Turmeric milk during pregnancy

Turmeric milk during pregnancy

Let us know about Turmeric milk during pregnancy. Congratulations! You are pregnant. Even though your pregnancy has just started, you must have started thinking about your diet. Actually pregnancy is the time when every woman becomes aware of taking a healthy and nutritious diet. Of course, what you eat during pregnancy will affect your own health and the health of your baby. In such a situation, you may also doubt some healthy things and spices, which you have always been putting in your vegetables and pulses. Here, we would be talking about one such special spice, turmeric – which is known for its medicinal properties. Turmeric, the yellow colored spice, provides a number of benefits to a pregnant woman, but excessive amounts can harm the fetus. Read on to know whether turmeric is safe for pregnant women or not.

Nutritional Value of Turmeric

Turmeric milk during pregnancy
Turmeric milk during pregnancy

Turmeric contains some bio-active compounds, such as curcumin, which give turmeric its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in essential minerals like manganese, potassium and iron. Also, it is an excellent source of vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Being rich in fiber, turmeric is also a very useful medicinal spice. And it provides innumerable health benefits such as improved digestion and liver functioning, regular bowel movements, reduction in congestion, etc.

The table below shows the approximate amount of nutrients found in turmeric.

nutritionValue Per Tablespoon (15 g)
calories42 kilocalories
carbohydrates7.38 grams
protein1 gram
Fats1 gram
fiber3.21 grams
sodium3 mg
calcium18.3 mg
Iron6.9 mg

Is it safe to drink turmeric milk during pregnancy?

Turmeric, when taken with milk, is very beneficial for health. It provides extra calcium to the pregnant woman, which is essential for the skeletal growth and development of the growing baby in the womb. You can drink turmeric milk during pregnancy as it can give you a number of benefits, but remember to drink it in moderation as too much of it can have adverse or negative effects on the health of the foetus.

Benefits of drinking turmeric milk during pregnancy

Consuming turmeric milk during pregnancy can help combat various changes in a pregnant woman’s body due to hormonal imbalance, such as water retention, and low immunity. It also gives strength to the pregnant woman, as the pressure on the internal organs increases due to the growing baby and expansion of the uterus. Thus, drinking turmeric milk can make pregnancy a more comfortable experience by reducing nausea and discomfort.

Given below are the health benefits of drinking turmeric milk during pregnancy:

1. Provides relief from pain

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric provide great relief to pregnant women. During pregnancy, women tend to have swollen feet and may also experience joint pain due to water retention and hormonal changes. Turmeric helps in curing this pain.

2. Helps fight infection and cold

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric also provide relief from cold and flu. Drinking warm turmeric milk is an excellent home remedy for sore throat and cough and cold.

3. Strengthens the Immune System

Turmeric is rich in antioxidant properties that boost immunity by scavenging free radicals and help keep mild infections at bay.

4. Lowers Cholesterol

Serum cholesterol levels increase during pregnancy. The antilipidemic properties of turmeric control the rising cholesterol. Curcumin has a number of beneficial effects on several factors known to play a role in heart disease. It improves the function of the endothelium and is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant.

5. Improves Skin

It does not happen that all pregnant women get pregnancy glow on their face, some women also get sudden acne due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. But adding turmeric to your pregnancy diet can help with this problem. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce acne and eczema, and its blood-purifying properties make skin glow.

6. Sleep well

A glass of warm milk with turmeric added is known to induce a good sleep, it reduces the restlessness of pregnant women and gives them a peaceful sleep.

Side Effects of Drinking Turmeric Milk During Pregnancy

Turmeric can be harmful to the health of a pregnant woman and her child if consumed in excess. The risks and side effects associated with it are as follows:

1. Miscarriage

Consuming turmeric in high amounts during pregnancy can lead to contraction of other muscles including the muscles of the uterus. Contractions in the early stages of pregnancy can stimulate labor and lead to miscarriage. That’s why turmeric should be consumed in limited quantity. Turmeric should not be consumed in large quantities during the last stage of pregnancy or when the woman is close to 37 weeks.

2. Birth Defects

High doses of curcumin can cause defects in the fetus and hinder its development. Since curcumin is a major component in turmeric, it may pose a risk to the growing fetus. So if you want to take turmeric, it is better to talk to your doctor or nutritionist.

3. Bleeding disorders

Too much turmeric can increase the chances of bleeding. This can lead to abnormal and excessive blood clotting which can lead to further complications. Taking turmeric supplements may also cause premature spotting.

4. Nausea and Restlessness

Consuming turmeric in excess during pregnancy can cause nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, and indigestion.

Turmeric milk certainly has health benefits for pregnant women. However, pregnancy makes the body more vulnerable to infections, so it is recommended that pregnant women regularly consult their doctor before consuming any foods, store-bought items, or medicines, including herbs and spices.