Water bag bursting in pregnancy

Water bag bursting in pregnancy

Let us know about water bag bursting in pregnancy. If you are pregnant and your delivery date is near, then along with many other things, not knowing about water breaking before delivery and ways to manage it can cause problems. You might have heard about this from many mothers but you might not actually know how it will happen and what you should do in such a situation, so it is better that you prepare yourself before such a situation arises. If you want to know what to do if there is discharge from the womb during pregnancy, then the article given below can help you in knowing about this.

Water bag bursting in pregnancy

Water bag bursting in pregnancy
Water bag bursting in pregnancy

Signs of breaking water bag that you should know 

You must have heard about rupture of amniotic sac or water bag in pregnancy, but in reality only 15% women face this condition before going for delivery. Even among those 15 percent of women, only 1 in 10 experience the discharge of watery fluid, but you may not know which category you fall into, so here are some signs about it. you must know :

1. Bleeding 

Bleeding, this word may scare you, but as the time of your delivery gets closer, so does the time for the mucus plug covering your cervix to open, because before delivery the mucus plug itself opens the cervix . Keeps it tied. Sometimes the mucus plug breaks and water breaks (the bag of waters breaks), while sometimes the water doesn’t break immediately even after the mucus plug breaks, but once your mucus plug is broken, This is a sign for you that your water can break anytime and the delivery time is just around the corner.

2 . Infection

Sometimes your water can also come out due to infection in your cervix, kidney , bladder or vagina. However, this can prove to be harmful for the baby and you. If you experience back pain, fever, flu-like symptoms, or any other similar symptoms, seek medical help immediately as you may have an infection in your ‘lower back’ that could be causing your water to break .

3 . Going to the toilet frequently

As the time of delivery approaches, your body releases hormones called prostaglandins, which help in your labor, but this hormone-like substance can irritate your intestines too much, causing you to go to the toilet more often. Is. This is also a sign that you are going to deliver soon and your water can come out at any time, so be prepared.

4 . Water coming out due to a hole

Before the waters break, sometimes you may feel a few drops of water leaking out because of a hole in the sac behind the baby’s head, but when the membranes close, it Stops automatically.

5 . Cramp

You may feel very tight and cramping in your abdomen as the time of delivery approaches, similar to what you feel before your period, although these are not actual contractions, rather these cramps are a sign of Your water could break anytime soon. Keep a plastic sheet or a towel nearby and prepare yourself mentally for that situation.

6. Crackling 

You may hear a popping sound when the sac of fluid that surrounds the baby bursts. At this time, you may feel like bones cracking or a balloon wrapped in a towel bursting, but after hearing that crackling, you will feel a sudden rush of hot water between your legs.

7. Frequent urination 

During the last period of pregnancy, there is a lot of pressure on your bladder due to which urine starts leaking at times. This may be caused by coughing, laughing, or other activities that put pressure on the bladder. However, urine and amniotic water have different odors. Amniotic water is light yellow in color and does not smell like urine. If you notice any odorless water leaking, it could be your amniotic water.

8. Feeling dizzy

Sometimes you may feel a tingling sensation in your body, but this is when there is fluid leakage from your vagina, which you may mistake for urine and think that amniotic fluid usually comes out . But this is not completely true, amniotic fluid can also sometimes leak slowly, and if you are confused about the liquid that is leaking from your body, then you should consult your doctor. Must talk to.

9 . Excessive vaginal discharge

Increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very normal, but if you have clear and odorless vaginal discharge, it could be cervical mucus . In such a situation, if you feel excessive discharge for some time continuously, then it will be considered as a sign of water release.

Above are some common signs and symptoms of water breaking before delivery during pregnancy. Don’t worry about these signs as to when your water will break. The body just signals you to get ready for labor pains . You trust the signs or symptoms from your body and can interpret them correctly. Also, if you think that the amniotic fluid that you are leaking from your vagina is the same, then it is advised that you should consult a doctor immediately.