Vigora Tablet

Vigora Tablet

Hello friends, how are you guys, in today’s post we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of vigora tablet because many people asked us what are the benefits and side effects of vigora tablet, please tell us .

And we used to understand that you should give correct information to people about this tablet and we will also tell you how to use vigora tablet. Friends, these tablets are used by men to remove erectile dysfuntion ie lack of tension in the penis.

Many men complain that there is no tension in their penis at the time of intercourse and it does not get excited, due to which we have a lot of trouble. If you also have this problem then you can use vigora tablet.

But before using this tablet, you should read this post carefully so that you can get complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of vigora tablet. So friends, without taking much time, we start this post today.

Vigora Tablet Benefits and Disadvantages

Friends, first of all, we will share with you the benefits and benefits of Vigora table and then after that we will see what are the disadvantages and side effects of eating this tablet. Because we want you to understand the information given in this post very well. So let’s get started.

Benefits and benefits of Vigora tablet

1. First of all, as soon as we have already told you that it is beneficial in removing erectile dysfunction (looseness of the penis) in men.

2. Vigora is available in the medical stores in 50 and 100 mg packets and it costs Rs. 20 per tablet.

2. It increases blood circulation in your penis, due to which you get good stress.

3. You can perform for a long time, which is a problem for many people, but this tablet will solve your problem.

4. The sexual life becomes better and the self-confidence of the man also increases.

5. This medicine starts its action in 15 to 20 minutes and its effect lasts for 4 hours in your body.

6. If you use one vigora tablet a day, then you will not have any side effect and your complaint of looseness and less tension of the penis will go away.

7. This tablet contains sildenafil citrate chemical which immediately cures the problem of looseness and low tension of your penis.

Tablet side effects

1. This tablet is beneficial only for men and there is no benefit in using it in women.

2. You should never take this tablet on an empty stomach because if you do so then you may feel weak.

3. This tablet should be eaten only by men above 18 years of age and should always keep this tablet away from children.

4. After taking this pill, your nose becomes slightly heavy, due to which you may have some problem in breathing.

5. Eating vigora makes your heart beat faster, so you should always eat this tablet only after consulting a doctor.

6. Heart patients, sugar and diabetes patients must ask the doctor before using it, otherwise you may have a serious problem.

7. There is a feeling of blurred vision in the eyes if you eat a tablet of 100 mg or when you use this tablet for the first time.

8. After eating vigora, you should never drive a bike or car, it can lead to an accident, so do not make this mistake.

8. Using vigora after drinking alcohol and alcohol becomes very dangerous and you should not do it at all.

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So friends, this was the advantages and disadvantages of eating vigora tablet, we hope that after reading this post, you must have come to know about all the benefits and side effects of vigora tablet.

If you liked this post, then definitely share this post with your friends and before using Vigora, you must ask your doctor, it will be good for your health.