Teachers day quotes

Teachers day quotes

Let’s know about teachers’ day quotes. The absence of a Guru in a man’s life is like the absence of water in the vast ocean. Teachers only teach us the lessons of life by teaching us the identity of right and wrong. If a person is successful today, the credit for his success goes to his parents as well as to the teacher. Keeping this in mind, we have brought many teachers’ day wishes for you. You can wish them by dedicating them to your teachers.

Teachers day quotes
Teachers day quotes

First of all, know in the article when and why Teacher’s Day is celebrated.

When Is Teacher’s Day Celebrated?

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5th September in India. On this day in 1888, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President and second President of independent India, was born. Every year all the countrymen celebrate Teacher’s Day in his memory.

Now let’s look at the Shayari, Status and Quotes written on Teachers Day.

100+ Shayari, Status, Quotes & Poem On Teachers Day

To wish your favorite teacher in a special way on the occasion of teachers day, we have brought a collection of more than 100 teachers day messages. These beautiful teachers day wishes are divided into different sections. Here you can choose from a wide range of Shayari, Quotes and Status on Teacher’s Day to wish your desired message.

Come, first of all read Teachers Day Quotes.

teachers day quotes

Here you will get to read some inspirational priceless words said by great personalities in honor of teachers, so let’s start Happy Teachers Day Quotes.

  1. “I am indebted to my father for my life, but to my teacher for living this life well.” – Alexander the Great
  1. “If a country has to become a country of corruption free and beautiful minded people, I firmly believe that there are three main social members who can do this. They are – father, mother and teacher. – A P J Abdul Kalam
  2. “Teacher is the best friend. A teacher is respected everywhere.” – Chanakya
  3. “If Guru and God are both in front of me, then whom should I bow down to? I will bow before the Guru who has united me with God. – Kabir
  4. “Those who make children well educated deserve more respect than those who give birth to them. They only give them life, but a good teacher teaches them the art of living.” – Aristotle
  5. “True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.” – Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  6. “There are two types of teachers, one who terrifies you so much that you cannot move. Others who give you a little pat on the back and you skyrocket.” – Robert Frost
  7. “One of the most difficult of all difficult things is to be a good teacher.” – Maggie Gallagher
  8. “A teacher is a person who never says anything at once.” -Howard Nemerov
  9. “I have always felt that a disciple’s best book is his teacher.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  1. “The most valuable asset of any school is the personality of its teacher.” -John Strachan
  2. “Only one person out of a million people knows how to achieve success without a mentor.” – Bodhi Dharma
  3. “Good teachers know how to bring out the best in their students.” – Charles Kuralt
  4. “Teachers’ influence extends beyond the classroom, into their future.” – F. Seonil Joz
  5. “Teachers only open the door, you have to enter yourself.” – Chinese proverb
  6. “I firmly believe that teachers are the most responsible and essential members of this society, because the efforts of their profession determine the future of this planet.” – Helen Caldicott
  7. “Education is the key to success in life, teachers make an endless impact in the lives of their students.” – Solomon Ortiz
  8. “If a teacher wants to do something, you cannot stop him. They just do it.” -J. D. Salinger

Now let us have a look at the best teachers day wishes.

teachers day wishes

It’s Teacher’s Day and you don’t wish your best teacher, how is it possible. To help you, we have brought here Happy Teachers Day Wishes.

  1. Happy Teacher’s Day to the best teacher who eased all my troubles and struggles.
  2. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I salute all the teachers.
  3. Happy Teacher’s Day to my teacher who taught me the art of living.
  4. My teacher, you have illuminated my dark life with the light of knowledge. Happy Teacher’s Day to you!
  5. Thank you for teaching us the lessons of life. Millions of words are too less to thank you. Thank you for being our teacher. Happy teachers day!
  6. May God keep your blessings on our heads every moment. Millions of Happy Teachers’ Day!
  1. Happy Teacher’s Day to Guru ji who always inspires us to follow the path of justice.
  2. I will always remember the inspiration you have given me to make my future bright. Happy teachers day!
  3. Thank you for making our childhood memorable and future successful. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  4. Our parents have given us birth, but you have taught us how to live that life. God give you long life. Happy teachers day!
  5. Thank you for teaching us an invaluable lesson of life by telling us the difference between right and wrong. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  6. You will always be my favorite for your hard work and patience. Happy teachers day!
  7. You are a living example of truthfulness and discipline. Thank you for being in our lives. Happy teachers day!
  8. You have not only taught bookish knowledge to each of your disciples, but the real knowledge of life. Millions of Happy Teachers’ Day!
  9. There can only be a teacher to show the right path to the lost. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  10. Happy teachers day to my teacher who taught us the essence of life from A to Pomegranate.
  11. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to dream and make them come true. Happy teachers day!
  12. Only a teacher can love you like a mother and scold you like a father. Many congratulations on Teacher’s Day!
  13. If I had the right to give the best teacher award, I would give it to you every time. Happy teachers day!
  14. No matter how much progress I make in life, I will always like to be called your disciple. Happy Teachers Day!

Moving on, read Teachers Day Status.

teachers day status

If you also want to wish your teacher by putting some cool status on your social media account on Teacher’s Day, then here you will get full help.

  1. Thank you for making me a good person beyond the fringes of the society. Happy teachers day!
  2. You have lit up our lives like a candle. Millions of salutes to you!
  1. Happy Teacher’s Day to Guruji who lit up like a lamp and lit up the lives of others.
  2. Thank you for giving the boon of education. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  3. Guruji, who made us literate, many congratulations on Teacher’s Day.
  4. Happy Teachers’ Day to the teachers who give knowledge more than the one who gives birth.
  5. Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers who light the flame of knowledge and dispel the darkness within us.
  6. The position of a teacher will always remain respected and dignified. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  7. Thank you for irrigating our intellect and giving us the gift of knowledge. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  8. Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers who build the nation by teaching many students. Happy teachers day!
  9. Thank you for enabling me to achieve my goals. Happy teachers day!
  10. Happy Teacher’s Day to the teacher who supports us in every defeat.
  1. I feel fortunate to have had you as my teacher. Happy teachers day!
  2. Guru is that person, whose importance has never diminished in any century. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  3. The value of a teacher who makes the future of the students is priceless. Happy Teacher’s Day to one such Guruji!
  4. Thank you for lighting up our dark lives by teaching us the lesson of peace.
  5. Parents, friends, teachers, whoever has got to learn something, all of them are gurus for me. Happy teachers day!
  6. Happy Teacher’s Day to the gurus who share their knowledge without greed and greed.
  7. Even if we give up our life as Guru Dakshina, we will never be able to repay the debt of Guru’s teachings. Many congratulations on Teacher’s Day!

Read the poem on Teacher’s Day further in the article.

poem on teachers day

Teachers day quotes

Here we are sharing with you heart touching poems which show your respect towards teachers.

  1. You show the way to the lost,
    identify the unknown,
    light a candle in the dark,
    you adopt the one whom no one adopts, you
    teach every child,
    you shower your knowledge on them,
    everyone can progress in the world. ,
    You really make people human.
  2. There is no value of Guru in this world,
    there is no role of children without teachers,
    who say that the shape of the earth is not round,
    if there was no Guru there would have been no geography,
    just like there is no weight without scales,
    this world Guru has no value in me.
  3. There is no knowledge without Guru, there
    is no meditation without silence,
    wisdom makes one wise,
    teaches knowledge to the ignorant,
    no one becomes great just like that,
    no one becomes human without a Guru.
  1. The one who shows the power of the pen, the one
    who lights the light of knowledge, the one who
    drives away the darkness, the one
    who illuminates life, the one
    who identifies right and wrong, the one
    who shows big dreams,
    Happy Teacher’s Day, the one who
    taught me humanity.
  2. You teach us to kiss the sky,
    you increase our courage,
    you make us educated,
    you make us work hard,
    sometimes you become a teacher, sometimes you become a friend,
    every moment you make us feel lucky.
  3. Children go to school,
    the teacher teaches them,
    the children in the class,
    their hearts are raw,
    the teacher gives them knowledge,
    teaches them to live with love.
  4. When the children do not understand anything,
    no one understands their mind,
    do not understand who is true and who is false,
    staring at each other,
    then the Guru explains his importance,
    teaches the children the lesson of knowledge,
    teaches us to live with love,
    Guru teaches us He explains like this.
  5. When every path was closed,
    showed a new path,
    not bookish knowledge,
    taught to live life,
    my life was in darkness,
    lit the lamp of light,
    my life was meaningless,
    gave it a goal.
  6. On being away from the Guru,
    knowledge remains incomplete,
    on receiving his blessings,
    the world remains complete,
    with the support of the Guru, every dream is fulfilled,
    darkness vanishes by itself,
    there is light all around.
  7. The one who gets to learn from a friend,
    then he is called a teacher,
    parents always teach,
    enemies also sometimes teach things,
    Guru’s identity is many,
    he comes in many forms,
    when your hopes are broken,
    only the teacher boosts your spirits.
  8. Never insult anyone,
    respect everyone if possible,
    explain something to the ignorant,
    bring Mishri in your dialect,
    good or bad,
    you always smile in life,
    my teacher taught me,
    you always keep moving forward.
  9. There is pride in giving respect to the Guru, there
    is one’s identity only because of the presence of the Guru,
    Guru always increases our respect , by
    teaching humanity, we make human beings,
    the donation of education is a priceless donation,
    there is pride in giving respect to the Guru.
  10. Parents give birth, they
    protect us throughout life,
    then why the world respects the teacher so much,
    no matter what the era, the world recognizes him, the
    teachings of the Guru only teach us how to live life,
    the art of facing every challenge Tells
  1. Teachers are great,
    who give us knowledge,
    teach us to read and write,
    show goodness to everyone,
    handle our mind like this,
    decorate our life.
  2. Happy Teacher’s Day to the one who sails our boat, the
    one who becomes a living example, the one who
    ignites the light of life, the one
    who fulfills the duty of a teacher,
    the builder of heroes, the one
    who makes our identity .
  3. You are the epitome of manners,
    you are the face of God,
    you are the storehouse of knowledge, you
    are the light of darkness,
    you are respected by everyone,
    you are an ideal person.
  4. One whose importance never diminishes,
    one who never grieves in life, one
    who improves the future of children,
    teaches them the lesson of virtue,
    one who performs one’s duty,
    one who walks on the path of non-violence,
    is not a teacher but your friend,
    The one who plays along like a friend.
  5. The gem of education is priceless,
    sometimes it is maths and sometimes it is geography,
    giving this knowledge makes the world beautiful,
    teaches the lesson of not fighting on caste-religion,
    teaches the lesson of living together with love,
    good things to everyone in sports. teaches.
  6. He donates knowledge,
    takes away ignorance,
    teaches us in love,
    corrects our mistakes, explains
    the meaning of everything,
    identifies good and bad,
    knowledge of education is not easy
    , Not only that, teachers are called great.
  7. Our teacher is good,
    sometimes she seems like a child,
    she catches our mischievousness, tolerates our
    teaches us books,
    tells us the difference between good and bad,
    makes our identity,
    sometimes seems like a classmate.

In the last part of the article, Quotes is being shared on Teachers Day.

Quotes on teachers day

  1. The teacher imparts knowledge,
    explains to the forgotten.
  2. You have made our future, you
    have decorated it with many colors.
  3. Sometimes rebuking, sometimes explaining,
    teachers are called teachers.
  1. You teach us how to stand apart from the crowd,
    teacher, how do you do this?
  2. Taught me to read and write,
    showed me the path to success,
    He is my teacher,
    who told me the meaning of ideal life.
  3. The one who makes us meet with us is a Guru, the one
    who teaches us to fight even after defeat is a Guru.
  4. The teacher tells the meaning of life,
    not parents but fulfills the duty like them.
  5. She is the goddess of knowledge, she
    gives knowledge to everyone,
    she is not my mother,
    yet she loves like a mother.
  6. If the path goes astray, then you show a new path,
    you introduce us to the shining world of colors.
    Happy teachers day!
  7. Right from washing hands, you told about cleanliness, you
    dispelled the darkness and enlightened my world with knowledge.
  8. Without whom our future is incomplete,
    the teacher is the one by whose presence every student is complete.
  9. You teach to make efforts every moment,
    you are called everyone’s favorite teacher.
  10. The one who lifts you every time you fall, is a teacher, the
    one who shows you the right path is a teacher.
  1. It means that life is full of struggle, if
    the Guru is with you then even the desert becomes green.
  2. The one who shows dreams in our little eyes,
    happy today, the one who always makes us laugh.
  3. If we get tired, then our head caresses,
    it is the teacher who gives the message of knowledge.
  4. If education is the key to success,
    then teachers are the capital of knowledge.
  5. Without a Guru, there is no knowledge,
    no success, no respect.
  6. He gives us his wealth in the form of knowledge, he
    bears the pain helplessly for our future.
  7. You save the drowning,
    you make the Ganges of knowledge flow,
    no matter how many difficulties come,
    you teach the way to live.
  8. The whole market is full of books,
    but only the lucky ones get a good teacher.
  9. You taught writing to the one who draws crooked lines,
    dispelled ignorance, taught you to string pearls with a pen.
  10. There is a light on my teacher’s face,
    the store of knowledge is full in him.