True love quotes

True love quotes

Let us know about the True love quotes. With whom you truly love, what is their importance in your life, you keep making them realize this from time to time. If you are looking for some special words to share your feelings with your true love, we have brought True Love Shayari and Quotes. With the given collection you can bring a smile on the face of your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can make your partner feel special by sending Romantic True Love Shayari.

True love quotes
True love quotes

let’s start the article

Let’s start the article with Romantic True Love quotes.

50+ True Love quotes

If you want to tell your true love the words of your heart in a poetic way, then you can try the True Love Shayari given below.

  1. Love was visible in their eyes when they
    were in trouble, their eyelids were filled with pain,
    only one thing was visible in the heartbeat of two people,
    their heart was beating and the voice came again in this heart.
  2. I don’t know which is that moment for you in life,
    which is only for me,
    but every moment of my life
    is only for you.
  3. This heart longs to get a glimpse of you,
    those people are lucky, who live in front of your house…!!
  4. You don’t get support again and again in life,
    you don’t get loved again and again by love,
    you have to keep it carefully,
    what is lost once can never be found again.
  1. I only need your company at two times,
    one now and one forever…!!
  2. The feeling of our every happiness should be yours,
    the pain of your every sorrow should be ours,
    even if we die, we don’t have any sorrow,
    just be with you in the last moment.
  3. My every happiness, every thing is yours,
    this life hidden in my breath is yours, I
    cannot live without you even for a second,
    every sound of my heartbeat is yours.
  4. Can’t live without you even for two moments,
    every sound of my every heartbeat is yours.
  5. Kept praising you whole night with the moon,
    so burnt that the moon became the sun till morning itself.
  6. There is a strange yearning without you, I
    live and I can’t live.
  7. It’s just that I used to like you,
    the matter has increased so much that now I don’t like anything without you.
  8. We will live in your heart, we
    will spend our life on love,
    this whole world will burn on seeing us, we
    will love you so much without any shelter.
  1. If you want, love someone in this way,
    whether you meet him or not,
    but whenever you meet him, while leaving, just say
    that you will be missed a lot.
  2. A lot of love falls on her when she says while crying,
    if you leave, I will kill you a lot….
  3. The earth is smelling of flowers,
    it seems that God has smiled on someone’s love.
  4. He brought every addiction and put it in front of me and said,
    which is the worst addiction,
    I said that of your love.
  5. That one moment which you call a dream,
    I feel like life after seeing you.
  6. Love is not that which makes you mine,
    love is that which does not let you belong to anyone else.
  7. I just liked your smile, didn’t know that I would fall in love with you!
  8. Don’t know what innocence is there on your face, I like to see you secretly
    more than coming in front of you …!!
  1. He turned the water of the river pink by touching his lips,
    we had another thing,
    he also made the fishes drunk.
  2. It is not necessary that every desire should mean love,
    sometimes the heart becomes restless even for unknown relationships.
  3. She came out of the house in a mask,
    the whole street came out in search of her,
    she used to deny our love,
    and our picture came out from her book.
  4. Although I have repented from drinking,
    but I saw the color of your lips and changed my mind….
  5. Neither the desire of the moon, nor the request of the stars, I
    only wish to meet you in every birth.
  6. By hugging us, take away all the sorrows,
    force us to become only yours.
  7. Do you know what is the difference between your smile and ours?
    You smile when you are happy,
    we smile seeing you happy…
  8. I can draw your picture without seeing you, I
    can tell your condition without meeting you,
    my love has so much power,
    I can drop your tears from my eyes.
  9. I have found you smelling in my breath,
    I have called you in every dream,
    why not remember you,
    when God has made you for us.
  10. Winds are blowing cold, some storm is about to come,
    beauty is sitting near me, we are about to fall in love….
  11. I have spent myself completely on you,
    and you still say that the account is incomplete.
  12. Love after love is possible,
    but breaking up and wanting happens only once.
  13. Some people call losing as love,
    while some people call getting as love,
    but the truth is,
    we just call maintaining as love.
  14. Do not raise waves in the ocean of the heart,
    do not steal sleep by becoming a dream,
    my heart hurts a lot,
    do not make me suffer like this by coming in dreams.
  15. We are not the one who will leave you in sorrow,
    we are not the one who will break ties with you, we are the one who will leave your breath
    if your breath stops ….
  1. There is no idea with whom and when to fall in love,
    this is the house which does not have a door….
  2. What will I do if I have failed in love,
    I don’t even know anything other than this.
  3. You and everything about you are special to me,
    this is probably the first feeling of love.
  4. Her tricks were enough to blow the senses of this heart,
    now it is too much, since she has started wearing anklets on her feet….
  5. The promise of meeting just slipped out of her mouth, when
    I asked her the place, she laughed and said, come in my dreams…

True love quotes keep reading

  1. We are yearning to hear something from your lips, it
    is not right to talk about love, at least make a complaint….
  2. Why does your beauty need a mask,
    don’t know who would have remained conscious after seeing you.
  3. Every moment of mine is beautiful today,
    which is only your face,
    whatever the world may say,
    now all I need is you.
  1. It was the first meeting,
    there was such an effect…
    He kept handling the hair,
    and we were in the heart….
  2. Everyone says that one should love only once in life,
    but I want to love you again and again.
  3. The heart must be fluttering in his chest as well,
    the beauty must be changing hundreds of colors,
    whenever his eyes would rise,
    even God would be able to take care of him after falling.
  4. What should I write about you my love…
    even the pen gets shy in praising you….
  5. His eyes are filled with antimony as if
    someone has sharpened a knife.
  6. Whoever has created a bad condition in love.
    He says what is there in Aji Ishq.
  7. When the curtain suddenly moved from his attitude,
    even the angels started saying, I wish we were humans.
  8. I don’t care about this world,
    I want you, your time and your love….

From the True Love Shayari given in the article, you can send your favorite message to your loved one without any delay. Through these Shayari, you can make them realize that how much you care for them. Remember that there is no need for any special day to dedicate True Love Shayari. Whenever you want to dedicate two words of love to your partner, you can take the help of romantic True Love Shayari given in the article. Hope you have liked this article of ours.