Tomato juice recipe

Tomato juice recipe

Friends tomato juice is very beneficial for our health. With this one can get rid of major diseases. That’s why in today’s post, we are sharing with you the recipe of making Tomato Juice . You can make it easily at home and home made juice is also more beneficial. You must try it.

How to make tomato juice

Tomato juice recipe
Tomato juice recipe

Ingredients for Tomato Juice

  • 300 grams tomatoes
  • a cup of sugar
  • 10-15 black pepper
  • half teaspoon black salt
  • half teaspoon cumin
  • 1 glass of water

Tomato Juice Recipe

  • First of all, wash the tomatoes thoroughly.
  • After washing the tomatoes, we will cut them.
  • Then we will take a mixie jar.
  • In it we will put tomatoes, sugar, black salt, cumin, black pepper and 1 glass of water.
  • Now we will grind all these finely.
  • Now we will filter the ground mixture.
  • To filter the juice, we will take a sieve and keep a clean vessel under it.
  • Now we will put the juice in the sieve.
  • This clear juice will go into the vessel and the garbage will remain in the sieve.
  • If the juice is also in the strainer, then we will take it out by pressing it with the help of a spoon.
  • Will also put some ice cubes in the juice.

How to serve tomato juice

  • Take out the juice in a glass tumbler.
  • Garnish the glass with thin tomato slices.
  • Add some ice cubes to the juice.

Benefits of drinking tomato juice

  • Drinking tomato juice makes the brain sharp.
  • Drinking tomato juice reduces weight and removes obesity.
  • Drinking tomato juice increases eyesight.
  • It also provides relief in diseases like diabetes. The nutrients found in it help in fighting diabetes.
  • Bones are strengthened by drinking tomato juice.
  • It also removes the problems of hair fall, dandruff etc.