Watermelon during pregnancy

Watermelon during pregnancy

Nutrition is very important during pregnancy – pregnant women need to take care of what they eat and what they do not eat during this period for the sake of their baby. Pregnant women are advised to eat fruits as they provide many benefits. Eating watermelon during pregnancy is not only safe but also beneficial.

Can You Eat Watermelon During Pregnancy?

Yes, watermelon can be eaten during pregnancy. Eating watermelon in moderation during pregnancy is not only safe for the mother and the baby but also very suitable.

Benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy

Watermelon during pregnancy
Watermelon during pregnancy

Given below are the amazing benefits of eating watermelon for pregnant women:

1. Reduces heartburn and acidity

There are a lot of hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. These changes can lead to several discomforts, such as acidity and heartburn, and these problems remain throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Eating watermelon is very soothing to the digestive system and is very beneficial for acidity and heartburn – sometimes it can work very quickly. So next time if you have problems related to the digestive system, you can consume watermelon.

2. Prevents edema

During pregnancy, women often have swelling in their hands and feet, also known as oedema. Edema occurs due to abnormal accumulation of fluids present in certain tissues in the body. The abundance of water in watermelon opens all the blockages in the body and gives relief from edema.

3. Effectively reduces dehydration

Women also often suffer from dehydration during pregnancy. Dehydration causes fatigue, lethargy and discomfort in women, due to which they can also have many serious problems, such as premature birth. Watermelon contains about 90% water which can effectively eliminate dehydration.

4. Reduces morning sickness

Pregnant women often have vomiting and nausea in the first trimester, which is called morning sickness. These vomiting and nausea can occur at any time during the day. Drinking a glass of watermelon juice early in the morning can also improve this problem. Drinking this juice early in the morning gives relief from morning sickness and also gives freshness.

5. Increases Immunity

A pregnant woman’s body fights off infections and diseases for herself and her baby. This can sometimes reduce the level of immunity. Watermelon contains an antioxidant called lycopene and this antioxidant helps in boosting immunity.

6. Detoxes the body

Watermelon also has diuretic properties that help flush out toxins and reduce uric acid from the body. This quality of watermelon improves kidney and liver function during pregnancy. It also increases the SPF in the skin.

7. Reduces muscle cramps

During pregnancy, there are constant changes in the body of women. Hormonal changes and rapid weight gain can lead to cramping and pain in the muscles of women and watermelon is a great fruit to treat it.

8. Prevents pigmentation of the skin

Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy can cause dark spots on the skin and make their skin appear darker. Eating watermelon improves digestion and also flushes out all the toxins from the body. This results in a natural glow to the skin and can also eliminate pigmentation.

9. Reduces Constipation

Women often complain of constipation during pregnancy. Watermelon contains fiber which helps in bowel movement. The amount of water present in it also helps in bowel movement.

10. Maintains healthy bones of the fetus

One of the reasons why pregnant women include watermelon in their diet is that this fruit helps in the development of bones and teeth of the unborn child. Watermelon is rich in calcium and potassium, and these minerals help in the development of the baby’s bones.

Studies have shown that women who take lycopene supplements regularly are 50% less likely to develop preeclampsia. Watermelon is a very good fruit for pregnant women. Watermelon contains many vitamins and minerals that are great for the vision, brain, nervous system and immune system of the unborn baby.

benefits of watermelon seeds during pregnancy

Most people eat watermelon by taking out the seeds. However, these seeds are rich in nutrients which are beneficial for the pregnant woman and her unborn child. If eaten after roasting watermelon seeds, they are slightly crispy and they are tasty and healthy snacks to eat.

  • Watermelon seeds are rich in Vitamin ‘C’ and are beneficial for boosting the immunity of the unborn baby.
  • Along with fats and proteins, watermelon seeds also contain folate, B vitamins and essential minerals, such as iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. All these nutrients are important for proper growth and development of your baby.

Side-Effects of Eating Watermelon During Pregnancy

Although eating watermelon during pregnancy is beneficial for women, it can have some side-effects as well. Let us know what they are;

  • If watermelon is eaten in excess, it can increase the level of glucose in your blood and you can also get gestational diabetes.
  • Due to the diuretic properties present in watermelon, you may have to urinate more and it can also flush out essential nutrients and toxins from your body.
  • It is advisable to eat only fresh watermelon during pregnancy. Watermelon often spoils quickly and if you do not eat fresh watermelon then you may also have nausea, vomiting and gas related problems.

Delicious Watermelon Recipes

Here are some simple and delicious recipes made with watermelon, let’s find out;

1. Watermelon and Avocado Salad


  • Avocado – 2 large
  • Watermelon – 4 cups
  • Balsamic vinegar – for dressing


Put 2 avocado pieces in a bowl, remove the seed. Now add 4 cups of chopped watermelon pieces and mix it well. Finally add balsamic vinegar to it before eating.

2. Watermelon Milkshake


  • Watermelon (cut into pieces and seeds removed) – 4 cups
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • salt – as per taste
  • Cold double cream – 1 cup


Instead of double cream, add all the remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Then cover this bowl with plastic and keep it in the fridge for half an hour. Remove the bowl from the fridge and put all the ingredients in a blender, add chilled double cream and blend.

3. Watermelon Juice


  • Watermelon (seedless and cut into pieces) – 8 cups


The best way is to take fruit juices in their fresh form without adding any other ingredients like salt and sugar. To make this juice, just blend 8 cubes of watermelon well in a blender.

Watermelon is safe to eat during pregnancy if consumed in moderation as it provides relief from acidity, relieves muscle cramping, relieves fatigue and this fruit also helps in eliminating a lot of pregnancy problems. Is. Be sure to consult a doctor before including watermelon in your diet. This way you can be sure that you are consuming fruits that can provide you with many benefits when you are pregnant.