Love marriage

Tips For Love Marriage

With time, the trend of love marriage is increasing. Today young people want to find a partner for marriage of their own free will. Everyone wants that after marriage, with whom they have to spend their whole life, the whole decision of liking them should be their own. But there are many people who are not familiar with the correct definition of love marriage. Along with this, here we will also give information about the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage.

What is love marriage?

It is said that marriage is a lifelong relationship. Talk about love marriage, in this the boy and girl already know each other and there is deep and true love between them . In this, both of them get married with mutual consent. This is simply called love marriage.

In this part of the article, we are telling the benefits of love marriage.

Benefits of Love Marriage

The benefits of love marriage are many. If the parents do not give their consent in love marriage, then can tell them about the benefits given below in the article. Apart from this, if you are unaware of love marriage, then it will be easy to understand through these benefits.

1. Meeting the life partner of your choice

One of the biggest advantages of love marriage is that you get a chance to spend your life with your favorite partner. In this, like arranged marriage, the family members do not look for a partner, whether it is a boy or a girl, they themselves agree to spend life with their partner and get married.

2. Relationship filled with love

It has been mention above in the article that love marriages is based on the bond of love. At the same time, a research related to this is available on NCBI’s site. In this research, women told that there is more love between partners before marriages than between couples after marriage. In arranged marriage, where there is love after marriages and the relationship is strong, in love marriage, there is love before marriage and after that the bond of the relationship is stronger.

3. Better Partner Identification

There is more identity of the partner in love marriage than in arranged marriages. In this, the partners take good care of each other’s likes and dislikes. Apart from this, they are very well acquainted with both good and bad behavior. Due to this, there is less chance of conflict between them.

4. No fights

Anger and fights are very common in any relationship. In such a situation, its chances are slightly less in love marriages as compared to arranged marriages. This is because in love marriage, couples have known each other for a long time and because of this, they become aware of each other’s habits and they know what can be bad and good for their partner.

5. To be happy with heart

People who do love marriage get their favorite partner. In such a situation, it is imperative for both of them to be happy. Both the partners get satisfaction in their life that they can spend their future life happily with their favorite partner.

6. Support each other in every happiness and sorrow

Coordination is better between people who do love marriages. Both have spent a lot of time together. Already both have been facing each other’s problems together. The life of both the partners starts from each other and ends at each other. In such a situation, both of them stand with their partner in every situation whether there is happiness or sorrow.

7. Romance

Romance is a very important part of everyone’s life. People who do love marriage have better chemistry than other people. Because, they are with each other for a long time. They are well aware of what makes their partner happy. This is the reason why couples doing love marriage are always looking for an excuse to love their partner.

8. Understanding Each Other Better

In love marriage, both the people already know each other. Both know each other’s good and bad very well. They take the decision of marriage only when they have had enough of getting to know each other. Hence, there is no compatibility issue between them in the long run. Both understand each other very well and in the same way play each other’s side.

9. End of problem like dowry

There is no place for the customs of the society in people who do love marriages. In this, he starts this new page of his life only by taking the blessings of his family. At the same time, in arranged marriage, the girl’s family has to give money and expensive gifts to the boy’s family in the name of dowry. Whereas in love marriages no boy demands dowry. In this marriage, only the partners need each other’s support.

10. Getting used to each other

It is seen many times that after a few years of marriage, boredom starts coming in the couples. This is not to be seen in love marriages. Actually, both the people doing love marriages have a habit of each other. Both have already been spending every happiness and sorrow together. Both are able to freely share everything with each other.

11. Compatibility

In love marriage, the partners are compatible with each other. Both already know and understand each other very well. In love marriage there is understanding towards each other. Whereas in arranged marriages it is seen many times, in which there is no compatibility between the couples.

Scroll to know the disadvantages of love marriage.

Disadvantages of love marriage

You are well aware of the benefits of love marriage, but like a coin, it also has two sides. Below in the article are the disadvantages of love marriage, which are as follows:

1. Being away from you

Many times people do not believe in love marriage. In such a situation, couples have to struggle. Due to this many times people go against the family members. Actually, when the partner’s religion, caste is different, then the family members keep distance from their children due to fear of the society. In such a situation, it can be considered a big disadvantage of doing love marriage.

2. Becoming a criminal of the society

Marriage with a partner of different caste and religion does not get the support of the society. This is also because every religion has its own customs. People have to believe this for the sake of society. But at the same time, in love marriage, the partners do not follow these customs, due to which the society starts considering them as criminals.

3. Disputes between families

At times, a situation of mutual estrangement can arise between the families of the couples regarding love marriages. Actually, many times in love marriages, the family members of the partner do not know each other very well. Then, the two settle down hoping more than each other. But in such a situation, when nothing happens according to their mind, then a situation of estrangement can arise between the two families.

4. Fear of slander

Many times in love marriage, apart from the family members, the partners are also afraid of slander in the society. In such a situation, some families do not agree at all for love marriages due to this fear. At the same time, there are many family members who, rising from caste and religion, agree to do love marriages for their children. However, many times the society refuses to adopt such a family and because of this they have to bear the stigma.

How to do love marriage, we are telling about it further in the article.

How to do love marriage?

Despite the increasing trend of love marriages, its path is not at all easy. In such a situation, if you are worried about how to do love marriage, then pay attention to the tips given in the article. These tips can prove to be very helpful not only for you but also for your family members.

1. Understand Customs

If you want to marry someone who is different from your caste and religion, then it is most important that you understand and respect the religion and culture of your partner. This will increase both love and trust for you in the mind of your partner. With this, the scope of respect for both the families can increase even more.

2. Be patient

Doing a love marriages can be a difficult decision for couples. That is why it is necessary that both the people tell their family members about it comfortably and make them aware of the purity and truth of their relationship. Despite this, if the family members do not agree, then in the meantime give them some time to understand your relationship. With this, they will not only understand your relationship but will also be able to reconsider your decision.

3. Mutual synergy

In love marriages, it is most important that both the partners understand and support their partner. Because in any relationship, everyone has to adjust a little at some point or the other. In such a situation, even in love marriages, it is necessary that both the partners understand each other and try to adjust themselves according to the circumstances. By doing this, the married life of both will be happy.

4. Take a Stand for Yourself

It is very difficult to persuade the family members to do love marriages. Many times the companions go back on their decision due to the fear of the family members. That is why it is necessary that for love marriages, the partners should give time to their family members and convince them for their decision. Apart from this, you should also explain to them why you want to do love marriage and how it will affect your future.

Love marriages is not just a marriage but a bond between the hearts of two people. In this, both the families also meet each other through companions. If this decision is taken thoughtfully then it is right. But, if you have done love marriages by going against the family members, then many times this decision can ruin your life. In such a situation, it is better that the decision of love marriages should always be taken with the consent of the family members. This will give a happy start to your life.