Wall sit exercise

Wall sit exercise

Lockdown is going on in the country and the world due to Corona virus . In such a situation, the government has allowed everyone to stay in their house and take essential items or get out of the house in case of emergency. In such a situation, the biggest question is how to take care of your health without running around? Many types of exercises and yoga can be used to stay healthy, but many of these physical activities are such that it is not easy for every person to do them, that is why today through this article you can learn about very easy exercises. Will be able to know, which is known as wall sit exercise and the special thing is that a person of any age can do these exercises at his home.

What is wall sit exercise?

Regarding exercise, the most discussed in the world is isometric exercises (physical activities that do not have to be done repeatedly, just hold the body in a particular state) and repeated Which exercise has more effect? For example, ‘ab crunches’ require performing the same movement over and over again for a few minutes, whereas wall sit exercises (a type of plank) do not .

Plank exercises, like other activities, have a positive effect on many muscles at the same time, which in turn helps burn a lot of calories .

Watt sit exercises are a great way to strengthen the body core, legs, and increase body stability and balance. Apart from this, one can also do wall sit exercise to test their strength and skill: it involves staying in the same position for a long time.

People who have persistent problems or pain in their knees or hips may feel more stressed while doing this exercise , so it is important to consult a certified fitness instructor before doing wall sit exercises or planks.

Benefits of doing the wall sit exercise

Wall sit exercises are a great way to strengthen the core and strengthen the leg muscles. Its benefits are similar to those of activities like squats .

There are many different benefits of isometric exercises, some of which are as follows: 

  • Burns Calories: If a person is looking to lose weight then wall sit exercise is great as it helps in burning calories quickly by contracting the muscles for a longer period of time.
  • Muscle Strengthening: Holding the body in one position for long periods of time is considered to be a great way to strengthen the core parts of the body (core and lower half of the body).
  • Abs formation: Abs can be made on the stomach through wall sit exercises. Apart from this, it is also a proper medium to develop the abdominal muscles.
  • Stamina Increase: Wall sits are often exercised by a specific category of athletes. They typically practice wall sits in the off-season, when they are preparing for an upcoming competition. Sprint runners, hockey players, skiers, football players and many other sportsmen are also advised to do wall sits exercises.
  • Reduced risk of injury: People with knee injuries or weakness can greatly benefit from regular wall sits exercises. Through this, they can develop as well as strengthen the quadriceps or upper thigh muscles. Apart from this, the muscles above and below the knees are also strong, due to which the risk of injury or pain in the joints is less.
  • Develops Lower Body Muscles: Wall sit is one such exercise, which helps in strengthening and developing each and every muscle in the lower body. Apart from this, those who want to have strong legs and attractive hips can get the desired results through wall sits.
  • Improves balance and flexibility: Wall sits are great for improving overall body posture, as they help strengthen the core and lower back muscles.
  • Strong Bones and Joints: Even though wall sits are not heavy weight exercises, they are still considered as weight bearing exercises. This type of exercise has a positive effect on the joints and bones in the body, helping the tissues to grow.
  • Relieving Stress: Wall sits should be practiced with full concentration and will power. It helps to increase focus, which can help in dealing with stress.
  • No equipment required: At least the biggest advantage of wall sits exercise is that it does not require any equipment through other exercises. This exercise can be easily done with the help of the wall of the person’s room. Apart from this, there is no need to spend any kind of money in this.

The right way to do wall sit exercise

Wall sit exercise is one of the simplest and easiest exercises. Here’s how to do it the right way:

necessary equipment

  • Just nothing

effect on muscles

  • abs, core, hip, thigh, calf

difficulty level

  • medium

sets and reps

  • Start with 20-30 seconds per set and gradually increase the time


  • Stand with your back against the wall, during this the back and back of the head should touch the wall.
  • Keep your feet about two feet ahead of the wall and make the distance between the feet equal to the width of the shoulders.
  • Now slowly bend your knees to 90 degrees and bring the body in a chair-like position.
  • Make sure that your knees do not go beyond your toes.
  • Stay in this position for 20 seconds or as long as you can comfortably stay in this position. Keep breathing normally and keep the hands in normal position.
  • Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the process.

Tips: If one has knee pain or any other kind of problem, one can try to sit less than 90 degrees to avoid aggravating factors or avoid any injury. If there is still pain in the knee, stop exercising in that case and do not hold your breath at any stage.

Wall sit types and variations

Another advantage of doing wall sits is that there are many variations of this exercise, especially since the entire workout is designed to resemble this position. For now, here are some advanced versions of this simple-looking exercise:

  • One Leg Wall Sits Karnal: Once you have learned to do wall sit well and can stay in the chair position for more than a minute. So now it’s time to make it a little tougher. Try lifting one leg off the floor and straightening it (toward the front) during a wall sit. This makes it not only challenging but also effective.
  • With weights: To make this exercise more difficult, try holding some body weight in your hand and stay in a chair position. Keep this weight in the middle of both the thighs but slightly above the thighs. This will put extra pressure on the thighs. As soon as you start feeling tired, slowly sit completely on the floor.
  • Stability Ball: This exercise can also be done with a stability ball. You must have seen this ball in any gym or fitness center. Put it behind the back and try to do this exercise.

Other exercises with wall sit

If staying in the chair position for half a minute or more is not enough, the following exercises can be done with the wall sit:

wall sit biceps curl

  • Touch the person’s head and back to the wall, but keep both feet about one to two feet away from the wall.
  • Now hold the dumbbell in both the hands and keep the hands in normal position.
  • After this, slowly come to the position of the chair and keep the hands loose towards the bottom (in normal condition).
  • Now use dumbbells, but do not move the part from shoulder to elbow, only use the part from elbow to hand.
  • Slowly raise the dumbbell from bottom to top.

wall sit shoulder press

  • For this exercise also it is necessary to have dumbbells in the hands. 
  • In this, come in the normal wall sit exercise position (chair position) ie keep the head, back and hips against the wall.
  • However, it requires lifting the dumbbells a little differently than the wall sit biceps curl. Otherwise it is similar to biceps curl.
  • Bring both your arms in a straight line at shoulder height with the support of the wall.
  • Now from shoulder to elbow, your hands will be on the right and left side of the body, while the part of the hand from elbow to top will be towards the ceiling. In this way the shape of your hand will be similar to the letter L.
  • Now to use dumbbells, move the hands up together and bring them down together. In this process, keep the arms just one to two inches away from the wall.

wall sit lateral raise

  • Raise dumbbells as per convenience in both the hands.
  • Now come to the normal wall sit exercise position (chair position) i.e. keep the head, back and hips close to the wall.
  • Now bring both the hands together at shoulder level. During this, do not let the hands bend, keep them straight.
  • Now move the hands back down in the same motion. 
  • In this process, there is a need to move the hands like flying like a bird.

wall sit with resistance band

  • It is different from the above three exercises because it does not require dumbbells.
  • In this, put both the legs till the knee in the resistance band (a kind of wide and strong rubber band).
  • Now come to the normal wall sit exercise position (chair position) i.e. keep the head, back and hips close to the wall.
  • Now either leave the hands in the normal position or if you want, keep them on your thighs.
  • Now try to move both the knees outwards, since the resistance band is attached to your knees, the feet will immediately come to their position.
  • Do this initially for 30 seconds, then the time can be increased according to the capacity of the body.

marching wall sit

  • In this, come in the normal wall sit exercise position (chair position) i.e. keep the head, back and hips close to the wall.
  • Cross both the hands and apply them to your chest or if you want, you can also keep both hands on your thighs.
  • Now lift one leg slowly about half a foot and put it back.
  • After this, lift the other leg in the same way and put it back.
  • Do this initially for 30 seconds, then the time can be increased according to the capacity of the body.

wall sit with raised heels

  • In this, there is no need to stay in the normal wall sit exercise position (chair position). But keep your head, back and hips against the wall.
  • Now make a distance of 2 to 3 feet in both the feet and during this time the heels of the feet will keep touching the wall.
  • Now sit down completely and remain in this position.


Wall sits are an easy exercise and it benefits the body very fast. Through this, the muscles get strengthened. Anyone can do it and if they want to exercise harder, there are several ways suggested above to increase the challenge. It can be easily included in your workout routine.

This exercise has many benefits – it strengthens the muscles as well as the lower part of the body. Apart from this, it also increases the immunity of the body.