat cold and soft food for 24 hours after the dental surgery.
  • In such a situation, eating ice cream helps in healing the wound present inside the mouth.
  • You can use whatever flavor you want for this.

A kind of cheese

  • It is a source of low calorie and high protein.
  • Most importantly, it is very easy to chew and swallow.
  • Due to which there is no deficiency of any vitamin or mineral in the body.
  • You can use it normally or in any recipe. 


  • There is a lot of healthy fat in it.
  • Avocado can be consumed by using it in many types of recipes etc.
  • It is a good source of nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C and potassium .
  • You can take advantage of using avocado in smoothie or creamy form.
  • There is a slight speed in recovery due to its use.


  • It has good amount of protein.
  • Also, eating cold curd after wisdom teeth surgery gives relief to the mouth.
  • Curd is also considered a good source of calcium, vitamins, minerals, and zinc.
  • According to studies, consuming a high protein diet helps in the recovery process after surgery.
  • Apart from this, studies have also found that zinc also plays an important role in wound healing.


  • It is a food made from whole grains rich in nutrients.
  • Oats are considered a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • It is very easy to chew them.
  • Oats can be eaten for the next three days after surgery.
  • Oats can be eaten cold to avoid irritation at the surgical site.


  • It is better to drink tomato or pumpkin soup after wisdom teeth removal .
  • There is plenty of vitamins and minerals in it.
  • From which you can get the nutritional elements of daily need.
  • Also, consuming it after the surgery to remove the wisdom teeth does not irritate the place.
  • Due to this there is no shortage of water in the body.
  • The thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to eat anything hot till a few hours after the surgery.
  • Therefore, consume the soup lukewarm or chilled.


  • Eating mashed potatoes after dental surgery is beneficial.
  • It is rich in calories, nutrients which are very important for recovery.
  • This is because after surgery, energy is needed a little more.
  • Keep in mind that the potatoes are mashed and eat only when they are cold or lukewarm. 

Avoid the following foods when wisdom teeth are coming out

  • Tight food – This can increase the swelling of the mouth. Also there can be loss.
  • Spicy food – This can cause pain and irritation.
  • Chewing food – There is a risk of chewing your own lips, cheeks or tongue.
  • Alcohol – It can cause problems in wound healing.

At the end

Normally, wisdom teeth should not be removed if there is no problem or problem. While after the removal of wisdom teeth, you should eat nutritious food which is soft to chew.